Nancy Wu Wants to Be a Leading Actress

As the holder of the Most Improved Actress award of 2008, many expected Nancy Wu (胡定欣) to be TVB’s next big leading actress, but a drama that bills Nancy as the female lead is still yet to be seen.

Nancy may not be a leading TVB fadan yet, but she is definitely one of TVB’s most prolific artists. Since her acting debut in 2003, Nancy has starred in over 40 television dramas. Not only is Nancy’s acting critically acclaimed and recognized, Nancy’s singing and dancing abilities are also worth mentioning.

Nancy’s first television appearance was in TVB’s New Talent Singing Awards in 1999, in which she became a top finalist. In 2008, Nancy wowed the global Chinese audience with her dance performances for the Chinese version of Strictly Come Dancing <舞動奇跡>, which received perfect scores. Her popularity increased dramatically as a result, and it has not stopped since.

The actress also makes frequent appearances in TVB’s anniversary dramas. The 2010 anniversary dramas, No Regrets <巾幗梟雄之義海豪情> and Gun Metal Grey <刑警>, both starred Nancy. Two of 2011’s anniversary dramas, Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III> and Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王>, also featured Nancy in prominent supporting roles. The Confidant <大太監>, is yet another addition to Nancy’s list of anniversary dramas.

Although Nancy has yet to lead in a drama, she has already achieved the same levels of popularity as many of TVB’s other leading stars.

But being a leading lady has always been a dream of hers.

“I feel satisfied and very grateful to have the opportunities to star in so many anniversary dramas,” said Nancy. “But ultimately, I still hope for a chance to lead in my own drama. This is my target.”

An Embarrassing Devil

What is Nancy’s most memorable role? Is it be Twin of Brothers’ <大唐雙龍傳> beautiful but cold-blooded Wan Wan, The Silver Chamber of Sorrow’s <銀樓金粉> selfish Fei Fei, or the flirty Hoi Tong from Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄>? As one of TVB’s most prolific and talented actresses, Nancy has portrayed a variety of different roles, and diversity has always remained as Nancy’s favorite aspect in acting. No matter how hard she tries in selecting her roles, the audience will still remember her to be that witch, that mistress, or that promiscuous woman.

“Not all of my characters are very likable, and a lot of them are in that gray area between dark and light,” said Nancy. “I don’t mind playing them. In fact, I think these characters are very well-developed and interesting, which is why I am not afraid of being stereotyped by the audience. The most important thing is to give these roles justice.”

It was Nancy’s successful portrayal of Wan Wan in Twin of Brothers that had locked the audience’s minds. Wan Wan was Nancy’s first major role since graduating from TVB’s artist training class in 2003. When recalling her experience with filming Twin of Brothers, Nancy laughed, “[Twin of Brothers] was also my first costume drama since joining the industry. It was Wan Wan that got the Hong Kong and mainland Chinese audiences to notice me, and people still talk about this character up to this day.”

In Twin of Brothers, Wan Wan is introduced as a very sinister and devilish beauty. For a rookie actress, portraying a villainous role is not an easy task at all. “The director told me that I actually failed the camera test for the role, but in the end, he decided to give this opportunity to me. This just made me more nervous about my performance! I was afraid that I was unable to reach the demands of the character, so all I could do was to practice nonstop in front of the mirror. Being sexy is not easy at all! It needs a lot of practice!”

Nancy added with laugh, “I was not expecting to portray such a devilish role so early on in my career, so I was very, very embarrassed. I didn’t even want to watch the playbacks and avoided the drama at all costs after I was done with it!”

Being Wayne Lai’s Wife

The Confidant is Nancy’s fourth collaboration with Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), and also her third time playing as Wayne’s wife. Nancy cried in shock, “If you didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t have realized it! From Rosy Business to Forensic Heroes 3, I had been his wife three times.”

It must be stressful to be the wife of a TV King! “Oh yes, I do get very nervous! Everyone knows that Wayne’s acting is at a godlike level. As his costar, I have to work even harder so we can have greater sparks. Actually, thinking back, I feel that I am very lucky. Not only do I get the chance to star in anniversary dramas, but I also have the chance to have a great senior like Wayne to take care of me. My acting has improved tremendously! Thankfully, the audience does not think that I am relying on Wayne’s stardom, haha!”

