2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant Turns into “Mean Girls” Fight!

Above: 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant contestants, Roxanne Tong and Melanie McAndrew.

Due to the fierce elimination rounds implemented in this year’s 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, this may have unwittingly set up rivalry among the contestants. Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) was rumored to be an unhygienic bully, tossing her underwear briefs haphazardly in a London hotel room. Roommate, Melanie McAndrew (李渼琦), picked up after the mess and filed complaints against Roxanne. As the accusations over the “mean girl” grew stronger, TVB ordered immediate silence among the contestants.

Is Roxanne Tong a “Mean Girl”?

While shooting in London for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, Melanie McAndrew and Roxanne Tong were assigned as roommates at the hotel. According to Melanie, Roxanne often threw her underwear briefs all over the room. On one occasion, Melanie even picked up the underwear briefs in order to sort the messy room.

Roxanne allegedly countered by placing a wet towel inside Melanie’s bag. Although Melanie did not cry over the incident, it made her extremely sad. Scared of staying in the same room as Roxanne, Melanie complained to the Miss Hong Kong Pageant staff and asked to change rooms. Melanie indicated that the other contestants were nice, with the exception of Roxanne treating her poorly.

Xaviera Yau (尤蔭蔭) reinforced Melanie’s story. Xaviera said, “The Miss Hong Kong Pageant selects beauty and intelligence. I feel that it is important for the winner to have some ethics at least. It takes time for you to see others’ intentions. Later, you will see who lacks ethics!” Xaviera said that Melanie McAndrew possessed a very pure personality, which made her a frequent target of bullying.

Roxanne Tong Denies Being a Bully

In response to Melanie McAndrew’s claims that she was a bully, Roxanne Tong was surprised. Roxanne said, “I truly did not bully her! She and I are team leaders and we are both young. I often ‘look after’ her. I do not understand why Xaviera Yau made such statements against me! I feel helpless!”

Another possibility was that Melanie McAndrew and Xaviera Yau spun their story together to target Roxanne. Asked if she thought this was likely, Roxanne said, “I do not wish to say this about them. But I truly did not do this. I did not have any problems getting along with Melanie.”

Roxanne added, “Why did she feel that I had bullied her?” Roxanne denied that she haphazardly placed her underwear briefs in the hotel room. Roxanne’s uncle, Kent Tong, also denounced the rumors to be completely false.

TVB Orders Silence Among Contestants

Two camps have reportedly emerged, with “Hot Favorites” versus “Overseas Candidates” taking hold.  Allegedly, Jacqueline Wong was a gossip magnet and had started the rumors that Roxanne Tong had bullied Melanie McAndrew. Jacqueline denied this, noting that she only heard about the incident but did not witness it herself.

After Melanie McAndrew changed to a new room, she and Xaviera Yau no longer commented on the rumors revolving around Roxanne Tong. However, Roxanne admitted that she had cried her eyes until they turned puffy over the recent claims that she was a bully.

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant personnel denied that the panel had ordered the contestants to stop making press statements over the incident. The panel stated that the contestants did not fight with each other.

It was also announced yesterday that Melanie McAndrew has advanced directly to the finals night of the 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant, along with hot favorites Cynthia Tsang and Carat Cheung. The three women have received high points due to their good performances thus far.

Source: Ming Pao

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Jayne: This year’s Miss Hong Kong Pageant is very gossip heavy! It has been successful in replicating this aspect of “America’s Next Top Model.” 

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  1. Well, it doesn’t surprised if Roxanne turned out to be a bully, her face also doesn’t look “simple” to me. She seems lkike someone full of schemes.

    1. Which means she is perfect material for TVB, haha…

      1. haha yeah just perfect for tvb to fight for fadan status later hehe.

        I think TVB will give her role even if she lose out in the competition.

      2. Yeah right!! Roxanne is a perfect substitute to Tavia Yeung ……….and Melannie is definitely a perfect material in innocent category…

        I’m very interested to see Roxanne appears in the series fighting for boyfriend and torturing Melanie!!!

      1. Werd.

        I have had personal experiences with seemingly simple looking girls with evil, malicious, and scheming personalities…and the ones who don’t look simple who turn out to be quite easy going 🙂

        Peoples’ faces are not good indicators of character despite what we want to believe. Too bad we don’t have video intros of each Miss.

