2011 TVB Anniversary Awards Results; Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu Win 3 Awards Each!

The 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards was held last night. Following popular support, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) swept the awards categories. Kevin received the Best Actor and My Favorite Male Character Awards, while Myolie Wu won the Best Actress and My Favorite Female Character Award. In her acceptance speech, Myolie partially acknowledged her romance with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), “I hope that we continue to support each other.” Michael Tse (謝天華) and Fala Chen (陳法拉), who were also favorites in the awards race, unfortunately returned home empty-handed. 

Best Actor: Kevin Cheng 
My Favorite Male Character: Kevin Cheng
TVB.com Popularity Award: Kevin Cheng

After receiving the TVB.com popularity award, Kevin Cheng received the My Favorite Male Character Award from guest presenter, Marianne Chan (陳妙瑛). Kevin joked that he hoped the receipt of the My Favorite Male Character Award did not signify that he would not be receiving the Best Actor Award. When it was announced that Kevin had received the Best Actor Award, he hugged once rumored flame, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) and Michael Tse. Kevin thanked Catherine Tsang and Stephen Chan for their support and emphasized that he did not receive the award in exchange of a TVB contract extension.  

It was understood that leading up to the day of the Anniversary Awards, Michael Tse was pegged to win the Best Actor Award. However, after a management meeting held on the morning of the Anniversary Awards, TVB decided appease popular opinion and gave the award to Kevin Cheng.

The top five finalists for the Best Actor Award included Moses Chan (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir), Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice), Michael Tse (Lives of Omission), Bosco Wong (Lives of Omission) and Wayne Lai (Forensic Heroes 3).

Best Actress: Myolie Wu
My Favorite Female Character: Myolie Wu
Extraordinary Elegant Actress and Actor: Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong

When Myolie Wu received the My Favorite Female Character Award, she did not show one ounce of joy. Left almost speechless at the podium, Myolie looked at Kevin Cheng, “What can I do? I do not know what to say! I hope that I will have a chance to be able to say more later!” Afterward, Myolie indicated that she never considered that she would win the My Favorite Female Character Award. “I was only in third place in the online poll. I also wanted Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) to win the award.” (Do you hope to win two awards?) “Hopefully!” 

The top five finalists for the Best Actress Award included Liza Wang (Home Troopers), Linda Chung (Yes Sir, Sorry Sir), Fala Chen (Lives of Omission), Maggie Cheung (Forensic Heroes 3) and Myolie Wu (Curse of the Royal Harem). Guest presenters, Patrick Tse (謝賢) and Francis Ng (吳鎮宇), gave the Best Actress Award to Myolie Wu. 

Despite being the hot favorite to win the Best Actress Award, Myolie was still very emotional in her acceptance speech. She reminisced about crying tearfully in 2006 when she did not receive any awards that year. She thanked Stephen Chan, Catherine Tsang, Tommy Leung, and others in her acceptance speech. Although she did not specify Bosco Wong’s name explicitly in her speech, she proclaimed her love for him and received the applause of the entire audience. Holding back tears, Myolie said, “There is one more person. He has always been very strict towards me. When we were filming War of In-Laws, he cared very much for me. I do not know what to say…anyhow we had a little argument last night. He told reporters that when I receive the award tonight, he will go to the restroom! However, he did not go to the restroom. I know that I have many flaws and that I am difficult to get along with. But you (Bosco Wong) also have many flaws and you are difficult to get along with as well. I hope that we will continue to support each other!” 

Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu also won the Extraordinary Elegant Actor and Actress Award, which was created last minute for this year’s Anniversary. Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) teased the couple, “The two of you need to come out; there is no other way! We are not asking you to get married; it is just to receive an award!” At this time, the artists sitting offstage shouted, “Propose to her!” and “Get married!” The requests scared Bosco, who immediately flashed stop signals to the artists. After Bosco and Myolie made their acceptance speeches, Carol teased the couple, “Each one of you received a cash prize of $20,000 HKD, so you can invite many people for a meal!” Carol’s joke made Bosco and Myolie feel very embarrassed. After the awards event, Bosco and Myolie hugged intimately onstage, perhaps their most public display of affection since dating.

Best Supporting Actor: Ben Wong 

Due to his portrayal of “Spicy Ginger” in Lives of Omission, Ben Wong (黃智賢) received the Best Supporting Actor Award. When his name was announced, Ben hugged Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) in excitement. The entire audience applauded when he went onstage. Ben indicated that he was a television series fan at a young age and quit his job in order to join TVB. He thanked Catherine Tsang in casting him as “Ah Hoi” in Kindred Spirit, establishing a good foundation in his acting career.

Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan

Sharon Chan (陳敏之) won the Best Supporting Actress Award for her performance in Ghetto Justice.  She cried tears of joy upon receiving the award, hugging godsister, Christine Ng, as well as Fala Chen, Tavia Yeung, and Myolie Wu. Felix Wong (黃日華) was the guest presenter who gave the award to Sharon and jokingly handed her a tissue to wipe her tears. Sharon removed her heels and continued to cry, “Many thanks to TVB for taking me in at one of the lowest points in my life…. I also have to thank my father who is now in Heaven. I will continue to work hard!”

Most Improved Actor: MC Jin

Each year, the winner of the Most Improved Actor Award was heavily promoted by TVB. MC Jin hugged Michael Tse upon the announcement of his name. Taking out a note card, he proceeded to thank the following people, “Thank you God, my wife, TVB, my family, and the audience….” Displaying his rap skills, MC Jin broke into a rap song, “Since I was a child, I watched TVB!” MC Jin indicated that his wife was currently in New York, USA and the local time was 8 AM but he called her to deliver the good news.

Most Improved Actress: Sire Ma

In her acceptance speech, Sire tearfully said that becoming an actress was her childhood dream.  She thanked Virginia Lok and was quite nervous in her speech. In an interview with reporters afterward, Sire denied that it was an upset win, “I was in first place for the online voting. I knew that Cilla Lok (樂瞳) was also another hot favorite, so I was a little suprised in receiving the award.”

Below are the complete results of the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards:

Best Drama: Lives of Omission

Best Informative Program: Water of Life

Best Actor: Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)

Best Actress: Myolie Wu (Curse of the Royal Harem)

Best Supporting Actor: Ben Wong (Lives of Omission)

Best Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (Ghetto Justice)

My Favorite Male Character: Kevin Cheng (Ghetto Justice)

My Favorite Female Character: Myolie Wu (Ghetto Justice)

Most Improved Actor: MC Jin

Most Improved Actress: Sire Ma

Best Host: Grasshopper (All Star Glam Exam)

Best Variety Show: All Star Glam Exam

Extraordinary Elegant Actor and Actress: Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu

TVB.com Popularity Award: Kevin Cheng

Lifetime Acting Achievement Award: Lee Heung Kam


Jayne: The 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards finally came to an end! I am still shocked that TVB gave Kevin and Myolie 3 awards each this year. I thought Michael Tse and Fala Chen would get consolation prizes.

Would you have been happier with the results if the “pork were divided” more equally this year, recognizing more artists instead of primarily the cast of Ghetto Justice this year?

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  1. Each year, the TVB Anniversary Awards seems to be a concerted effort to recognize only 2 primary series, with the winners largely from 1 or 2 series. This year, Ghetto Justice swept the awards in all major categories.

    I think Michael Tse should have won the My Favorite Male Character Award. He had worked hard this year and his performance should have received an award recognition.

    I would like to say the same for the other artists. There are many deserving artists at TVB, but TVB’s decision to give 3 awards each to Myolie and Kevin was too much.