When discussing other male actors that Nancy possibly wanted to work with, Nancy immediately cried, “Michael Tse (謝天華)! I always wanted to work with him. We are frequent dance partners, but I’ve never worked with him in a drama before. Not even one!”

TVB’s Most Diverse Actress

In the last two years, Nancy’s roles diversified, and now the audience is beginning to realize that Nancy is not just a flower vase. Her portrayals as the hardworking and determined “Eva” in Forensic Heroes 3 and the deaf and mute” Ting Ting” in Gloves Come Off<拳王> are the prime examples that had led the audience to change their minds about Nancy’s image.

Nancy has recently won Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal as Ting Ting at the 2012 AOD Favorites Awards, and is currently a hot favorite to win TVB’s Best Supporting Actress award. Regarding her character, Ting Ting, Nancy said, “I rarely have the chance to portray such sad and miserable characters. When I was cast as Ting Ting, I spent extra time on my research. Portraying someone who is both deaf and mute is not easy, but portraying someone who is deaf, mute and a boxer is even harder. The journey was a very difficult one, but the results were great! Some people came to me and said that I did really well, and never thought that I could portray such a character! I am very happy!”

Struggled Without Work

Nancy’s road to stardom was not always sugarcoated with opportunities. As popular as she is now with many TVB producers, Nancy, like many actors, had struggled with a period without work.

“After filming Twin of Brothers, I was without work for half a year. No roles were offered to me. I was very worried. What did I do wrong? Did my performance in Twin of Brothers not meet expectations?”

Although Wan Wan was a popular character, Nancy had nothing to film but travelogues and game shows after the broadcast of Twin of Brothers. Nancy was very upset with herself, but never considered  giving up.

“I never thought of quitting. After all, I was still on contract, and I really like my job as an actress. I believed that as long as I remain committed and dedicated, opportunities will come to me.”

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  1. Nancy, don’t give up. I hope you will get 1st lead roles in 2013. It is long overdue. Your acting is first class, and can be compared with those veterans’. Personally I think her acting is better than TVB’s top fadans’!!

      1. yeah she can look really seductive. all she needs is her red lippie!

      2. just putting it out there but honestly nancy is very very pretty but kate is sexier and hotter and all that, nancy is beautiful but not exactly enough to be sexier than kate 😉 they’re both perfect though

    1. I do not agree!! i think Nancy is plain looking, even i look prettier than her… Her acting is ok, but just don’t see her have the “looks” that can take on a Main role.

      1. LOL, nancy is not plain looking. Plain looking or a friendly girl next door image is who you call Linda Chung 🙂

      2. Personally I think Nancy Wu is better looking than Tavia Yeung. Nancy did not need any plastic surgery to fix her nose or face. She did not even care about her eye brows (some people said one is higher than the other). Tavia is very plain looking, but most people think she can act, and she is a 1st lead actress.

  2. She is a good actress and a good performance in the confident

  3. omg nancy you’re good at acting and you have improved alot. will be supporting you to be the next fadans <3

  4. I love her. And her acting has improved so much over the years. She is beautiful and talented, hope they cast her as a leading soon. I would be very excited to see it.

    She is a lot better than heaps of other actress

  5. Agree that she is a great actress. But playing villain, spoilt brat, mistress roles is not helping. Think about it. The fadans did not get the top playing these unlikeable roles (maybe except for Fala Chan). The HK audience are made up of housewives by and large and they like the sweet, demure, good girl type of character roles.

    1. Agree. Those villain, spoiled brat, mistress roles were some kinds of obstacles for her image. Her acting has definitely improved by acting those roles, but her image has been spoiled unfortunately.

    2. It’s sad because Nancy is probbaly more versatile than most of fadans. There’s nothing challenging if an actress can only play sweet girl or crying roles. Half the reason TVB is failing so bad is because they cater too much to housewives.

