2011 Mr. Hong Kong: Edmond Siu Filmed “3D Sex and Zen”

The twelve contestants of the 2011 Mr. Hong Kong contest appeared at a Tsim Sha Tsui event yesterday. With the nickname of “Chest God,” contestant #1 Edmond Siu (蕭家浩) talked nonstop in his self-introduction. Contestant #12 Hugo Lam (林志勇) constantly saluted the press as if he were a law enforcement staff. The atmosphere was quite humorous.

Appearing in Category III film 3D Sex and Zen <3D肉蒲團> Edmond Siu said, “I am a little bit nervous.” (You cursed in the soft-porn film?) “I was not swearing while filming. Perhaps they dubbed my lines afterwards. I have not watched this film yet.”

As the oldest contestant, 31-year-old Hugo Lam said, “I ran from Tuen Mun to Tsing Yi before. I will not lose in stamina in comparison to other contestants.”

Contestant #10, Clayton Li (李晉強), explained that he fell while crossing the street, injuring his nose and mouth. A scar was still present on his mouth yesterday. Next time, I will be more careful.” (It is very dangerous to cross the street carelessly!) “I will not do it again next time.”

Source: Orientaldaily.on.cc

Jayne: I found Edmond Siu to be one of the better looking Mr. Hong Kong contestants! Aiya, he participated in 3D Sex and Zen and claimed he never watched the film himself? I wonder if he had any significant screen time? If a Miss Hong Kong participant had a role in the film, even if she kept all her clothes on, her chances would be over!

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  1. “If a Miss Hong Kong participant had a role in the film, even if she kept all her clothes on, her chances would be over!”

    Well, that gender equality for u.. ugh

    1. Times are different now so you never know…Back in days, even if there were rumours of plastic surgery, your chances of winning were gone. But now even if you have had plastic surgery, you can still win. Therefore, the quality of these pageants have really gone downhill…

  2. “With the nickname of “Chest God,””

    What a name but his body does look great! I think he’s one of the better looking too

  3. Why is Edmond Siu still chosen as one of the 12 finalists?

    Acting in a 3Cat film should have gotten him disqualified already.

    1. Kidd,
      Since Orientaldaily did not make a big deal about Edmond Siu’s role in “3D Sex and Zen” aside from his alleged cursing. Presumably, his onscreen time did not engage in any sexual scenarios?

      Hmm…I wonder if it may have been oversight on Mr. Hong Kong selection panel. Maybe Edmond did not put it on his resume and no one realized he acted in the film until the press revealed it today? I doubt TVB performs a thorough background check on candidates prior to their selection. It’s the entertainment industry after all and not applying for a corporate job.

      1. Now that it’s out in the open, I wonder if TVB will disqualify him. If it’s Miss HK, she would certainly be disqualified.

      2. Is filming a Cat3 movie banned from participate in MR HK? It’s different from Miss HK where the MHKs need to keep image ‘pure’.

      3. In his defence, it is a legitimate movie. It is a movie which is primarily about sex cat 3 as opposed an outright porn film. A lot of established actors in HK were in cat III movies. And I don’t think he did much, since the actors who did the most were legitimately Japanese AV actors and actresses aka soft porn (it would be hardcore porn if not for the pixelated boxes which made the movies appear soft porn when in fact in Japanese AV it is real sex, in cat III movie we are told it is pretend sex.

    2. Speaking of this, I remember Benjamin Yuen filmed a HK movie where he had to bare his behind and he didn’t get disqualified as a finalist in MrHK, so I guess it’s okay? (not sure whether it was a Cat3 film though)

      1. ROfl I only knew that Bowie Lam’s boyfriend filmed nude scenes in a gay movie but that’s after Mr HK

      2. I check up on the news. The movie is ‘Young and Dangerous:The Prequel’. Not a Cat3 movie.

      3. I check some more. He was born in 1981 and the Young & Dangerous Prequel was filmed in 1998. Wow, he was only 17 at that time.

      4. Wait, Bowie Lam is gay??? I mean i have nothing against gay people but this is just such a big surprise to hear.. Is it true? or speculated?

      5. I think it is true and has been for many years

    3. Kidd,
      Could Edmond Siu have participated in both” The Young and Dangerous” prequel and” 3D Sex and Zen?” I understand you may have found film credits for “The Young and Dangerous” prequel, but Orientaldaily specifically noted he filmed “3D Sex and Zen” instead.

      1. Jayne,

        The one starring in ‘The Young and Dangerous’ prequel is Benjamin Yuen not Edmond Siu. Lily was talking about Benjamin filming a movie where he has to bare his bottom and he did not get disqualified. Lily said she’s not sure of that movie is a Cat3 movie. To I checked out in which movie he bared his bottom and found it to be Y&D prequal.