      2. Looks can really be deceiving so yea, we should not always judge someone by their looks. There are times that looks do really show how a person is, but at many other times, not really.. We also should not judge a person too early if we don’t know much about them yet because we can often be wrong.

    2. Maybe they picked that photo to match the report.

  2. Miss Hk this year sure has a lot of drama going on. I feel as if the reports are blowing the news out of proportion. I read on another article that Melanie even stated that she didn’t think she was bullied. I think it may have been culture clash, she has a straight forward personality and just answered the press, she probably did not know it would turn out like this. She only reported it to the committee because she didn’t want to complicate things, the news was just brought up to her from the press and she answered them. Then the reports went insane, hence the fan war.

  3. with a quick glance melenie looks like Carmen Lee.

  4. Roxanne Tong could be a bully. She knows that she has the backup from her uncle, Kent Tong, who was a TVB artiste in 1980s. No matter she wins or not, she will be recruited by TVB as an actress since she is already considered as a “hot participant”.

    1. I agreed with u, Roxanne will definately recruite by TVB due to kent Tong.
      She look nasty too and seems to be very proud of herself due to her uncle n family background. I dislike such mean girl.

      1. Kent Tong actually doing quite well in China, he focus in china since his famous ex gf actress commit suicide.
        He married 3x with 6 kids.

      2. Kent only married 2 times not 3 times. Also, who knows if his ex committed suicide or not? if she did, I don’t think it was because of him…I also don’t think he is a pariah at all. Many close to him and even ones that don’t know much about him do NOT consider him a pariah at all. I think the ones that do are those die hard Barbara fans that are close minded.

      3. His ex barbara I’d commit Suicide. Even those that are close to kent has indirectly said Barbara has committed suicide because of kent. But I do agree that kent is not a pariah. He’s was one of the first batches of hong kong artists that made a name for himself in china. Unlike those that can’t act and only has good looks thats a pet under 620.

      4. His ex barbara Did commit Suicide. Even those that are close to kent has indirectly said Barbara has committed suicide because of kent. But I do agree that kent is not a pariah. He’s was one of the first batches of hong kong artists that made a name for himself in china. Unlike those that can’t act and only has good looks thats a pet under 620.

      5. Honestly, even if she did commit suicide, I don’t think it was because of Kent… I was talking to her ex boyfriend that she dated for 5 years before she went to Hk. He said that had problems with her family and all BEFORE she met kent or came to Hk so her suicide was definately not because of kent. I don’t know who you are referring to, but how would they know for sure?? Even her boyfriend who had known her for many years is not sure…

      6. Of course, Kent Tong is a famous good actor. Do you know what is he good or famous at? We all guys like him because he’s very famous in CAT III films where he usually portrays as a pervert or professional silent rapist.

        Since this Kent Tong doesn’t actually have a good innocent impression, I do NOT believe if he could ever produce ever a nephew with a naturally good & innocent personality.

        They both look evil, nasty scheming to me!!

      7. Felix and micheal have both indirectly admitted that she committed suicide because kent was being a flirt with other girls. It was a sensitive topic back in the day and people wouldn’t talk about it. But nowadays people are more understanding so thats why those two have admitted to the reason behind the suicide. Micheal has even said that she wasnt intentionally going to suicide, but it was a tactic to scare kent. If this interview was written in a magazine or online i wouldnt believe it because The words could be twisted. But i heard micheal actually talking about it in person in an interview. People in Hk hated kent so much he had to leave Hk.

      8. That’s probably because you only watch tvb series and Hk film. Do you have the same personality as your mother and father? Why can’t a niece be innocent when the uncle might not be? A rapists niece must be a rapist too? What a horrible mind set. So closed mind.

      9. @harley,
        Honestly, I do not think that even Felix and Miu know the entire story. What you just said sounds exactly what a fan or just a normal outsider would believe and assume. I even heard some that claim to know Barbara personally even said that she was not even close to Miu or Felix and only considered them as her co stars only. They even said that Barbara claimed that she had no true friends in the circle. Even if they were close friends if hers, that does not mean that they know the true story and what really happened. Also, even if she did commit suicide, I do not think anyone should blame Kent for it since was a choice that she made so it is not like Kent murdered her. If he did murder her, that is a different story. Anyways, this is all the past now, therefore, I think everyone should just move on since life is short.

