Teens Behind Anti-Asian Attack in New York Arrested

Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) and MC Jin’s (歐陽靖) $30,000 reward fund worked.

In July, two individuals in Brooklyn, New York City attacked an elderly Chinese woman and set her back on fire. Fortunately, the Cantonese-speaking victim—now 90 years old—was able to put out the flames quickly and did not suffer any burns.

The attack made international headlines, spurring outrage in the community and the greater Asian diaspora. Celebrities Daniel Wu and MC Jin jointly offered $30,000 for information leading to the perpetuators’ arrest. This week, New York officials confirmed that they have arrested two 13-year-old boys allegedly behind the attack. As they are both underaged, their names were not revealed to the media. Both were charged with third degree assault.

Daniel shared the news of the boys’ arrest on his Instagram. He wrote, “Not sure I agree with that charge as lighting someone on fire seems pretty intentional to me. Although the two have been caught there are still anti Asian hate crimes that are going to be ignored.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. So evil at such young age. I’m feeling hopeless at all those horribly influence parent and those young kids choosing to be on the hateful side of life.

    1. @sunnysun
      Honestly, you cannot always blame the parents as some have good parents and are raised well but end up being bad anyways. I guess that is an argument of nature vs nurture. I feel it is generally a combination of both but it still depends on the individual. But yes, it is sad that they are still so young but yet so evil. Hope they change for the better before they commit even worse crimes.

      1. @hetieshou Unfortunately in my country here, a lot of parents, teachers and religious preachers actually give hate speech to their children, students and followers. Those kids grow up hating people with different religion. Some even brainwashed to the point that it’s alright to rape or kill people if they have different religion because they’re enemy

      2. @windy
        Wow really? Which country are you from? I find that so sad and that should not be allowed. I admit that I was a bit brainwashed by my late parents when I was a child. But as I grew up, I began to wonder if anything my parents said was even true. I then began to think for myself and not let religion or anything think for me. However, I still believe that if you were born with a good character then you would not become that bad in spite of living in a bad environment. But it still depends on the individual.

  2. so evil at such a age, better off keeping these sadists from society letting them out will very likely cause greater and bigger crimes in the future.

  3. Oh good that’s what they get for being evil and too bad the world don’t get to see their evil face see what kind evil people they are. Sometimes I think it has to do with movies such as rated R?

  4. I was shocked when they said it was two 13years old boys in the video they i thought they were mens I live in NYC and i could say teens nowadays dont know what is respect there like a wild child running loose causing havoc in asians neighborhood once they get caught parents come out to say there good kids………. do the 2nd generation s parents give them to much freedom spoiling them with gifts back in my time my mom would’ve whoop my ass with a broom i dont dare to mess with her

    1. these teens will not dare to go into the hood only mess the elderly who cant defend themselves or with ppl that wont say a word due to language barriers =(

  5. This is a neighborhood where Italian Americans from the mafia openly say racist things about Asians, blacks and Latinos. And they all play the same card James Hilbrant plays.

    1. @oyyyy
      i’ve heard that italy is a pretty racist country. don’t know if anyone could attest to that. but then i heard so if pretty much the rest of europe to asians.

  6. Only 13 years old and evil enough to carry out an actual act of setting someone on fire deliberately. What are the probability these teenagers will grow up being useful to society?

  7. just noticed that the charge is fairly light, a third degree assault not even being charged with murder/attempted. google shows max of one year in jail and 1000 penalty. given that they are kids, they’d probably be just serving community service for all that.

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