    These awards serve more as employee recognition awards (exploited for marketing purposes) rather than being an unbiased merit award, thus it would be nice to recognize the achievements of other artists other than the cast from 1 or 2 series.

    1. Yes, I think they should’ve divided the pork more. B/c at least Linda or fala would’ve appreciated the my fave award. Myolie looked like she was gonna throw it in the trash.

      Poor Linda, I think she actually did a good job as miss Koo but I guess the series is not recent enough so she lost some of the hype. Although myolie won my fave for GJ, I thought the role is also quite arrogant. Even madam Jo is more likable b/c of her sacrifice.

      As for laughing, I felt bad for him and how dodo kept pressing him, hoping he’d say he has confidence to win. People criticize him for being cocky but I think he is quite humble. I think it’s just his sense of humor. Well at least, he and fala were the best dressed golden couple (from the waist up). He should’ve worn brown or cream colored pants instead of gray. And I wish fala’s dress was full length.

      Furthermore, I’m appalled that aimee made the top 5 twice. That is total BS! I don’t even like tavia but I think it’s an insult to her that aimee replaces her in my fave race. Maybe Stephen Chan really is back in power and he doesn’t forgive or forget.

      Anyway, I kept thinking after all the palace scheming series, tvb would know better. It’s not good for the king to give all his love to 1 or 2 concubines b/c it leads to jealousy and discord among the others. And why do this when there’s poachers who want to topple the kingdom?

      1. What happened between Stephen Chan and Tavia? OMG! did i miss something?

      2. She testified in front of the court in SC’s case. Before that she is under SC’s side but then jumped to 620’s side.

      3. I thought among the witnesses who testified, Tavia was quite ‘kind’ to SC with her diplomatic statement.

    2. Which is why TVB awards no longer mean much anymore. They seem to just give the awards to whoever they want to instead of the ones that truly deserve it…

    3. Is the TVB fun thing really an award? It’s like winning best dressed. Sure it’s something to be happy about, but it just doesn’t compare.

    4. I totally agree with you. I don’t like how basically 2 people took all the awards leaving no chance for others. I don’t think Myolie and Kevin should have took the fave character award. I didn’t think Kevin would get the tvb.com award. I thought Raymond was gonna get it cause of all the fans and support he has. I don’t think MC Jin deserved his award cause he’s not even an actor, he’s a rapper/singer. My pic for that award was Jazz Lam. I really think Jazz Lam does a good job acting. Sire Ma didn’t deserve her award either. I don’t think she’s that good of an actor.The 2 things I thought was wierd was that Lives of Omission won Best Drama award when actors from Ghetto Justice won most big awards and also that Raymond Lam was in none of the top fives.

      Overall, I wasn’t too satis fied or happy about the results. =(

      1. Lol, look at his action of not going to TVB award and you still think he was gonna get it :P? No attendance, no award.

    5. to be honest, i was shocked at the top 5 nominations and the results over.
      Firstly, for the Best Actress award. Liza Wang being in the top 5? Is it because she has a long relationship with TVB that she made it into the top 5 category? In the poll, Linda, myolie, maggie, fala and kate were in the top 5 category. I was shocked that liza made it into the top 5 category instead of kate. kate’s role as Paris has made her popular. it is probs more popular than liza’s character in Home Troops.

      Secondary, seriously TVB, Aimee Chan as the top 5 supportive actress? She was a guest star, not a supportive actress. she only appeared in 3 or so episodes. I sighh at that so much!

      Thirdly, TVB put Aimee Chan as the top 5 for the my favourite female category. are they trying to put aimee as the top 5 because she is moses’ girlfriend? seriously! her role in FH3 was annoying! there were other characters that are WAY better than aimee. such as tavia’s role in the truth and kate’s role in lives of omission.

      Lastly, Kevin winning 3 awards? this is like a reversion of what happened in 2009. wayne won 3 awards. they should have shared the award around. like let michael win the my favourite male character and linda win the my favourite female character.

      Overall, i was disappointed with the TVB awards. TVB really has a problem with giving out awards to the favourites.

      1. Lee Kwok Lun also made it to top 5 in Supporting Actor category and he’s also appeared in FH3 for a few episodes only. I guess guest stars also count and Supporting Actor/Actress.

      2. I’m being cynical, but I think Lee Kwok Lun made it to the top 5 this year despite his small role because he created quite a furor with his indignation over his contract renewal issue that Catherine Tsang had to personally call him up to discuss the contract herself to mollify him because he refused to talk to you-know-who.

  2. Guess that the previous years TVB is criticized to divide the pork too much so they decided to put all eggs in one basket.

    1. Forget: Look at the artists came to Toby Leung’s wedding today, funny that there are even more ppl than the TVB award yesterday. And more famous, too :P. It actually has some meaning.

  3. “Would you have been happier with the results if the “pork were divided” more equally this year, recognizing more artists instead of primarily the cast of Ghetto Justice this year?”

    No. But I would be happier if the award is given based on performance alone and based on that, Myolie’s win is unworthy for that cursed series. I cringe even at the sight of the nomination clip.

    And Myolie did not cry emotionally at the 2nd award because “Despite being the hot favorite to win the Best Actress Award” but because she probably thought her chance was over when she won the favourite award. I hated her first speech; a complete waste of time. I hate her speech about how she felt when she didn’t win for that Fei Tin (issit??) series, as if saying “You should have given this award for that performance” because she deserves none for even that performance. I’d rather she win for Ghetto Justice. I am beginning to like her less and less and since she herself confessed her love for Bosco who looked rather surprised at what she did, she then can deny deny deny if reporters ask her or act coy. Because like Mr Bond himself said you can’t choose to expose your private lives to the public and then act coy when asked about it.

    As for Kevin, happy for him but seriously, the contenders weren’t strong.

    Ben was the most deserved winner.

    “I think Michael Tse should have won the My Favorite Male Character Award. He had worked hard this year and his performance should have received an award recognition.”

    But that is based on voting and the masses like someone else more, what more can Mr Chok say?

    “but TVB’s decision to give 3 awards each to Myolie and Kevin was too much”

    That we know is the truth but officially of course TVB will say fan votes count a lot.

    I feel if TVB really wants recognition for this award, they should adopt the Oscar deeply flawed but still a better system.

    2 awards. One by fans as the favourite, etc and 1 award for each category voted by peers. TVB stay out of it.

    1. Yes, I didn’t like the first part of her speech. She’s basically complaining that she should’ve won before. It’s her own problem that she was so arrogant. Get over it!

      But the second part of the speech to Bosco was actually sweet. She’s lucky to have such a good bf.

    2. If there were 2 awards with one be voted for fans and one voted by their peers, then it would still be the same result with Kevin and Myolie winning 2 then. lol

    3. We are on the same page, well mostly. I actually have nothing against Myolie but more so with Bosco. With the way they have been though they should just admit it. Even though I don’t like them together it’s hard to pretend when it’s already so obvious. I mean it’s not like usual rumors where you can keep it low because they’ve been so obvious about it now that there is no point to hide it. It’s good that they are together I guess but I rather that not be the case.
      I feel Michael should have gotten favorite and same for Linda. Also was the awards voted by the people or TVB?
      As for the Oscars do they really do one from the fan and one from peers(as in other actors or actual judges?)?

      1. I’m pretty sure they already acknowledged their relationship earlier this year 🙂

      2. Why do you have problem with Bosco? From what I see, it has always been Myolie who denied their relationship. Yes, Bosco didn’t go ‘MYOLIE IS MY GIRLFRIEND’. But, if you read his interviews and all, he never denied the relationship. When asked about Myolie in interview, he always answered as if Myolie is openly is girlfriend. It’s Myolie who always denied it until the award ceremony where she finally acknowledge the relationship.