      10. @HieTieShou – I think Barbara was pretty close to Felix and Michael. In an interview with Stephen Chan on “Be My Guest”, Michael was in tears when he mentioned Barbara. He also mentioned that Kent and Barbara were still dating (or just broke up, I don’t remember exactly) around the time she committed suicide. The Fiver Tigers (minus Kent Tong) were the pallbearers at her funeral.

        Barbara was most likely also suffering from depression. Her suicide was unfortunate. I don’t think anyone should be blamed for it.

  5. wow, melanie is really pretty. i wonder how her chinese is. if she is fluent, definitely has a good chance.

  6. Whether she is a bully or not, not sure since Melanie isn’t saying anything (but I do think that Roxanne is aggressive, since she is already exposed to the entertainment industry). More importantly this article did prove Roxanne as a hot candidate for the crown and other girls are threatened – hence fueling the rumors.

    Melanie is pretty! Wonder how’s her Chinese speaking skills.

  7. My favourite, Tracy Chu didn’t have bad rumour yet. So, I’m happy. 🙂

  8. Melanie is very pretty
    Roxanne got a bigger tummy than the rest

    1. Weird?? Then what’s the definition of a figure that is normal? How is one to judge whether someone’s body is weird, normal, or perfect? Everyone’s body is different.

    2. Vivien, I think your comment is too generic. I’ll understand better if you be more specific of hers.

      I guess I have to touch her body and carefully analyze her physical part by part careful in order to come up with a fair, detailed & reasonable assessment of her body.

  9. It’s too hard to judge too quickly, waiting for their personal updates on this issue. If TVB will allow them to speak up…

    1. Both roxanne and melanie have spoken up about it. Roxanne was through interview with reporters, so don’t know how accurate that will be. Melanie posted an update on her fanspage, presume it is about the issue.

  10. Xaviera Yau commented, where is Melanie’s comment?

    Look from other aspects, who is really mean girl (or girls) then Txb is the one who has benefits out of all.

    1. I’m suspicious about xaviera Yau the most. It’s also interesting that she looks like a hybrid of Kate and Vicki.

      1. If you can analyze her face, Xaviera Yau is a very exquisite cheerful person but fill with lots of unbelievably plots and motives. Roxanne is a very direct person whose motives are easily revealed to a naked eye.

        If Roxanne is to fight with Xaviera, I highly doubts she might win!!

      2. Xaviera is a complicated one.
        She was the one that started the bullying topic to the press. In which the press asked Melanie about the topic on their second last day. Though Melanie stated that she didn’t get bullied, but did not appreciate Roxanne’s poor grooming behaviors.

    2. Yeah, melanie updated on her official fanspage. It sounds pretty sincere to me, I think the media just twisted her words to blow up the headlines. Poor her, she got a lot of hate comments all over her page.

      1. http://misshk.tvb.com/2012/fansbook/melanie

        its where all the official updates and voting is. In contrast to Roxanne’s fanpage, she’s got it alot worse. Roxanne’s fanpage seems to be quite clean, but her fans have gone to attack Melanie’s fanpage in nearly every single picture. TVB has tried to filter most of the negative comments already on her page because it became too much of a spam.

  11. Personally, I think the girls should talk it over a bottle of scotch and get on with it.

  12. Never be betrayed by an innocent face of a woman. You’ll never know what she hides under that innocence.

    1. HK media said Christy Chan did plastic surgery under that innocent face of hers, besides netizens saying she curse and rough

      1. Christy Chan has alot of gossip about her going on right now. So much drama.

      1. A person’s innocent look can be deceiving but if a person does not possess an innocent look is even 10x more deceiving!!

    1. I don’t find that her great looking either, however, I don’t think these pageants should be based on looks alone anyways. Honestly, not sure if these rumours are true or not. However, even if they were true, you also wonder how much salt and spice has been added to make it sound even worse than it actually is…

  13. roxanne tong will win because of her uncles and background. she looks plastic but no one cares- since connections will get her there as a tvb actress anyways. i’m not surprised she is a bully- there are many stories of her… you guys should do a human flesh dig

    1. If she does win the crown, I think it will be because of connections and nothing else…

  14. It is a bit to hear all this. I remember in the past how the contestants were all supportive of each other and at least appeared to be decent friends. Not sure if it was all an act but at least it was not this bad.