      1. All the 1st lead roles in TVB drama series are supposed to be good-girl roles. A lot of people in Hong Kong think Nancy Wu’s look is too villainous due to her previous villainous characters. Also since Nancy has acted some mature characters, such as Wayne Lai’s wife in “Rosy Business”, “Foresnic Heroes 3” and “The Confidant”, Hong Kong audience think that Nancy is too old for some fadan’s roles. Very sad! Nancy Wu just turned 31 in September, and she is younger than Kate Tsui, Myolie Wu and Tavia Yeung, and is only 5 months older than Fala Chen.

      2. I don’t think nancy is typecast as mature by hk audience. She played younger roles in “gun metal grey”, “curse of the royal harem”, and “gloves come off”. She certainly doesn’t look old, especially compared to TY.

    3. Yup, the other good actress is Catherine Tsang. Thought she really stood out in Dance of Passion. But too bad she is always playing unlikeable supporting roles and she has now left TVB. Elaine Yiu too. She was terrible in Safe Guards, but her acting has improved over the years. Nonetheless, she has been stereotyped as the horrible, selfish younger sister/girlfriend/daughter.

      1. I think u mean Catherine chow ga yee. Sorry but she doesn’t have the looks to be lead.

        For some reason, Elaine yiu doesn’t draw my attention.

      2. Elaine Yiu is not super pretty, but her acting has improved tremendously in the last 2 years. She looks very pretty in ancient drama series, such as “The Life and Times of a Sentinel”, and “Bottled Passion”. She will be another Nancy Wu in supporting roles.

      3. I never like Elaine Yiu’s acting too… she is lacking of the charisma in her portrayals~

      4. Yup, sorry I meant Catherine Chow. Agree she isn’t pretty but I always liked her acting.

    4. Actually Kate has played a lot of vixen and bad girl roles too. I think nancy can definitely compete w/ the top fadans b/c she can play the good girl and bad girl convincingly. I hope she wins best supporting actress and get a lead role soon.

      1. The only villain role by Kate is in Moonlight Rennosance. Fala had a few though – Family Link, Steps, Journey Called Life. But Nancy – she is somehow always cast in unliakeable roles – Curse of Royal Harem, Forensic Heroes 3, No Regrets, Fistful of Stances…

      2. I hear that Nancy was very easy going and would accept any types of characters. She wanted to flourish her acting skills. However, her villainous image has been formed in the minds of people in Hong Kong.

      3. Kate may not have been the villain per se but her roles are definitely not goody-goody. For example, “the four”, “lives of omission”, “relic of emissary”, “highs and lows”, etc.
        I think nancy could compete w/ Kate for any of those roles. And she can also compete w/ myolie or tavia for the professional career woman roles too. Nancy is just very versatile.

      4. True. Nancy is very versatile, but she does not seem to have much luck in her acting career. Every support actress (such as Natalie Tong, Sharon Chan, Aimee Chan, etc.), including those newbies, got promoted but she was not one of them.

        In fact, Nancy will only have one TVB drama series in 2013, i.e. “Eat For Slave”. She used to have more in the past.

      5. It seems that producers do no see Nancy Wu as lead material. I remember Lee Tim Shing lamented that he has difficulty finding a lead actress for ‘Detective Columbo’ after the TVB staff exodus to CTI. He finally settled for Natalie Tong.

        Why choose Natalie Tong instead of Nancy Wu who is a better actress? Nancy Wu has acted in LTS production several times. So, LTS is not unfamiliar with Nancy.

        Could it be that producers didn’t find Nancy pretty enough or has the lead actress look?

      6. Maybe LTS just didn’t want to pair Wayne w/ nancy again. Natalie and Sire are fresher pairing.
        Btw, I think nancy is prettier than both.

      7. Could it be that producers didn’t find Nancy pretty enough or has the lead actress look?
        I am curious to know, too. Lee Tim Shing is willing to promote newbies, but he did not seem to think highly of Nancy Wu. I heard about his statement. Or Nancy Wu was busy filming another drama series!?

      8. Agree. Nancy is prettier than Natalie Tong and Sire Ma. Moreover, Nancy’s acting is way better than either one of them (not the same level, especially Sire Ma). Natalie is barely acceptable for 1st lead role, and Sire is not ready to assume 1st lead role yet.

      9. Nancy was supposed to film triumph 2 after confidant, but triumph 2 kept getting delayed, so no chance for her to act in columbo or other dramas.