      3. @stranger
        Oh i see
        I don’t like Bosco for reasons that do not relate to Bosco or Myolie publicly acknowledging their relationship. Unless you are actually asking for a reason that does not relate to that. Sorry for not being clear.

    4. I wonder if she didn’t win this time, she would fell into depression again like she said she did when she didn’t win for that Fei Tin series. What is this sense of entitlement?

      1. I think she’s probably gotten stronger. I would at least hope so. I kind of watched it I can’t remember but I don’t remember it being that great. You think she has a big ego? (I keep seeing people comment on this)

      2. I agree, Kidd. This sense of entitlement is off-putting.

        There was once a local actress in my country who won all the major awards in one award ceremony in a year. She said, (translated), “Wow, if I won all the main awards this year, what else (better) is left for me to win next year?” Of course she didn’t say it so crudely but the media picked up on her meaning and caused a furore.

      3. I find that kind of entitlement annoying too. What makes it worse is that she DIDN’T deserve it back then. In comparison to a person like Sheren, it really shows what kind of a person Myolie is.

      4. she would probably jump off from the roof, hehe.

        yeah she is acting like a brat that thinks she is the best.

  4. I have no problems with Kevin and Myolie winning Best Actor and Actress respectively but I thought Linda should have won Favorite Female Character, and maybe Ruco the Favorite Male Character award. I usually prefer pork divided awards since I reckon they’re mostly rigged and I prefer everyone to be happy. However, this year, I’m just glad Michael didn’t win anything.

    1. Was Michael that bad? Although I love Aimee I fail to see her guest appearance on The other truth a real supporting performance supporting is not that little screen time. Her role on super snookers was a better performance. I don’t get why Tavia wasn’t in my favorite either I believe Aimee was also in that category. Mavis was the most mature and confident character Tavia has ever played, well done too well according to me.

      1. Agreed. Aimee Chan should NOT be one of the top 5 in both “Best Support Actress” award and “Most Favourite Female Character” award. Aimee was only a guest performer appearing in 3 episodes in “The Other Truth, how could she win the top 5 “Best Support Actress” vs. Elena Kong who did really well as 袁君嵐 in 潛行狙擊. Elena did not even get into top 5. It is ridiculously UNFAIR to Elena and many other good artistes.

      2. If Aimee even deserves a nomination for Best Supporting Actress, why wasn’t it for her character in FH3, but for TOT? *confused

      3. Yea Tavia gives Mavis “life” I like her and hope she will be given such good roles again next year. Sad that she is not in the top 5 and Aimee’s both top 5 is unreasonable.

      4. However Aimee’s Angel in FH3 is quite liked among the audiences.

  5. Linda should leave TVB once she gets the chance as TVB is now investing their effort towards Myolie, Fala and even can’t act Kate.

    Only good thing about Kevin winning is that Laughing can finally R.I.P, hehe

    1. I wonder if she can survive without TVB??? I don’t think she is capable of doing well without the help of TVB.

    2. But Linda is a singer, so if she doesn’t act, then she can be a full time singer.

  6. WoW, Marianne is better looking than many of todays so-called fadans 🙂

  7. Despite wearing such a simple red dress, Marianne Chan looked extremely stunning!

    1. I really like Marianne’s speech, she sounds like a pretty intelligent business woman.

      1. Haha, I agree!

        Since we’re on the topic of the guest presenters’ speeches, I have to say many of them this year (or even in past years) were very boring/lame. It was funny how one of them didn’t even pronounce Kevin’s name correctly.

  8. Sire Ma does not deserve the most improved actress award, it should have been given to mandy wong… she probably got it due to her wealthy background. Also agree that Linda should have been given my Favorite actress. Myolie is still a horrible actress… but honestly, there were no other strong contenders this year.

    1. I thought that Sire Ma has a lot of expression in her acting and really brings out her character.. Mandy Wong’s characters are always so boring..Like in Men with no shadow she was just in bed throughout the whole movie. At least with Sire she can play bratty pretty well. When she portrayed “Lok Yun” her recitals were pretty well done.

      1. “I thought that Sire Ma has a lot of expression in her acting and really brings out her character”

        Sire has expressions, but exaggerated ones. She should tone it down a bit. She fares better in modern, but takes forever to finish her lines in ancient.

        “Mandy Wong’s characters are always so boring..Like in Men with no shadow she was just in bed throughout the whole movie. ”

        Uh… that’s the fault of the scriptwriters? It’s pretty acceptable that Sire had a bigger role than Mandy in there.

        “When she portrayed “Lok Yun” her recitals were pretty well done.”

        I have to say she did well in the recital part since I consider it a bit of a challenge and she was able to act it out w/ some cuteness.

      2. I think a lot of that has to do with casting. Or even the scriptwriters. When you keep playing the same character it get’s boring. If Myolie get’s a evil role I’m sure people will be able to appreciate her even more. However she’s always gotten the same happy go lucky girl role. That’s why in a way Curse was somewhat of a breakthrough for Myolie because it’s not her usual type of role, of course until she became nice again. (sorry for spoilers)

    2. I totally agree with you! I voted for Mandy Wong (even though I know it was a waste of time cause the votes don’t count).Sire Ma just did not deserve the award. I don’t like Myolie or her acting either, but I don’t hate her like crazy, just don’t like her.

  9. I cant believe Cilla got nominated. Shes annoying and her acting sucks

  10. Honestly in my opinion I don’t know why everyone wanted Linda to win because she only caught people’s attention with the crying scene. Other than that her character was quite boring …

    1. I actually liked her character, although I didn’t get what the big deal about the crying scene was about. They should’ve have put her in the supporting category though since she would’ve had the best chance at getting that.

      1. I agree, Linda didn’t weren’t in much series this past year and she didn’t have any break- through roles.

    2. I agree with you. I never really liked her character. I felt sorry for her role but I never liked it that much. If I had to choose between Linda, Fala, and Myolie, I would agree with TVB and give it to Myolie.

  11. I’m happy with the results for the most part. I’m happy for Kevin, Myolie, Ben, and Sharon!

    However, there’s no “fair” way to divide up the awards. Kevin and Myolie each received one award (although I don’t count the tvb fun poll anything since she didn’t get a statue or anything) based solely on audience votes, so if they gave away Kevin’s weibo award just so he doesn’t get all the awards, would that be fair then? It was reported that they both received the most votes from the tvb.com, tvb weekly, and tvb fun app for best actor/actress so maybe they got the most votes for the character awards as well.

    When they added the Performance awards the last few years, people said it’s a useless pork award. Now that they took it away, people seem to want more pork awards? For me, I don’t mind all the pork awards. haha. I think they should bring back the Favorite Couple and maybe also add a themesong award.

    No matter how the votes are counted, people will say the results are unfair. That’s why I think it’s just easiest to be happy for the winners, and hope the non-winners just get something in the future.

    1. When did they start implementing that performance award? Is it like a best performance from one specific show? Like acting the best in “Whatever drama series” or an overall thing?

      I think there should be an award for performance in acting though. For someone or both male and female for amazing performance acting wise in a series. Scene stealing. I also agree with the favorite couple thing. The old awards was when I was a kid I didn’t even realize they gave out such awards back then lol.

      1. I think when Tavia received it, it was called the Performance award, and when Moses got it, it was called Most Professional? They kind of change the awards every year so I don’t really know when it started. It’s basically considered a “pork” award for not getting Best Actor/Actress.

