Li Ronghao and Rainie Yang Are Engaged!

Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) said yes to Li Ronghao (李榮浩)! The 34-year-old Mainland singer successfully proposed to his Taiwanese girlfriend of four years on his 34th birthday, July 11. Although the couple kept their relationship relatively low-key during its earlier stages, they’ve begun to flaunt their love more publicly over the years. In fact, their love story is full of happy, sweet moments.

Before They Got Together

Before they began dating, Ronghao invited Rainie as a guest on his show to promote his new album in 2014. At the time, Rainie bravely said, “Li Ronghao is my type of dish in music.”

Paving the way for their love, he admitted, “I like her, she’s cute.”

The following year, Ronghao suddenly posted a photo of their faces touching on Weibo. His arm was tightly wrapped around her shoulder while Rainie smiled brightly. The intimate picture fueled their dating rumors even more, but he deleted it soon after. Although Rainie’s manager expressed the singers were just friends, Ronghao’s side said they were getting to know each other.

Birthday Greetings at Midnight

Since 2015, the pair would send birthday blessings to each other right at 12 a.m. on social media. Although it’s only a short message, the precise timing shows how much they care about each other. For Rainie’s birthday this year, Ronghao wrote on Weibo, “Today is my girl’s birthday. Happy birthday.”

Rainie replied, “I received my 12 o’clock blessing.”

Rainie Said He’s the “Right Person”

Not only did they interact on social media, but they also supported each other’s concerts as audience members. With their relationship beginning to surface, Rainie decided to talk about her boyfriend on a Taiwanese variety show. She praised Ronghao for his maturity, his willingness to take care of others, and his ability to cook for himself. Saying that their personalities match very well, Rainie admitted that he is the “right person.”

A Surprise Kiss

However, the most shocking confession happened in September 2017 when Rainie appeared as Ronghao’s mysterious guest at his Taipei concert. While the couple was singing Rainie’s song, “Traces of Time in Love,” Ronghao suddenly aggressively kissed her cheeks. As a result, Rainie immediately covered her face in embarrassment and missed the lyrics. She had to leave her boyfriend’s side to recover so she could continue singing. However, she did blow him a kiss before she left the stage. Afterward, Ronghao said, “Thank you to my girlfriend, thank you for staying with me all the time. I like her. She knows what I want because she is Rainie.”

Later on, when Rainie was interviewed, she revealed she was touched by his actions.

Sudden Marriage Announcement

Fast forward to Ronghao’s 34th birthday, when he suddenly took to Instagram to announce his engagement by posting a photo of him holding Rainie’s hand with the ring on. He wrote, “Today’s my 34th birthday, it is also my wedding proposal anniversary. Thank you for saying yes.”

It may be surprising to know that her artiste status once made her feel like disclosing her relationship was wrong. When she went on dates, she would have the desire to let go of the other person’s hand. But Ronghao was able to change Rainie’s perspective on love, thus, she can love calmly with Ronghao by her side.

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