Hera Chan Reveals Kaman Kong Reuses Face Masks

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Hera Chan Reveals Kaman Kong Reuses Face Masks

A few days ago, Kaman Kong (江嘉敏) and Hera Chan (陳曉華) shot an outdoor scene for new TVB drama Brain Eater B <食腦喪B> (literal translation) in the biting wind at the waterfront. The starlets immediately put on thick coats after the scene was done. Hera, who wore a short skirt, said, “It’s so cold because I’m wearing a vest inside, so it’s bone-chilling. At first, it wasn’t that bad, but it gradually got colder.”

Meanwhile, Kaman didn’t feel too cold because she wore a black leather jacket with jeans and stockings underneath. In this scene, Kaman complains to Hera that Matthew Ho (何廣沛) forcibly kissed her, but they have yet to film the kissing scene. “I hope we’ll postpone the kissing scene because the coronavirus is very strong right now,” Kaman expressed.

On the topic of the coronavirus, reporters asked the actresses if they’ve been taking safety precautions. It turns out Hera yelled at Kaman for reusing her face masks. “As someone who used to be a nurse, I can’t accept that! So nowadays, I carry a few more masks on myself and give it to her even though they’re hard to buy these days,” Hera shared.

Kaman said with a laugh that she doesn’t reuse her face masks anymore. “I immediately throw them out now.”

In fact, she recently spent a hefty amount on face masks and sanitizing products. When her boyfriend was working in the United States, he bought 1,000 HKD worth of masks to bring back to Hong Kong. She also asked a friend in America to help her buy 3,000 HKD worth of N95 masks. “I have a lot of family members,” Kaman said, “but the N95 masks are very stuffy.”

Hearing this, Hera chimed in, “N95 masks only work if you put it on correctly, so it’s good that they’re stuffy.”

The actresses also revealed they haven’t gone out much during the Lunar New Year due to the coronavirus outbreak. Kaman said, “I’m afraid of germs, so I used my phone to pay my Chinese New Year respects and then told my friends to send me the money, haha!”

Sources: Oncc, Yahoo

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