      2. What’s a pork award? I think they should have a best performance but for acting ability like some sort of scene stealing actor. I don’t know but I rewatched last years nothing like Moses being a good person. Although that’s nice, I think many people would get that award.

    2. Nancy did the best in female supporting this year. Every show she’s been in supporting has shown how great she can be even if not given the role of the main character. From curse to forensic. I’m glad that she’s been nominated. My favorite definitely should have been some other perhaps Michael and Linda. Well at least in my opinion.

      1. @AC agreed. A lot of it has to do with luck. She started out with minor roles and just now started getting support. But maybe that is what makes her a better actress. I would love to see her in a leading role though.

    3. I would like the theme song award!! I also want the best onscreen couple award and as I always say, I would definately vote for Ron and Kate!

  12. i think i know why tvb gave myolie and kevin each three awards. they need a new #1 Siu Sang and Fadan. With her win, Myolie has definitely secured her spot as the NEW #1 Tvb Sister…over Tavia, linda, kate. Poor poor Linda. No pork!

    Unnecessary and excessive.

    Kevin’s speech was nice and relaxed. Myolie lost her cool…not pretty at all. I’ve always held high opinion of her grace. guess not.

    The others came just to look…pretty?

    Liza Wang. I’m ashamed for you. Did you get an invitation to a rainy fashion show? psttttttt

    1. I totally do not think Myolie deserves to be the #1 fadan. She’s only the new #1 cause this year she seemed to do good or be more popular and the amount of experience she has or how lond she’s been an actor. I don’t think she can act and don’t think she looks pretty at all. I’d say either Tavia, Kate, or Linda should be #1 over Myolie.

      I also think Kevin is too old to be the #1 siu sang, but then that’s also the reason why he’s got to be #1 now or else a few years later, he’ll really be way way too old for that. I think that any siu sang other than kevin, moses, and Bosco should be #1 siu sang. Bosco is not good enough yet to be #1, but he is good and doing better as an actor. Moses can’t act, and Kevin don’t think he’s too good of an actor, but better than Moses ( I haven’t watched Ghetto Justice yet though, so…).

  13. I’m beginning to dislike Myolie.
    (1) She was so ungracious upon receiving My Favorite Character Award. SHe thought she might lose Best Actress Award.
    (2) She complained how she should have won the award in 2006
    (3) She implicitly declared her relationship with Bosco when all these times before she kept deyning.
    But she’s a lucky gal for having a boyfriend who loves her and she and Bosco are favored by TVB

    1. Really?? If that was the case, then I that is so classless of her… She is lucky to win this time and her luck will run out if she continues to act that way. Well, it wil affect her image since people all know that she has been lying to her teeth when it has been so obvious…

    2. Myo never said or even implied that she should have gotten an award in 2006. And is there really a big problem that she didn’t seem too happy when she got the Favourite Character? She probably just thought she would be getting only 1 award (Best Actress) that night, so she was surprised since it was all hyped up that she would be winning Best Actress. Remember back in 2006 when Charmaine won both awards too? She seemed even more “unhappy” when she got the
      Favourite Character because she didn’t think she would win both awards.

      And about her relationship with Bosco, is it right to blame it all on Myo? Bosco never openly admitted it as well. And doesn’t all celebrities/artistes tend to deny rumours on their relationships?

      1. Bosco didn’t declare ‘MYOLIE IS MY GIRLFRIEND’ to the world, but, he didn’t deny it either. It’s Myolie who did the denying most of the time.

      2. @Kidd
        That’s true, but my main point was to say that it’s normal for celebrities to not admit their relationships (in reply to Wendy’s comment).

    3. “She was so ungracious upon receiving My Favorite Character Award. SHe thought she might lose Best Actress Award.”

      You can’t really blame her since besides Charmaine who won both awards back in 2006 (Charmaine actually was disappointed to learn that there is a possibility she wouldn’t win both awards), history has it that if you win one award, you most likely won’t win the other one too. And as an artist, most would rather be recognized as “best.”

      However, I think Charmaine handled the speech/situation better than Myolie did.

      1. Charmaine has always been more fake than Myolie, so I can understand how she handled it better.

      2. Not sure what fake has anything to do with with making an acceptance speech.. either you prepare for it or you don’t. What’s fake is Myolie telling everyone she and Bosco are just friends, then kind of admitting it in public, then go back to being evasive.

      3. @Nicole, that’s only your opinion. Stop sounding like it’s the truth. IMO, Charmaine seems way more genuine than any other tvb fadans out them.

    4. 1) yes I found her speech to be mortifying. She should have been more gracious.
      2) I don’t believe she did that. However, Liza did say that when Carol Cheng asked her about her choice for best actress.
      3) this is Hong Kong.

    5. 1) yes I found her speech to be mortifying. She should have been more gracious.
      2) I don’t believe she did that. However, Liza did say that when Carol Cheng asked her about her choice for best actress.
      3) this is Hong Kong. I’d be surprised if a couple did admit to being together.

    6. I didnt see Myolie as ungracious though.

      1)She was scared that she might not receive the best actress award which is normal because it has been like a way that artist who received “favorite award” will not get the best actress/actor award. “favorite” may serves as a consolation prize in some artist eyes.

      2)She wasn’t complaining. she was jsut sharing her hard time with audiences, how she felt when she was in her lowest moment of life. That’s pretty common to expressed them when you got a recognition now.

      3)Well, its normal for artist who constantly deny their relationship as long as they didn’t get caught wiht “pics” but since there were pics of Bosco and Myolie that surfaces lately on the magazines..she’s just declare it bit by bit..but didn’t mention names.

      4)I always feel it was Myolie who loves Bosco more than he loves her lol..

      PS : not a myolie’s fan.

      1. 1. Myolie was too expectant to get the other BIG award. She didn’t appear to care for this one when others could have shown a much more appreciative speech. Like Linda, for instance.

        2. An artist’s lowest moment shouldn’t be based on receiving an award or not.

        3. It feels like her decision to expose the bit by bit news about their relationship is based on her opinion only. Bosco looks shocked, as if, “Woman! I can’t believe you explicitly mentioned me! You told me to be evasive!”

  14. Disappointed Linda lost
    Surprised Myolie won best actress for “that” performance
    Surprised MC Jin wins most improved..really?

    As stated by many, looks like TVB is trying to create/build two new stars to stake their future on,

    1. Yea I also don’t agree that MC Jin is most improved. And when he got the award he goes “Oh I never thought I would win this award!” Then he takes out the sheet of paper with all the people he wanted to thank. =.= If he never thought, why did he prepare for such an occasion?? Made me dislike him a bit more…

      1. I’m assuming that statement of ‘I didn’t know I was gonna win’ was made before he was notified of getting most improved. So he probably meant it that way. Besides, that’s usually the typical intro line with receiving improved or any awards for that matter. Jin seems to be a respectful, laidback guy.

      2. Never thought he would win doesn’t mean he won’t come prepared in case, on the off chance, he did win. I bet most of the artists nominated or got to top 5 came prepared.

      3. He said it AFTER he got his award, in his acceptance speech. And he emphasised that he never thought about winning the award. “I never thought I would win this award, I really never did!” (Not word for word but roughly translated to be like that). Most people who say they never thought they would win, don’t come with a sheet of paper prepared…

      1. Larry,
        I like MC Jin too, but I think he has bigger music aspirations and TVB is but a rite of passage for him.
        So you met MC Jin in New York before? Please share your story! Would love to hear!