      10. Kate also portrayed as a villain in 14 blades, she was crazy in there lol I quite like her as a villain though.

        I believe the director for Columbo said he wanted a younger actress to lead…seems like Natalie got her break

      11. IMHO, Kate’s acting is better than all the fadans. She’s also prettier than all of them except Fala I think.

    5. I think Nancy has stopped receiving those roles. Her roles in gloves come off, confidant, triumph2, seasons of love are all likeable. Maybe Nancy will be the second lead in eat for slaves.

      1. I think she will be the lead in Slave to Eat. I certainly hope so!

      2. No, Nancy Wu will only be the 3rd lead role in “Eat for the Slaves” after Fala Chen and Sharon Chan.

      3. Sharon and Fala are not confirmed to film yet so far only Nancy is the only confirmed female to join.

      4. In that case, I hope TVB will cast Nancy as 1st lead role. But it is very unlikely as the 1st actor is Raymond Lam who is a god son of TVB. TVB will not let her god son to partner with a support actress (Nancy Wu).

      5. It was hinted in the trailer that she’s paired with Ron and it looked like Ron had a more prominent role than Raymond since it was more focused on him but who knows the plot may change, didn’t think the plot was too interesting in the trailers.

      6. Raymond Lam did partner with a supporting actress (Kaki Leung) in ‘3 Kingdoms RPG’. 😀

        But, that was during his scandal with Mavis Pan and Fox postulates that RL was relegated to second lead that time because TVB wasn’t sure whether he can survive the scandal.

      7. People say that it looks like Ron’s role is more of a leading role than LF?

      8. In 3K, Kenneth had a more prominent role than Raymond but Tavia who paired with Kenneth had a boring role. If Nancy is a fighter then her role should be interesting though.

      9. He also recently paired with Eliza in his new mini film who is also considered a supporting actress

      10. In the trailer It was focused on Ron but it was just a sales presentation the plot is most likely to change

  6. You definitely will after The Confidant. TVB you have a better chance to promote Nancy than Amiee. Amiee is the worse out of all in Confidant. Even Raymond Cho’s wife act better than her.

    1. Don’t agree. The actress acting Raymond Cho’s wife is called 蔣家旻, Angel Chiang. She was the actress acting the young Hazel (young Charmaine Sheh) in “When Heaven Burns”. Don’t think she is a better actress than Aimee Chan. Aimee is a sweet and pretty actress vs. Angel Chiang. Don’t like Angel’s voice and acting.

    2. I found Angel better than Aimee in ‘The Confidant’. Aimee, although ‘sweet’, makes me cringe when she acts especially when she’s excited or being cute. Her crying skills have improved by a lot, though.

      Improvement has definitely been shown from both but for some reason, I like Angel more.

      1. I don’t like Angel’s voice either.

        Aimee is totally overreacting in all her scenes.

      2. Angel Chiang looks like Kate, but not as cool and sexy. I prefer Tina Shek, Myolie’s niece in Wish and Switch.

    3. i don’t think aimee is a truly bad actress, but her accent is really distracting, especially in costume dramas. i don’t know why producers insist on casting her for these roles though. do they think the audiences don’t notice?

  7. Nancy Wu looked very pretty in the above photo which was taken at the recent AOD Awards Ceremony.

    1. Nah, that pic was during last year’s TVB anniversary award lmao. Why Jayne never use recent pics? haha.

  8. She should be the leading actress. She is great in acting. She should be competing with Kate and Tavia.

    1. I think TVB is not fair to Nancy Wu. Nancy Wu has been working for TVB since 2003 and her acting is considered very good. However, they would rather promote those newbies, who cannot act or speak good Cantonese (such as Christine Kuo, Rebecca Zhu, and Eliza Sam), to act some lead roles. Siu Yau’s character in SSSS should have been given to Nancy as Fala’s replacement. Nancy could handle that role way better than Rebecca Zhu.

      1. Yup, Nancy is definitely a better actress than all the new goddesses, but Siu Yau’s character requires a very innocent looking young lady. I don’t think Nancy is fit for this character. Other than Fala, I think TVB should have casted Sire Ma or Ocean Zhu as Siu Yau instead.