  15. Meant to say “a bit sad”, oops forgot the word “sad”.

  16. Wow, so much drama aready. Roxanne definitely could be a bully, and knows that she’ll have her uncle as a backup. But again, this could also be Melanie and some other girls’ scheme to somehow bash Roxanne, since she’s such a favourite.

    1. Yea, it can go both ways so I don’t think we will all really know the real and complete truth. Not sure why Roxanne would want to bully others and give herself a bad name. The others can be jealous of her and plot against her since has an edge due to her connections.

      1. Yeah, I kinda don’t see why Roxanne would behave like a bully, even though her uncle is famous. She’s already a favourite, so what’s the point of ruining her own image? As for Melanie and them, I also find it stupid if they’re making up such things. This isn’t the right time for drama. Might as well be friends than enemies. Everything’s so contradicting…reall don’t know what to believe.

      2. Yeah, I kinda don’t see why Roxanne would behave like a bully, even though her uncle is famous. She’s already a favourite, so what’s the point of ruining her own image? As for Melanie and them, I also find it stupid if they’re making up such things. This isn’t the right time for drama. Might as well be friends than enemies. Everything’s so contradicting…really don’t know what to believe.

  17. For the one that asked for Melanie’s official fans page where she updates its here:
    It links to the other contestants too. Been a lot of hate comments on her blog from Roxanne’s fans, poor girl even after she tried to deal with it.

    1. naww poor Melanie, Roxanne has back up that’s why

      1. Roxanne has huge support in HK.
        Judging from their fanspage, Roxanne is the one on the upper hand from the situation.
        I will vote for Melanie though, I like her more.

  18. Either way, we will probably never know the truth behind it. I don’t think tvb will speak up for it either, at least they made peace, whether it’s a public stunt or not. But roxanne denied after the trip so… They probably talked over it on the plane or something idk

  19. Roxanne doesn’t look simple anyway and she got her uncle to back her up. Hope she doesnt will MHK

    1. I think she has a high chance that she will, if not she’ll definitely get a career from it or win one of the other awards.

  20. Melanie looks prettier, sweet, innocent and much more real!

    1. Very honest comment!

      ………but let me add a few words: Despite such sweetness, Melanie is not a very open minded lady and often easily get hurt by even a simple remark on her.

      1. Yeah, She is still young. I hope she survives far though

  21. The moment I heard Roxanne played with her underwweear and used it as a weapon to despise Melanie, I knew my seexisst impression of this person was completely gone!

    How can such an unhygienically minded gal be allowed to participate and win the MHK?

    This dirrty-handed person is even more scary and disggusting than such a perrverrt like Edison Chen!

    1. is there a source?
      If that’s true then that is … gross
      I thought it was just leaving her belongings everywhere.
      Also, from this news Roxanne seems to be the one in good light. Her fan base is huge in HK. Everyone seems to be defending her as being victimized more than anything else.

  22. i think rivalry should be expectd…put a couple of girls in the room… voila

  23. Roxanne Tong appears to be a spoiled primadonna who wants to be treated like privileged high society debutante. Unfortunately, her lack of social upbringing and maturation is similarly to a “hawker”. With Kent Tong, who is not any better in his character, the trait must run in the extended family. Roxanne reminds me of Chinese Lindsey Lohan…Of course, TVB will capitalize on news-worthy events to draw in more viewers and generate more publicity.

    1. You should not say that. Even if Roxanne was like that does not mean that Kent is like that. I personally don’t feel that Kent is like that, but not sure about Roxanne.

    2. I always thought The chinese version of LIndsay Lohan is Cecilia Cheung, to me, she quite resembles of Lindsay in many ways.

      1. @Funn,

        That and her feature..(maybe its just me) I always find Cecilia kinda resembles Lindsay physically.

  24. I think that Melanie said that Roxanne put a wet towel on her BED, not inside her bag. 🙂

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