      2. I met him about 6 to 7 years back, on 57 St Manhattan near CBS studios, probably going to shoot a program to promote his songs. There were crowds gather around with other rap performers. So it was 10 to 15 sec eye to eye.

        I know he has a family in Flushing, Queens, NY… so it is hard to track him down there if he has a big mansion.

      3. Larry,
        Thanks for sharing your story of meeting MC Jin. I watched some of his old rap battles on BET and they were hilarious. MC Jin sure can cut down a competitor with devastating comeback lines!

      4. He is really good, surprisingly hes Chinese. Most people respect him. Would like to see him duking out with big name rap stars out there soon.

      5. I like MC more as a music show host. I remember years back he was in “King Gor gum kuk” he wore ties and shirt which was quite nice. His drama was ok at least it wasn’t too boring

    2. I agree re: MC Jin. He acted well in LOO but how can you win a “Most Improved Award” when you’ve only starred in one series and was a cameo in two other ones. How can anyone tell that he has improved? For all we know, in two years time his acting will be the same.

  15. By the way, Myolie was not saying she deserved an award in 2006. She was just saying that she was considered a hot favorite at the time and that’s why she used her hands to symbolize quotation marks, and how there was a lot of pressure at that time and hit her lowest point.

    Here is the link to the awards show since things seem to get lost in translation between text and video:
    Pt 1: http://youtu.be/tp8Rz7IaYys
    Pt 2: http://youtu.be/7nJLo7S8nSI

    1. Yeah, I agree. Myolie didn’t say it but I found it interesting that Liza did say it. Goes to show how many people do not agree on the awards backstage.

      1. It is clear that Liza thinks highly of Myolie (same way Felix Wong thinks highly of Nancy Wu). Ever since they collaborated in War of In-Laws, Liza has never hid the fact that she thinks Myolie is a gifted, hardworking actress. I actually really like watching the vets’ reactions to the wins – you can tell pretty much who really deserves the awards or not.

    2. There was nothing lost in translation b/c we watched and heard her own words.
      She said she gained and lost weight quickly for “fei tien” and was considered a “hot favorite”. But she didn’t win anything so she fell into the pits.
      That means she expected and thought she deserved to at least win the fave character award for her “sacrifice”. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she should’ve continued working on her acting skills b/c her acting was terrible and her role wasn’t nearrly as likable as the original Bridget Jones.

      1. She said she received a lot of pressure and negative comments, and felt like she fell into a pit and was unable to climb out.

        You apparently lost that in translation.

      2. I just don’t translate self-pity. She created her own pit b/c she was overconfident on winning the award and I didn’t see her even try to climb out.Instead of using the negative criticism to motivate her to improve, she decided to go be a singer.

  16. It was a seriously bad year so nobody was really “robbed”. Yet TVB still find a way to disappoint, LOL. Well played, TVB!

    Happy for Kevin and this should wash away the bad taste left from his 2006 win. Not having watched GJ, I preferred Roger Kwok in WAW though, but since it got abysmal ratings I knew it was never going to happen. That said, why give him two others award as well? Although, I didn’t care for Michael Tse’s acting in LOO, no one can deny that “Laughing” is an immensely popular character. Hell, they keep making movies and sequels and whatnot even after the character has died so is there any bigger testament to his popularity?

    Myolie taking Best Actress was so obvious that I have no idea what her sour attitude during Favourite was about. What is ironic is her taking it for CORH where she was worse than GJ. And GJ isn’t even any outstanding performance. But like the Best Actor race – boring year. Since no one else was robbed, they might as well use the award to promote the next fa dan.

    However, her behaviour during Favourite was seriously appalling and she didn’t even deserve it. Total fail-boat to give it to her when she can’t even appreciate the award. Had to laugh when she talked about not getting the Best Actress award in 2006. Sweetie, you didn’t deserve it then and you still don’t. You’re only getting it because it was a crap year and your acting was the best out of a bunch of mediocre performances, and TVB needs to promote an actress to take over for Charmaine.

    Ben Wong deserved his win. I actually felt sad because the sentiment behind these awards should be about these kinds of wins. Yet they are so rare.

    Although I was touched by Sharon’s win, tbh, she doesn’t deserve it. I was shocked when she said she’d been in TVB for 10 years already! Her acting just hasn’t improved much at all. Disappointed that Nancy or Elena didn’t win. The latter didn’t even get into top 5!

    I think MC Jin is a really nice guy but any of the 4 other guys deserved the award a whole lot more than him! Sad to see TVB forego more deserving guys for their newest money-making project.

    Big congrats to Lee Heung Kam!

  17. I don’t mind the pork awards even if they are consolation prizes. I would have preferred if Michael and Linda got the favorite characters awards. But congrats to all the winners!
    The results were not too surprising, but I’m surprised with the top 5 in all the actress categories. First, for best supporting actress, I’m surprised Helen Ma and Aimee Chan made it to top 5? I understand that TVB wants to recognize some veteran actors, but Helen and Aimee’s roles in the Truth, were, to me, very minor characters and not memorable or impactful enough to be in the top 5 for best supporting actress. I think the race would have been more interesting if they had Elena, Joyce, or even Queenie in the top 5 as I liked Queenie’s performance in YSSS. MFFC award-Replace Aimee Chan with Tavia in The Truth and that would have made more sense. Best Actress-are they putting Liza in top 5 out of respect for her? Her performance in Home Troopers was horrible! The only one that saved that horrible series was Mandy Wong! She should have gotten Most improved!!
    In regards to Myolie, I agree she seemed unappreciative of the My Favorite award. Even Kevin and Michael were worried to get the award. It’s an award afterall! Embrace and appreciate it! Because I’m sure Linda would have been really appreciative of the MFFC award. I didn’t like Myolie’s first speech. Her second speech was quite sweet, and I don’t think she was being arrogant about not getting the Best Actress awards for her “Fay Teen” role, but rather, I think she brought that up in that starting at that point, she hit a really lowpoint in her career and has been faced with many negative criticisms until she made a comeback this year. She and Bosco are really sweet. As for Kevin, his speech was okay, but I noticed that when he got up to accept the award, he hugged a bunch of people, but when he got to Linda, she tried to hug him, but he kind of didn’t hug her and the others and just went up to the stage to hug Sheren. Did I miss something, or was that kind of rude?

    1. I noticed the “brush off” of Linda and the rest of the women as well by Kevin. Guess they aren’t key actresses yet worthy og congratulating him yet 😛 My better half and I both felt it was rude as well.

      1. It looked like he was about to but was told to go and accept his award. While I might not always like his acting, I’ve always felt that he was a gentleman in real life. I very much doubt that he felt “above” hugging any colleague.

    2. i think they signaled for him to quickly accept his award. perhaps airtime allotted to winners are short so gotta hurry up kinda thing.

    3. I actually have to agree with Aimee I like her but I don’t feel her role was even a support character even Helen Ma had more scenes then her. They should have put someone else in supporting actress instead. I can’t think of anyone at the top of my head but definitely not Aimee. And about the Kevin not hugging thing I thought it was rude to but then I also realized he was hugging WAYY to many people and I don’t think usually they even allow that much time. He hugged a few guys and then a few of the girls. I think he was going to hug Linda and the rest but was cut off by time or felt like he needed to hurry it up, however I don’t know that to be a fact. He doesn’t come off as a rude person but who knows.

    4. Liza is nominated with the FLS series, not Home Troopers.

      Helen Ma is nominated with something but not ToT.

