Rainie Yang’s Drunken Confession was Ignored

Rainie Yang’s (楊丞琳) comeback single “Some Water” <點水> premiered on radio stations on November 5. The unusual premiere time was chosen by Rainie, who said that the song is very suitable to be heard during the quietest time of the night. The soft ballad, written and produced by Taiwanese singer-songwriter Lala Hsu (徐佳瑩), has lyrics that deal with the struggles of unrequited love. Rainie said the song is very much inspired by her own personal experiences.

Rainie revealed that she once forced herself to get drunk to work up enough courage to confess her feelings to her crush. However, the boy pretended as if nothing had happened, crushing Rainie’s heart.

“I called him and confessed, but I don’t remember what happened afterwards because I fell asleep. When I woke up the next day, I checked my recent contacts and saw that I did call him. I called again to test him, but he pretended as if nothing had happened.” Rainie said her heart sank at his rejection and it was hard for her to forget it. Upon hearing this story, Lala decided to write “Some Water” for Rainie.

“Some Water” will be the first single of Rainie’s upcoming studio album Double Rainie <雙丞戲>, which is slated for release on December 12. Rainie said the title of the album reflects her own contradicting personality, explaining, “I’m very conservative on the inside. I’m quite traditional, but my image makes people think that I’m very modern and trendy. I think that may be the characteristics of a Gemini! When it comes to relationships, I would usually suppress my emotions, but in reality I really want to express myself.” Other than her drunken confession, Rainie has never confessed her feelings to a man before due to her conservative nature.

It has been over a year since Rainie last released a studio album. The 30-year-old flew to New York to film the album’s photoshoot. She trimmed her hair, and dyed it back to black for a more mature image.

“Some Water”- Audio Only

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Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Just have to laugh at Lala Hsu name. Such cheesy name it is!!

    1. she’s actually a pretty famous singer in Taiwan. I think its a pretty name, Lala

      1. lala in Arabic means No no and if you replace A with U and say LULU which means Pearl. okay enough Arabic lesson

  2. ONLY stupid girls will get themselves drunk to confess… luckily she didn’t wake up the next morning with a stranger next her naked… seriously, have some confident dammit!

    1. Yeah I cannot believe a HK Chinese girl would act this way. I am SO disappointed in you HONG KONG. First the naked feet of the Occupiers now this!

      A Japanese American girl did this to her best friend’s brother (very rich – NOT Japanese) and also he acted like nothing happened but I thought it was amazingly trampy when she told me – she probably regretted telling me – but she obviously felt that she had made a misstep and must have been agonizing over it because she was IMAGINING what was really going on behind the courteous As if it never happened.

      Too bad the Japanese government doesn’t think like that.

      1. and the Japanese girl knew about that Chinese refinement of not casually going after your supposedly best friend’s sibling so she knew she was in trouble

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