  4. i always wonder in hong kong catIII, is there real penetration? answer me guys!

    1. Darren,
      No penetration, that is why it is Category III and not real porn. In interviews, male Category III actors spoke about their privates being taped during filming.

      Japanese AV’s feature the real deed.

      1. Oh my gosh, I did not know that they actually have their privates taped?? No wonder the actors don’t seem to enjoy it.

    2. Most don’t. There may be some debatable ones and I believe there were real ones but of course no one will confirm it as such.

      I think they wear a patch or something.

    3. Darren,
      Many men may think being a porn star is the ultimate dream job, but it’s not. Hiro Hayama, the star of “3D Sex and Zen” said it’s not sexy at all because there are so many production staff on site, lights and cameras in your face, and tape on your privates. He said he will not film another Category III movie, so guess the experience was not too enjoyable.

      1. I’ve read that interview too and yeah, he said that there’s nothing arousing too since you’re surrounded by dozens of crew and need to think about your acting..haha. What I’m surprised is that his wife gives a “green light” for him to have a soft-porn experience “once”. Even though no penetration is involved, most wives wouldn’t be such a sport.

      2. Jayne, I remember reading that his wife said it’s ok for him to experience nudity once since he hasn’t done it before, but not again and she doesn’t allow real sex to happen. This may contribute too.

    4. Masaharu,
      Is Hiro Hayama’s wife Japanese? If so, maybe the Japanese are more open about sexuality. Since her husband is an actor, sooner or later there would be chance in filming intimate scenes.

      Also, I think the novelty of the female nudity in the studio quickly wears off after the first day. Hahaha I think he spoke about taping his privates for work every morning and the discomfort of it. Imagine doing this for 3 months or the duration of filming?

      I watched a movie which starred Wayne Lai, who portrayed a porn star in the film. It was comedy, no nudity in the film. It was quite humorous because there were quite a few jokes about his occupation. In the film, he plays a divorced father and his daughter was very ashamed of what he did for a job. Since he had no education and he was such a famous Category III star, he could not clean his past and film serious roles. He then tried to find a job in a restaurant but many people recognized him as a famous porn star. He had many old men who were his avid fans and finally found the support to have a normal job again.

      In the movie, Wayne fell in love with his daughter’s teacher. Due to their very different occupations and the moral lines he crossed for work, their love was put to a test.

      I cannot recall the title of the movie nor the actress who played the teacher. There were a few humorous moments in the beginning of the film centering around the discrimination faced towards porn stars before it became predictable.

      1. I’m positive she’s Japanese. Perhaps you’re right. It might be the openness and acceptance of Japanese toward this culture.

        Haha..one of the lead actress had also told Hayama that he’s allowed to touch any parts of her body. That’s an AV star for you..although as per mentioned the Japanese culture seems to appreciate AV stars.

        One of my male colleagues said that he prefers Japanese AV actresses compared to their western counterparts – because the Japanese AV girls tend to look fresh and cute; while westerners AV girls look drugged and “dirty”…

      2. Average look but Very revealed?

        Kidding :P.

        AV = Adult Video. AV女優 = Female lead in AV movie. Adaruto bideo joyū have the same meaning.

      3. Yes, Adult Video, which is legal in Japan if the ermmm private parts are pixelated. But make no mistake, they’re actually hardcore porn. Depending on which one I suppose, what I mean is the deed is real.

      4. “One of my male colleagues said that he prefers Japanese AV actresses compared to their western counterparts – because the Japanese AV girls tend to look fresh and cute; while westerners AV girls look drugged and “dirty”…”

        That is because Japanese AV actresses are actually all very very young. 18, 19, 20. I suppose by 23, they’re pass their sell by date. And the emphasis is on selling virginal innocent girls being taught to learn and enjoy pleasure, there is I always thought an element of reluctance in the girls. Western counterparts are more full on all the way dominatrix ish I suppose. And lots of silicone.

        It is in the end a profession and I read quite respectable if that makes sense. There are parents of course who hates that, so it is not really that accepted but for most, they get recruited, get paid well, some even made it to mainstream movies, etc. Very interesting and again a sick society in a sense.

        The actor in that 3d movie is an AV actor. Sometimes we sorta forget even AV actors and actresses are ordinary human beings out of the movie set. They do get married, have children, etc.

  5. Cat III isn’t porn. Just acting like they are doing but nothing happen.

  6. I haven’t seen the film myself and never will as cat III films just don’t appeal to me. But would you call the film The Lover by Tony leung and Jane March a cat III film as that had some sex scenes in it. It definitely wasn’t a porn film and it did not harm Tony Leung’s career either. So I guess it shouldn’t really make much difference just because he was in a cat III film. Yes, I agree if it was a Miss Hong Kong then she would definitely be disqualified. Its very much a double standard situation. One rule for one!

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