      1. Then they played the wrong series clips. I am sure they played the clips of Home troopers and TOT repectively when they announced the top 5. Either way, Liza’s performances did not deserve to be in top 5, whether it’s for Ht or the FLS series.

      2. Liza was nominated for Best Actress based on her performance in Home Troopers, not FLS. She was nominated for My Favourite Female Character based on her character in FLS. And yes, Helen Ma was nominated for Best Supporting Actress based on her performance in ToT. So Aly is right 🙂

  18. That’s what I thought…Myo never said or even implied that she should have gotten an award in 2006. And is there really a big problem that she didn’t seem too happy when she got the Favourite Character? She probably just thought she would be getting only 1 award (Best Actress) that night, so she was surprised since it was all hyped up that she would be winning Best Actress. Remember back in 2006 when Charmaine won both awards too? She seemed even more “unhappy” when she got the
    Favourite Character because she didn’t think she would win both awards.

    1. Yes, charmaine initially frowned but she didn’t say “die la!” And sarcastically ask “should I sing now?”

      Charmaine was the first person to double win but since then, Moses and Wayne have done it too. So I don’t know why myolie would worry about not winning best actress. Who else was gonna win, when there was like no competition?

  19. It the award made out of chocolate with gold dusting on it?

  20. My other thought was what the outcome of the awards ceremony would be if Bowie, who was the first pick to be “Law Ba” participated in “Ghetto Justice”? Would the series and role of “Law Ba” have the same hype as it did with Kevin playing the role? How would Bowie and Myolie’s pairing be accepted and I’m sure Bowie would have put his spin on the role too, but would he have had his chance in getting Best Actor again with this role if he portrayed Law Ba instead of Kevin?

    1. I really like Bowie but I don’t think he would be able to pull off the role. He’s better in more serious dramatic acting.

      1. I think Bowie is an actor who can really portray any role and do it convincingly. In a way, he could have fit the role better since Law Ba was supposed to be quite a bit older than Si Fu. Despite Kevin being in his 40s, he is still so youthful looking that he looks not much older than Myolie.

        I think Kevin really had a breakthrough with this role. I’ve really found him underwhealming in the past as he is either stone faced and stiff or totally overacts. His Law Ba was very natural and had a lot of chemistry with the rest of the cast, but I do think he overacted his courtroom scenes.

        I think Ruco was more succesful portraying a lawyer. He embodied the role so well, from the way he held himself, walked, his hand movements, and even the speed, tone and breath in his dialogue during courtroom scenes.

        Much of the success of Law Ba should go to the producer and scriptwriters. Kevin also seems to be so much more relaxed now. Even the way he talks to reporters is different, more relaxed. Let’s hope he continues to have breakthroughs in his acting.

    2. I think Bowie will give Law Ba a gritty edge and some sex appeal and the uncouth sort of man. In fact I do think Bowie will make Law Ba even better but credit to Kevin for pulling off the laidback attitude. Dramatic moments I am afraid is not Kevin;s forte.

  21. it’s pretty obvious tvb is boosting the popularity of myo and kevin this year with awards in order to boost up GJ2 for next year.

    when they air GJ2 in prime time, i bet tvb can up the advertisement fees a lot more, because they have their best actor and best actress in 1 slot, so the eventual big money winner is TVB.

    will icac go in investigate tvb????.. lol

    1. Lol, you are overestimating the role of ICAC :P. ICAC can’t go if there is no sign of corruption or not claim on it.

  22. What do you think about Irene Wan’s speech? Did it seem like it was just all about herself and her previous acting history or is it just me being over critical? Also, her partner (not sure what his name is in Chinese) he was so rude to Irene.. I couldn’t tell if that was his sarcasism or he just blunt infront of so many viewers at an award assembly??

    1. That was Gordon Lam Ka-tung, hes just cocky, could have gotten a TVB award back then.

    2. I think he was trying to criticise TVB, not being intentionally rude to Irene. His words all have bones.

      1. LOL. And I loved every moment of it! Felix too. But Felix really loves does love TVB. Too bad they don’t deserve his loyalty at all.

    3. oh gosh i hated that speech of Lam ga tung. it was sort of his style of speaking back then. but it was so annoying and I think Wan big har also dislike it

    4. I think Ka Tung was blunt and co-cky imo. Irene yeah..her speech was all about “herself” hehee.

      the funniest moment should be Patrick Tse and Francis Ng.

  23. It didn’t bother me much when Myolie and Kevin swept all the awards. Although Myolie may not be the “best” actress in Curse (but no one really did this year), she did deserve My Favorite Character for her role in GJ. Absolutely one of my favorite TVB characters of all time. I thought Linda was totally getting this award, it came a surprise when Myolie won.

    I was actually most excited and nervous during the Best Supporting Actor/Actress part. Ben Wong deserved his win. I’m happy for Sharon, but was totally nervous for Nancy! So happy when Felix gave her a shoutout. 😀

    Haha, Michael Tse seemed nervous and not at ease throughout the entire show. Bosco even caught his hand shaking. His replies during the interview segments also showed how nervous he was. (P.S. I really dislike his tux that evening. The light beige color looks old-fashioned.)

    For My Favorite Male Character, however, I wish Bosco won instead of Kevin.

    Raymond Lam did not even bother to attend this year, lol.

  24. Congrats to Myolie, Kevin, Sharon and Ben on their wins! I really wanted Linda to win the MFFC though. She’s been one of my favourite actresses since VOH2. :O

    I was seriously annoyed when they put Aimee in both of the Best Supporting Actress and MFFC top 5 categories. They should have replaced Aimee with Tavia.

    Isn’t weird for Felix Wong to be a presenter after he ‘blasted’ TVB last year? lol…

  25. I kind of think that this was rigged for some of the categories. I mean I loved Ghetto Justice and can’t wait for the second one, but I think that Michael Tse should’ve won along with Wayne Lai. I thought that their performances were really great in their series this year. I was disappointed that Fala didn’t win either because I was really sure that she would get it for Lives of Commission. And for Myolie Wu and Kevin Cheung, I thought that some of their awards should’ve been someone else’s. Ghetto Justice was great and all, but I didn’t think that it was needed to be recognize so much. Forensic Heroes III and Lives of Commission seemed to be the two most popular series this year, but everything went to Ghetto Justice. I was even more disappointed that Charmaine isn’t a part of TVB anymore because really for her, she’d be taking home all the awards they have. One of my favorites, Tavia, didn’t get any award and I was a little heated for that. Tavia acted in so many series this year and barely any of her series were nominated. This year’s show wasn’t that great, it wasn’t really worth watching either. Most of the actors and actresses went basically just to see others win not win it themselves. It was really disappointing to me, I liked the previous one much better. If they would have more categories, it would make a huge difference in the winners’ list.

    I hope the next year won’t be as disappointing as this year’s. The winners should be recognized by their performances alone and that’s it. I feel like that TVB just gives the awards to whoever they want and not to the people who actually deserves it.

  26. I’m happy for all of the winners. People are going to be complaining no matter who wins. If someone sweeps it, people say they should have divided it more equally. If it was divided, people say it’s just pork. The fact is there will always be someone who doesn’t agree with the results. With all the people in the world it’s hard to appease them all.
    I did not agree with almost half the winners but I’m happy for them. As the Chinese saying goes, it takes a combination of heaven, earth, and people and this year, that’s what the winners had.
    On a side note, I really wonder where Bosco and Myolie are going to go from here. Clearly the days of not admitting their relationship are over.Wish them the best.

