Netizens Scold Victoria Song for Silence Over Sulli’s Death

On October 14, Korean actress and former f(x) member Sulli (雪莉) was found dead in her house by her manager. Though the cause of death is still under investigation, it is speculated the suspected-suicide is related to the 25-year-old’s severe depression and emotional instability caused by cyberbullying. In the aftermath of her death, many celebrities, including Taiwanese artistes Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) and Aaron Yan (炎亞綸), spoke up on social media, imploring everyone to think deeply about the issue of cyberbullying.

Rainie wrote on Instagram, “Don’t cyberbully! Do you know this can affect a person’s whole life? Why do you have to judge a person you don’t know? Everyone is a “person!”

She also urged netizens to put their selves in other’s shoes and not let anything regrettable happen. Like Rainie, Aaron is also no stranger to cyberbullying. He expressed sorrow over the departure of his “goddess.” On Facebook, he questioned, “How many cyber bullying-related suicides have been reported so far? How many times have we lost the lives of our colleagues? How many times have you sympathized with a victim, whom you originally hated on before they died?”

Aaron continued, “[Cyberbullies] don’t care about what’s right or wrong, they don’t stop to consider if they would be able to bear such malicious attacks if they were in their victim’s shoes.”

Finally, he urged everyone to think before they write to reduce cyber violence.

Victoria Song (宋茜Remains Silent Over Sulli’s Death

Sulli’s death caused many netizens to pay attention to her former f(x) members. However, they did not expect Chinese member and f(x) leader Victoria to stay silent on the matter. As a result, they scolded her on Weibo, calling her a “cold-blooded monster.” They also accused her of not fulfilling her duty as the leader to enlighten Sulli. Although netizens insulted her in many ways, Victoria still has not addressed the incident.

On the other hand, some netizens stood up for Victoria and expressed Victoria must be mourning despite the lack of public statements. Some wrote, “It’s hard being a star, you get yelled at no matter what you do,” while others said, “True sadness does not need to be expressed verbally.”

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    1. @aplha123

      That’s the first thing I thought too.

      Those netizens are cyberbullying Victoria for not voicing her opinion/grief on public platform for a girl that died from cyberbullying. Such irony.

      Maybe Victoria just want to moan in private.

  1. I vaguely remember her in that series w/the boys but I had no idea she was that young back then. Only 25…gosh it’s like a trend for Koreans depression and suicide? Korea really needs professional shrinks than plastic surgeons or what? sigh…

    1. @wm2017 Sulli was often seen as the maknae in f(x), but Krystal was actually the youngest in that group. I was shocked to hear the news too. There wasn’t much of her (news) after their group disbanded.

      Agree. This is the worst trend ever. In the future, probably psychologists would be high in demand. Her death reminds me of Shinee Jonghyun :'(

      1. @mi520 Oh yes! I remember that guy as the limited kdrama’s I have watched was City Hunter. I remember the song not him 🙁 so that was another sad one. They all just commit suicide and I think she was also friends w/Jonghyun based on that utube clip I saw a while ago.

    2. @wm2017
      well, being forced to work long hours, no money and sleep with bosses. these things alone can make anyone fall into depression.

  2. Anyone’s friend/beloved died, they would be brokenhearted and mourning. Who, in their right mind, be immediately creating some post just to let fans/citizens show how they feel?
    This is common sense.

  3. As a result, they scolded her on Weibo, calling her a “cold-blooded monster.” —— Hellloooo!! THIS is cyberbullying. How dumb can the people be?

  4. She stayed silent probably because she is too depressed and sad to post anything and another series of criticism and she might follow Sulli! Oh come on people! Let them be. We don’t even know if Sully killed herself over cyberbullying. We don’t even know how she killed herself. We only now she is dead and no foul play. Some notes akin to suicide notes but more like diary it seems never mentioned cyber bullying. Don’t jump to conclusions and then go accusing people of not posting ineffective tweets that won’t do anything except a few words that mean nothing now. And the industry should take one good hard look at themselves. Why routinely young successful beautiful famous and very much in demand stars in korea kill themselves? what caused the depression? Depression is by the way not the cause of death unlike the korean fans or media called it. The inability of the media to call it a suicide for any confirmed suicide is a huge issue. Instead of massive training in singing, dancing and what nots include a psychiatrist. Those who don’t have good EQ, don’t let them join. And if so unhappy for whatever reason, walk away, take a holiday, do something else. Don’t read comments. Don’t post things and expect universal love. There are mean people out there with a keyboard. Why she’s so fragile? probably prone to it.

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