      2. Nancy’s character in “Gloves Come Off” was very innocent, too, and she acted very well in this character. She got nominated for Best Support Actress by TVB.

      3. Fala Chen was the original cast for Siu Yau in SSSS. I don’t think Fala Chen is that young and innocent vs. Nancy Wu. Fala can be a very sophisticated person in a drama series.

        Sire Ma is young, but her acting is not that good yet, so is Oceane Zhu.

      4. I completely agree with sandcherry. Really don’t get why TVB is promoting all these pageants queens that at this stage cannot act and speak poor Cantonese. I think Nancy is hugely under utilised. She’s a real talent, the triple threat – can sing, dance and act!

      5. Sandcherry’s comments and sentiment towards Nancy Wu has always been my thoughts exactly! I need not repeat. Nancy, I hope you perseverance will pay off. You deserve it more than a lot of other actresses out there! Even the blind can see you’re top notch in your acting.

      6. Woot:
        Thanks for your support. I just think Nancy Wu deserves more than what she gets now. She has worked really hard in these years to improve her acting by accepting different roles, either big or small, young or mature, good or bad, and she has acted very well in all her roles. As TVB is now promoting all newbies and many support actresses, why don’t they promote Nancy as well?

  9. TVB it is her turn now! Nancy you are an incredible actress, I admire you. keep up the good work. and odn’t give up.

  10. Her role in TOB was def memorable I really liked her character, she was entertaining. She def has e potential to lead and probably she will next year when she films that series with Ron and Raymond.

  11. Wan Wan is indeed a memorable character. Of all the young female characters in TOB, Wan Wan catches by interest most. Nancy is not a great beauty. But, the make up in TOB made her look very beautiful and attractive and her acting added to it.

      1. Officially Nancy was Wayne’s lawyer wife in “Forensic Heroes 3”, and only a partner of Wayne in “Rosy Business” and “The Confidant”. After partnering with Wayne in 3 drama series, a lot of people think Nancy is too old for any fadan’s or young-girl roles.

      2. Actually I think he did have some feelings for her but he wouldn’t marry her as his first wife cause she wasn’t pure but No doubt he cared for her.

        I’m prob one of the few that dislike that pairing…she’s better off pairing with ppl her age. Her and Wayne is just boring to me,

      3. I think their (Wayne’s and Nancy’s) acting skills are compatible, but Wayne looks much older than Nancy. Nancy should pair up with Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, or even Chan Chin Pang and Raymond Wong (who are older in age).

      4. Yup she def suits guys around her age I sorta liked her relationship with Kevin in GCO, I would like to see her pair up with Ron again I thought eh had more chemistry in TOB than Ron did with Leila. Looks like we’ll see that next year

      5. I want Nancy to pair with Ruco, better if they are villains, like Kenneth and JJ in tiger cubs.

      6. Yes, please stop pairing up poor Nancy with men ten years older than her!

    1. Personally I think Nancy Wu is a better actress than Myolie Wu in acting.

      1. Same! I thought Myolie was a better actress in her earlier years but now she’s just lacking it, she needs better roles.

      2. Agree. Myolie Wu was a better actress in her early years. Now she is acting more or less the same in all her characters.

      3. yup!!! I think Nancy deserve more! I’m a big fan of Myolie when she was in Eternal Happiness and Golden Faith. I guess in Mother in Law too but her acting had not been sharpened ever since.

  12. Nancy’s a very good and versatile actor, at least to me and it looks that she has no end of admirers. Just to prove my point I’d like to mention a few of the series such as Forensic Heroes3, as Wayne’s career-minded wife, A Fistful of Stances, as the coquettish and flirtacious cheat and Gloves Come Off, as the very dumb and deaf mute who was determined to make something of herself through boxing in which she excelled herself at acting. I think she will indeed go far in filmland.

  13. I believe Nancy should have been lead a long time ago. She’s extremely versatile and can take many kinds of roles. The ‘Best Supporting Actress’ award has been robbed from her so many times already it’s not funny.

    Nancy being a supporting actress isn’t exactly a bad thing (for me at least). Since 2010, she’s been in 5 anniversary series! If she started to become a leading actress, she’d probably stop being in the anniversary series, which would be a shame. That said, I’m still supporting Nancy to win BSA but if she doesn’t, I do hope Elena can get it. If Nancy does get the award, her chance of leading series would definitely rise. I do hope TVB can see how incredible she is and allow her to be a leading actress.

