“Forensic Heroes 3” Praying Ceremony

A praying ceremony was held for TVB series, Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III>. Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, Kate Tsui Chi San, and other cast members attended the praying ceremony.

Ron Ng revealed that he recently lost his iPad at TVB City ’s restroom. Despite attempting to look for the item, he could not recover it. Ron said, “There are no personal photos in my iPad; the most valuable item was the series’ script.”

Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary, John Tsang, announced the new fiscal budget today, with notable increases in tobacco taxes and registration fees for new car purchases. Ron indicated that he supported the increase in the tobacco tax. With resulting higher tobacco prices, this will discourage people from smoking.  Fortunately, the higher car registration fees will not affect Ron, as he often bought used cars to save money. Ron noted that purchasing a new car often resulted in quick depreciation in value.
Edwin Siu Ching Nam reacted to the registration fee increases for new vehicles, “I bought my new car two months ago at the end of 2010. I avoided $20,000 (HKD) in new tax increases! I did not realize that the tax department was considering increasing these fees at the time!”

Compiled from the Sun and Hkheadlines


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  1. Um where is Bobby? Don’t tell me he is not in the third series. It wouldn’t be forensic heroes without Bobby!!

    1. Uhm yeah. He’s not in it. So are all the FH original cast like Yoyo, frankie, etc. It’s basically like a whole new series… Oh well, hope it’ll be good.

      1. yah the movie is great or drama as you guys call it im one of the actors lil sis so i know you can ask me some question if you want to

  2. Yeah, where is Bobby? you can’t have forensic heroes and not have Bobby. Miss his acting!

  3. This is a whole new series, not a continuation of FH1 and FH2. Just see it another forensic team and police team in another part of HK, like CSI: Las Vegas and CSI: Miami.

  4. Quite excited that Ron, and Maggie are in this series. Haven’t seen a Maggie series since Plain Love II and wow, she aged abit but looks pretty good. I think I changed my impression of Ron Ng after watching “A Chip Off The Block.” Granted he’s still wooden as ever, but at least I see a ‘spark’ in his acting. I think Wayne Lai was right about Ron, he has alot of potential. To be honest, some of the best actors started out wooden, ie: Gallen Lo, but look at them now. Will be keeping my eyes peeled:)

  5. Rather disappointing to see FH3 is a completely different story….

    I swear TVB can’t think of new concepts and have to recycle material and just call it a sequel.

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