Super Junior-M Releases New Album, “Break Down”

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Super Junior-M, the Mandarin-singing subgroup of South Korea’s super boy band Super Junior, finally released their long-awaited second full-length music album Break Down on January 7, two years after the release of the group’s last music release, the mini-album Perfection <太完美>.

Super Junior-M is Super Junior’s third and most successful subgroup outside of the K-pop market. With a total of eight members – Siwon (始源), Donghae (東海), Kyuhyun (圭賢), HenryRyeowook (厲旭), Zhou Mi (周觅), Eunhyuk (銀赫), and Sungmin (晟敏) – the Golden Melody-nominated pop group has released two mini-albums, two full-length albums, and one TV drama soundtrack since their debut in 2008.

After teasing their fans with a music video trailer at Jiangsu TV’s New Year’s Eve Concert on December 31, Super Junior-M finally released the full music video of their album’s self-titled track “Break Down” on January 7. The album, with a total of 10 tracks, was released digitally through Chinese, Hong Kong, and Korean music websites that same day. The album is also available for download through iTunes.

“Break Down” is a dubstep-inspired contemporary dance track written and produced by Australia’s music duo Twice as Nice. Henry took part in co-producing several songs in Break Down, while Zhou Mi helmed the lyrics for the second track, “Go.”

A press conference for the album release was held in Beijing on January 7. The organizers allowed only 200 fans to enter the press conference. Hundreds of other fans queued overnight around the Beijing studio to get a glimpse of their idols.

With only two ethnically Chinese members in the group, the members’ command of Mandarin became the main focus at the press conference. Siwon stated, “We all have our own specialty. Each member has good Mandarin when it comes to different scenarios. For example, Ryeowook is good at ordering food, and Kyuhyun is good at being funny.” Siwon then added jokingly, “And Donghae is good at being weird.”

The members retorted, “And Siwon is best at being corny!”

Super Junior-M expressed that they are currently planning for a nationwide mini-concert in the upcoming months. Their musical fan meetings also plan to stop by Hong Kong and Taiwan.

“Break Down” Music Video


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Super Junior-M Releases New Album, “Break Down”

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