  14. Nancy is very versatile actress that can played any variety of role convincingly . Only thing lack on her is the luck to be chosen by Producer for lead role.It might pathetic thing for her but also not a bad thing for her. At least she does not get backlash and maintain great support from audience. I could imagine audience start nitpicking on her and find fault on her flaw .Tat sad thing for young lead actress.

  15. nancy is good somehow she has the same potential as myolie 🙂 everyone here supports nancy <3YAY!

  16. Let her be the lead and then let’s see how she can do or not do it. Remember how Angela Tong languished in secondary roles for years until that one ugly role propelled her to super stardom so to speak and she got the leading role next to Bobby and oh how she crashed spectacularly in there. Of course the material was weak but she wasn’t engaging either.

    No doubt Nancy can act but can she lead? Test her and see. I mean look at Tavia. She is the lead even if I keep saying she can’t lead. But if TVB wants to make you the lead, they can.

    1. Spot on Angela Tong, but the material was weak. Good script never easy in TVB.

    2. Angela Tong crashed after her lead role was also because of her high profile romance with Chin Ka Lok and she was caught drunk driving. Fell out of favour with TVB thereafter.

  17. Nancy will become one of the best actress in TVB , and I’m certain , she has the potential , now all she needs is a chance , TVB should give her a chance to take the leading role , she seriously deserves it !

  18. Who wrote this article? Don’t get me wrong Nancy is a pretty good actress but to say she “one of the most prolific” is nuts. She’s is better than most TVB current leads but there’s something about her that just doesn’t scream lead actress. I think Nancy should just focus on getting better at her craft instead of worrying whether or not she will lead…AND maybe one day she will be the female version of Wayne Lai.

    1. Lol:
      It is not fair for you to say “I think Nancy should focus on getting better at her craft instead of worrying whether or not she will lead…… “. Nancy’s acting is very good and versatile vs. many young fadans’, why can’t she act 1st lead roles?

      Every artiste’s ultimate goal is to lead a drama series. Nancy is only 31, and you want her to act supporting roles until she is 44 or 45. Male can still lead a drama series at the age of 44 or 45 (such as Wayne Lai), even 50, e.g. Michael Miu and Bobby Au Yeung. If Nancy keeps acting supporting roles, do you think Nancy will be promoted by TVB to act 1st lead roles when she is about Wayne’s age? Female artistes are quite different at TVB. Unless she was a 1st lead actress for years, TVB will NEVER promote a female artiste to act 1st lead roles after age 38.

  19. Wow every comment here was a good and supportive one,why don’t you guys give Nancy some boost instead by writing a petition to TVB just like the way u had some award for most popular female and gave the award. Make this whole thing be an awareness!! Help her gain a lead role. I like her too!

  20. IDK, first female lead status in TVB has both pros and cons, I feel. Many first female lead characters in TVB scripts tend to be bland good girl roles and/or are defined primarily as a love interest for the male lead instead of having a personality of her own. Whereas second lead roles and supporting roles tend to be more varied and colourful, IMO. (This of course is a generalisation; it really all depends on the script.)

    I’ve been watching Gloves Come Off lately and I feel that even though she’s technically playing a supporting role, her deaf-mute boxer character gets more character development than Selena Li’s character.

    Anyway, hope her win at AOD and at the Asian TV Awards last night is a precursor to her taking home BSA on Dec 17th!

    1. Tegan:
      Agree that supporting artistes usually can show off more in their acting. However, every artiste’s ultimate goal is to lead a drama series. Being a 1st line artiste, his/her status, opportunities, income, and even respect from other people will definitely change tremendously.

  21. I dont see what is so hot and sexy about kate. I do ‘t see it .. I find nancy more beautiful and pretty.. All kate ever do is squint her eyes and make those weird lip expressions.. That is definitely sexu right? 😡 Nancy really had villainous roles , she had roles that killed “good ppl” .. Her role is curse of royal harem was … Her role in forensice 3 was pretty bad too, think about disrespecting ur father in law in front of everyone just because u want to achieve financially. Those were only a small amt of villainous roles that she took. Nancy definitely deserve those leading roles.


