2017 MHK Hopeful Boanne Cheung Admits That She’s Slow

Six contestants for the upcoming Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2017—including Boanne Cheung (張寶欣), Regina Ho (何依婷), Nicole Kam (金美黎), Angela Lau (劉穎敏), Sandy Leung (梁雯蔚), and Katrina Li (李清心)—participated in an event in Central last week to promote TVB’s big big channel app. The contestants participated in the “Miss Hong Kong Quick Ask Quick Respond” game, which was streamed live. The girls needed to answer 30 questions.

Boanne, younger sister of last year’s Miss Friendship winner Bowie Cheung (張寶兒), admitted that she’s slow at answer questions, saying, “I’m pretty slow at responding. It’s probably going to be ‘Quick Ask Slow Respond’ for me.” (Are you worried that people are going to say that you’re using your sister to promote yourself?) “No, and I think it’s a good thing. We all have a special side of ourselves.”

Mentioning her older sister’s sexy bikini look during an episode of All Work No Pay Holiday’s <打工捱世界II> second series, Boanne said, “We rarely wear bikinis, but she looked beautiful in it. My figure isn’t as good as her. She has really long legs! I’ll work hard on my diet.”

Nicole Not Jealous of Boanne

Reporters inquired Nicole about the red markings on her skin, to which she said it came from putting on sun block too hard. Asking if she’s jealous that Boanne has a sister in the business to help her out, she said, “Every girl is like a special star. We each have our own light to shine, so I don’t mind. My perseverance is my strength.”

Source: Mingpao.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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