  27. The only thing I truly disliked about the award was Myolie’s reaction to winning favorite female character award. She was totally ungrateful and looked so disappointed. I understand that in the past, my favorite female character was a consolation prize almost, and one doesn’t tend to win both the best actress and favorite female character award, but c’mon, at least hide your emotions better.

    I would have so much preferred if Linda won the award. Her character was well liked and even got a spin off because of it!

    The speech Myolie gave about Bosco was adorable.

      1. I don’t think it was just about being shocked or unprepared. She directly asked Kevin what now.

        If you re-watch this, she clearly is unhappy since she is afraid of not winning best actress.

      2. No, she was surprise to hear the announcement of her name. Clearly, she was shocked and loss of her words. She really didnt expect that with rumors could pointing to Linda won that award.

        Give her a break, that night is Bosco and Myolie and Kevin show. Good entertainment.

    1. Josie says:
      December 6, 2011 at 8:56 pm
      I wished they gave the my favorite character award to ruco and linda… Or sumone who would appreciate the award more than myolie. I was kinda pissed at her speech… As if she was too good to recieve it. At least kevin appreciated it. I honestly dint like myolie as an actress… But i like her as a person…

  28. I am extremely happy that Ben won the Best Supporting Actor <3

  29. Mmhmm I noticed that too they were signalling him BUT you can always hug them anyways like Myolie and Kevin went ‘overtime’ for their speeches too so it just depends on that exact moment if you want to finish hugging the other women.

  30. I wished they gave the my favorite character award to ruco and linda… Or sumone who would appreciate the award more than myolie. I was kinda pissed at her speech… As if she was too good to recieve it. At least kevin appreciated it. I honestly dint like myolie as an actress… But i like her as a person… In interviews etc.

  31. ok, the moment with Patrick Tse and francis ng was the funniest one imo..I laughed so hard at Francis trying to imitate Patrick and even teased patrick for being a good Player all this years LOL.

  32. There are list of artists how I wish they would be nominated and win some consolation prizes atleast:-

    1)Jessica Hsuan
    2)sunny chan
    3)Steven Ma
    4)Kenix Kwok
    5)Ada Choi

    I always felt Sunny is underrated by tvb, treating him like a 2nd line actor…

    1. Sunny as the King in CurseOTRH was really good. He sisnt under or over acted. I like the way he portrays various emotions. and he does have good chemistry with Jessica! Myolie and especially Chan Shan Chung was brilliant in the series too.

      1. Too bad, TVB only gives those they intend to Promote not those Oldies with no rate pulling effection..

    2. Agree. I think Sunny had a great performance in COTRH. Same with Roger in WAW. It would have been nice to see them in top 5. I also enjoyed bowie’s performance in ROW. Any of them would have been better than Moses.

  33. Maybe its just me, Linda didn’t get the hug from kelvin!!! when he was announced the best actor award!! haha..

    kevin hugged almost everyone but when Linda was about to gvie her hug to him..he just “pat” her back? and walk away to receive his award.. I think Linda felt abit embarrassed? hehe

    1. haha yea I think Linda is embarrassed, but DODO will be mad if KC kept hugging all of the rest..

      1. Seldom seen Linda done that, beside her Elena K and Selena stand up too..Its just me even out of time but seem professonal actor like Kevin he should use by hands signal to let audience see the polite way from Kevin, especially live on TV.

    2. I don’t think he intended that. Not that I would know. Because after Linda asked him for a hug everyone after her got up as well.

      1. Actually I quite like LInda but I guess it’s because of “time” matter that is why Kevin didn’t have enough of time to give Linda a hug. But the scene was rather embarrasing for Linda.

      2. Poor Linda! First she gets the brush off f/ tvb then f/ Kevin. I don’t know why KC doesn’t grab his opportunities. If Michael had won, I’m pretty sure he would hug all the hot ladies! 😉

      3. Maybe the cameraman was “hinting” by signalling Kevin that “hey, we’re short of time! so hurry go grab your award and be done with it” hahaha

        I guess Kevin didn’t intended to embarrass to Linda in such way…but Linda surely felt “embarrassed” though..everyone gets it except her awww 🙁

  34. What’s up with all men and women hair do? I had seen they did the same hair do every single award or special event. It is the most ugly hairdo I ever seen.

    If you look closely on Sharon posed with Ben. She exposed black underwear…EWW… if you going to an important event wearing something that short, you might as well take it off and don’t wear anything….

    The award show is just a joke. Hate Myolie in the curse movie, nothing special and doesn’t make sense on her role at all.

    She had won the award just for being wink and rolling her eyes and did some crazy laugh….And people think her evil role is better than Tavia…give me a break.

    Poor Michael–TVB is suck!!! No wonder all the talents go to Mainland. Next think you watch TVB series will look like cartoonish.

    I wonder why Supporting Actress went to Sharon and not Elena? Since someone mention that Linda doesn’t expose to lot of series this year then she doesn’t deserve to receive the Most Favorite.

    Sharon only in GJ and I don’t think it was superb performance. Maybe she was got the award because she is running naked on the street..other than that I don’t think of anything else since she only acting in that series.

    Unlike Sharon Elena she was in every series and she can take good role and bad role and she doesn’t get recognize…

  35. I must say that I am perfectly pleased with the awards given out. Why just give away awards where they are not deserved? I mean, if Kevin and Myolie deserved the My Most Favourite Actors awards then so be it because it’s the truth. Please do not begrudge them that as I think they thoroughly deserved them. I only wished that Myolie had won the Best Actor award for Ghetto Justice instead of Curse of the Royal Harem. I am sure Ghetto Justice was a runaway success, in my opinion, as the series caused quite a stir like no other series did during its run. As for the speeches, I’m sure those who had hopes of winning would have prepared in case they had to go up for their awards. It’s better to be prepared than blubbering before an illustrious audience and looking like a fool. Emotions are different. You can’t entirely control them. I can see that men are better than women over that area. Also, I think that at public functions, especially at such an important one like this some things are better kept private, like the relationsip between Bosco and Myolie, but I suppose Myolie was so emotional and brought it all out! Congratulations to all the winners and to those who did not achieve anything and are disappointed, there is always a tomorrow and most of all, hope. To end I would like to congratulate Kevin and Myolie, especially Kevin as even through his “dark” days I never lost hope that he would shine again, given the right role for a series with a good storyline and brilliant script. Ghetto Justice was just made for him though it nearly eluded him had the 2 or 3 actors considered for Law Ba accepted the offer made to them. I am so glad the did not!

  36. It appears Myolie fan in here. Why trying to make up for her and find excuse for her?

    It’s a competition, regardless of the outcome and what reward. You still have to appreciate what was given to you.

    With that kind of behavior/attitude no wonder she has no class.

  37. Myolie deserves it.

    She acted well in all the three series this year.

    With Chi Lam show too.

    She finally gets the award after so many years of slogging.

    All the best.

    But the speech on Bosco was really touching.


  38. 1. Myolie should be embarrassed reacting the way she did. I almost wished she hadn’t win for Best Actress. (But heck, there was noone else). Be gracious and show some class!

    2. Why do TVB presenters always come so unprepared with their comments and speeches? Marianne Chan was the only one who sounded intelligent. Her speech was well thought-out and relevant. All the others were just awkward.

    3. Happy for Ben! A bit sad for Michael Tse, Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu. This is the 1s time I wished TVB divided the pork. No consolation prize like ‘Most Professional’ award?