    And then moving on to lead roles. Seriously, tvb, stop taking her for granted!!

  23. Nancy showed potential as a lead actress in TOB but TVB never relegated her to lead after TOB and now many people are already used to her supporting roles. She needs a producer who can give her a breakthrough role to get a jumpstart to lead now. She’s better than the current fadans.

  24. Nancy Wu reminds of Joyce Tang’s career trajectory – mostly 2nd lead almost never 1st lead. Maybe she connects with overseas audience more than Hong Kong audience – don’t think she seems like traditional Chinese beauty.

  25. Love her! 🙂
    although in some roles, I did hate her characters. XD

  26. We may possibly see her take home three best supporting actress awards this year if she wins at the TVB Anniversary awards. Nancy deserves to be promoted. She waited long enough. Not right for TVB to overlook her in support of people like Eliza Sam.

  27. How come no one mentioned her role in that series…Legend of the Demi Gods, hmm…she was really cool as “Mok Che aka Ga Lau Loh”, the loyal servant to the devil snake lady played by Halina Tam or something. Anyone remember this series? I like it a lot, lol…Benny Chan, Chan Kam Hung and Linda Chung were all great in there!

    1. You meant “Legend of the Demigods” (Chinese: 搜神傳). She acted well in that drama series. In fact, I always think Nancy Wu did a good job in every one of her roles.

      She deserves to be promoted by TVB. It is long overdue.

  28. Glad to know that Nancy Wu has so many supporters here. I always thought she was an actress neglected by audience as well. Poor girl …….. she is already neglected by TVB in their promotions.

  29. There’s something I dislike about Nancy but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I think I find her a bit corny.

    1. Im not sure if we both have the same opinion, but yes, I used to have this something that I dislike about her. It’s in her looks, there’s something niggling but I can’t quite put it in words. But whatever that was, I’ve put it aside cuz I can truly see how good an actress she is. And like said above, she plays every role of hers very well, be it small or big character.

      1. If you take Nancy as a good actress for her acting, not her pretty look, she will beat every fadan.

        Nancy is an actress, not an idol.

      2. sandcherry is right. Nancy can beat every fadan. Her acting is amazing. Why is TVB neglecting her?

      3. Why is TVB neglecting her?
        Good question! We all want to know why! They rather give Siu Yau’s role to someone brand new than to Nancy Wu.

        Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma will be an excellent couple in SSSS. If that is the case, there will be all good veterans in SSSS, no ugly acting. It will be a perfect cast.

  30. She was considered a female lead in That Bride series with Sammul? But that was a crappy series. Bing lead is not really important she has been given a lot of good roles which the Audiences notice, like in TOB where ppl remember her role after so many years. Her character had a lot of development in GCO. I quite like her in Gun Metal Grey as well her character also had a lot of development.

    I can see why she is a bit embarrassed about her role in TOB lol but ironically that is one of her most successful works.

  31. Pyro:
    Sorry, I don’t know what is TOB. Can I have the full name please?

  32. I like her acting, she’s really versatile. However, I’ve never felt the leading lady aura from her… dunno, will wait to see it before judging though if she ever gets a lead role.

    1. I surely hope so, but Nancy seems to be the cast in one drama series only in 2013 …….. “Eat for the Slaves”.

      1. They have casting change all the time, hopefully it turns out for her/

      2. This isn’t the first comment about this. I don’t really understand how it works. I thought that an actor/actrice can be cast for several roles at one time if the time schedules allow it. Are you really meaning that only 1 producer wanted to cast Nancy? Even if this is true, it could happen a lot in the next few months, especially if she receives the award. She’s good enough to deserve it.

      3. If Nancy gets the Best Supporting Actress award in TVB Awards Ceremony this month, I think it will bring her more opportunities to act some heavier roles, perhaps some 1st lead roles. At least she will get some kinds of recognitions from TVB’s judging panel (which consists of TVB Management and Senior Executives, producers, etc.).

        Nancy has been nominated every year in the last 3 years, but she still lost to someone else.

  33. Congrats Nancy Wu for winning the Best Supporting Actress Award. Many congratulations!!!

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