Coaches on “Idol Producer” are Too Harsh

Based on the Korean reality show Produce 101, Mainland China’s Idol Producer <偶像練習生> aired it first episode last week. Cutting down from almost 2000 applicants, the remaining 100 idol trainees will battle for survival in the 12-episode talent show. Trainees consist of un-signed singers, as well as those who are already signed with entertainment agencies. In the end, viewers will get to vote for nine winners, who will then form a brand new boyband together.

The instructors were split into different categories with Korean band EXO member Lay Zhang Yixing (張藝興) sitting in as the producer, and GOT7’s Jackson Wang (王嘉爾) and Hong Kong artiste MC Jin (歐陽靖) as rap instructors. The dance coaches consist of Korean girl groups PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung (Zhou Jieqiong 周潔瓊), and Cosmic GirlsCheng Xiao (程瀟). Chinese singer and songwriter Li Ronghao (李榮浩) is the vocal instructor.

Coaches are Being Too Harsh?

Although many viewers tuned in for the first episode, many began noticing that the coaching panel was exceptionally hard on all the contestants.

In the trailer for the upcoming second episode, the coaches were seen giving even harsher criticisms towards the trainees. In one part, Jackson even scolded the boys for looking aimlessly while rapping. Although some trainees were evidently intimidated, some of the boys were actually known to be already friends with Jackson. Upon learning this, Lay interjected, “Wow, you definitely have a wide circle.”

Not wanting viewers to think he was biased, Jackson clarified this issue in a backstage interview, stating that he remains objective regardless of being friends with some of the trainees or not.

The first task in the upcoming second episode will be to learn Idol Producer’s opening theme song, Ei Ei within three days. Thinking this was an easy task, Dance instructor Zhou Jieqiong was not impressed at the pace the trainees were going. Becoming frustrated with the boys, she exclaimed, “This is such an easy job – why you can’t do it?”

Trainees to Watch Out For

Besides watching the strict coaches in the new episode, fans should look out for two candidates that currently stand out from the rest, with one of them being superstar Fan Bingbing‘s (范冰冰) younger brother, Fan Chengcheng (范丞丞). Not wanting to be known simply as Bingbing’s little brother, Chengcheng teared up while speaking. He cried, “They all say I’m here because of my sister. They all say I’m useless.”

Another trainee viewers should look out for is August Cai Xukun (蔡徐坤), who was previously selected to join the popular Chinese boyband TFBoys. Since he was only in primary school when he was selected, August gave up this opportunity in order to pursue his studies in the United States.

When asked if he had regrets not joining TFBoys years ago, August firmly replied that he had no regrets as he really wanted to continue his studies first.

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  1. I’m happy that the judges remain impartial to contestants, no matter who it was. it makes me wanna tune in. these people on the judging panel all had to learn via grueling hard work and harsh criticism to become who they are today. it’s not easy and these newbies need as much as they can get

  2. it’s good that they made a boy’s version. they only had the girls version before and i thought that was quite sexist.

  3. Of course. Showbiz is tough. Wait till they get into the court of public opinion. It’s a good test of character to see if you can stand it. If you can’t, better leave before you end up in depression and another statistic.

      1. @lej12 o_O I honestly thought he’s a female with short hair. But, the tren gor female is long hair so I second guess myself. So he’s a he after all. Yes, VERY feminine. If you put a wig over him, he totally would pass off 100% no question. Lol.

      2. @jjwong Cai Xukun is trying to give a Korean boyband image. Makeup is very strong. His dance was okay, but voice wasn’t too impressive. However his looks may propel him into the final 9.

        I actually like another contestant, Chen Linong more. He has a better voice and very genuine feel. Although he is not the best looking contestant, he feels more real than some of the more pretentious candidates.

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