    4. Sire Ma and Aimee Chan?? Most undeserved to win and undeserved to be even nominated.

    5. Glad no sight of Lam Fung and nothing for Linda Chung and Moses!!

  39. Congrat Kevin…..He totally deserved it.
    I dun understand why TVB gave out so many awards to Myolie? Dun deserved at all. Myolie not professional when received My Favorite Female Character, Myolie SUCK. TAVIA the best but TVB just ignored her talent. TVB SUCK.

    1. TROLL!!! You’re probably not Myolie’s fan, but definitely a Tavia’s hater. Your comment says it all. Why so obvious?

  40. I didn’t watch it. Are the fashion the stars wore that evening anything interesting?

    Would be nice to see some photos of what the ladies wore…

  41. I know this is a different case, but isn’t it ironic? In some years, if TVB were to actually divide the “pork” equally, there would be complaints about how it is unfair and unjust. While this year, TVB didn’t even divide anything, and there is still topics about how it wasn’t fair for others.

      1. Yeah, people think it’s unfair if they dislike the winners, yet fair if they like the winners.

  42. Did anyone notice Ron sat awkwardly next to Ruco, kind of like giving him the shoulder?

    Besides that, Ruco and Mandy Wong deserved awards!

    1. Ron seems “cold” towards newcomer Ruco or Ron is just “expressless” aka Wood even in his true self. Not sure. But he didn’t associate much with Ruco it seems.

      1. Yeah, what’s up with that? I noticed it too. Ron was almost taking over a part of Ken Ma’s seat and I wasn’t even aware that they were such good friends, showing up as a pair on the “Chok Chok” catwalk on the Anniversary Celebration and now sitting next to each other in the Awards Ceremony.

      2. LOL, bc Ruco has real talent and his stock is rising fast while wooden Ron has already reached his potential and there is only one way and that’s downhill.

        Ron’s will soon have to play 3 line characters…

  43. Linda, Fala, Tavia etc… they are all new comer to TVB, TVB is promoting the senior actors and actresses simple as that ! Just like other commercial companies do they promote you from an executive to a manager if you work less than a year or 2 and you are so new to the company of course your senior will get mad. Is all your length of working experiences and your services to the company.

  44. This is Myolie’s year. It’s funny but when stars get big, their looks change to become more beautiful too.

    GJ and The Colorful World of Sister Fa is just screened on my country’s channels now. Yeah, yeah, I know we are slow…

    I noticed how much more beautiful Myolie looks now compared to maybe 2-3 years ago. Maybe she lost the baby fat and the weak chin. Her looks are classically beautiful and mesmerizing now, like Michelle Yim.

    Raymond Lam’s looks have also morphed. He reminds me of Huang Xiao Ming now, and you know HXM is like the standard template for Chinese good looks.

    1. “It’s funny but when stars get big, their looks change to become more beautiful too. ”

      Because when they become big, they will and can afford to spend money on better ‘packaging’. Joey Yung is a great example. (plus a few things done I’m sure). But I would not call Myolie (or Joey) beautiful – just that they look a lot better. Popularity can boost one’s confidence and confidence makes one more attractive.

  45. It is awesome that Grasshopper won Best Host Award for they really deserved it!!

    1. Yeah tat’s right, but All Star Glam isn’t a good show at all. I’m happy for them to win best host but I did hope Chok Chok Chok won over All Star Glam.

  46. I just saw the show. Reading about who said what and the comments made by others doesn’t do justice to the show nor the actors.

    Many people criticized Myolie’s speech when accepting the best actress award because people misinterpreted (IMO) that she felt that she should’ve received the award in 2006. People commented that she was arrogant and ungrateful.

    I don’t think she meant it that way … I think she was expressing how much this award meant to her because of her ‘loss’ in 2006, when at that time she was supposed to have had a good chance of winning. She mentioned her journey from that low point forward and how she felt now, winning the award. I thought her speech was really good, especially the part where she mentions Bosco and when she says at the end that they will support/put up with one another (nice play on word.) Very sweet and you can see that she really meant what she said and it was not for show.

    BUT, one bad point about her speech was that she did not mention Lisa Wang. It was awkward especially when Lisa and some others actually thought she was talking about her when she mentioned that someone on Wars of the In-Laws was really strict with her. She should’ve mentioned Lisa since Lisa helped her so much and really seemed to care for her and want her to do well.

    On top of that, her reaction to winning the Favourite Character Award was terribly ungraceful (yet, honest), tactless, and ungrateful.

    I must say though, I’ve seen Myolie in a number of live settings and she has never been witty nor good on her feet. She always puts her foot in her mouth with her actions/words. After being in the industry for so long, she has not improved in that respect at all.

    1. lol I agreed with you on the part where Myolie forgot to mention Lisa Wang. At first, I really thought she meant Lisa when she mentioned about someone was strict on her blah blah..but who would have guess that she actually meant Bosco!..Also, she forgot to Hug Lisa when she hugged everyone except her when she was announced the best actress. I guess she was just too surprised until she forgot all these courtesy..Hopefully Lisa will understand.

      1. Wait!! I thought she meant Liza and then the toilet part is Bosco!

      2. No funn, she meant Bosco all the way from filming the my mom inlaw series till toilet part! kekekeke. I also thought she meant liza cuz the camera angle were showing Liza but when she said “this person who also told the Press yesterday..bla, bla”..then only ppl realize she was talking about Bosco all along..

      3. Molie didn’t mentioned Liza cos she is not a simple person to mess with by the way she is respecting her !

  47. TVB 2011 award really really lousy on this year…..not fair at all. why the ugly actress (Myolie) can get 3 awards??and why Tavia, Fala and Linda even can’t get 1 award???

    1. Why can’t Myolie get 3 awards if she is better than Tavia, Fala and Linda?

    2. Wow, people who are ugly can’t win awards? So MOST deserving best actress of all time must have been Gigi Lai.
      Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you think myolie is ugly? I think Tavia is ugly after she messed up her face. So in the future when tavia wins, I can say tavia can’t win as she’s ugly uh?

  48. TVB sucks…pls define.. most Fav female character… does anybody remember what is Myolie’s Character name in GJ? Everyone only knows LawBa.. but nothing mention about her name in anywhere. My kids cant even recognise.. while they can call Ms. Khoo, Ms. Ho, Gung jue when they see certain people…. A Character is well liked when people only remember your character name and not your real name… all said…

      1. Ms. Ho is Florinda Ho, Joel Chan’s gf, daughter of Stanley Ho!

    1. Actually Myolie and Sharon’s names in the show are easy to remember. Wong Si Fu and Ho Lei Jing as they are plays on similar sounding chinese words.

  49. Overall, II was really disappointed with the entire award ceremony. Why was the red carpet walk so short? Shouldn’t the nominees/attendees spend more time showing off their clothes and jewelry? And, why wasn’t there a Best Director and Best Storyline/Script category?

    Quick question for those of you, who may know the answer. Why were Ron Ng and Ken Ma so stiff in the Anniversary Celebration and the Anniversary Awards? They’re pretty good on screen in some of their dramas, but they seemed frightened by the massive crowds in front of them. Even their lines seem unnaturally recited or poorly rehearsed. Just curious as to what’s wrong with them.

    1. They don’t have Best Director because one drama series have several different directors. They don’t have Best Script because they probably think it could be included in Best Series. Plus, the audience are not interested in watching these. From the production crew, only the names of the producers are well-known to the public, not the directors, scriptwriters, etc.

    2. You have to watch TVB bloated infotainment program “Scoop” <> that day was an hour special for the inside scoop and preview of the award show.

      They dont have best script because this year TVB series are all garbage!, Eunice has better explaination.

      Ron and Kenneth, probably did not go through rehearsals enough time. TVB has very strict time constraints.

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