25 Women Accuse Taiwanese Host Nono of Sexual Misconduct

Taiwanese presenter and comedian Chen Hsuan-yu (陳宣裕), better known as Nono is the latest celebrity to be named amid Taiwan’s growing #Metoo movement. The 52 year-old was first accused by a young woman named Amber Chang. Following her, livestreamer Anissa, who goes by the name Xiaohong Laoshi (小紅老師) too, spoke of her experiences of being sexually assaulted by the celebrity in a Jun 20 post.

Inbox Flooded by Messages from Nono’s Victims
On June 20, Anissa formally began legal proceedings against Nono at the Taipei District’s Prosecutors’ Office, and revealed that 25 victims have reached out to her to share their own experience of sexual misconduct by Nono, with severity ranging from groping to forced penetration. Other shocking details have also been made known, such as his youngest victim being only 15. Anissa shared that someone who had witnessed what happened, with whom she lost contact throughout the years reached out to her after she went public, and will be serving as a witness in the case.

Speaking to the press, the livestreamer shared that five sexual misconduct charges will be raised against the television host, and said that while she had filed the lawsuit in her personal capacity, other victims will be following suit to raise charges, one after another. Sharing that all she wanted at the beginning was an apology, she did not expect Nono to deny his wrongdoings — and added that his denials have angered and provoked his victims into taking further action.

Speaking up for all the victims of Nono’s sexual misconduct, she faced tremendous pressures along the way, but also had her inbox flooded by messages from other victims. Expressing their solidarity in messages the likes of “He is really too evil! Can we send him to prison,” and “Can we make sure he has no chance of appearing again” led to her deciding to fight this battle “whom everyone felt they had no chance of winning”.

Source: ET Today   

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  1. Please women, keep coming out of the woodwork, and speak up against Nono and Blackie Chen. Please young men , Please speak up against Aaron Yan. All other victims who were subjected to se*ual harassment by these men, Please come forward. It is time to heal and see justice done.
    There are other forms of abuse that can leave scarring and mental trauma as much as se*ual abuse can. All victims need to come forward, even if they are and were physically, mentally, verbally and psychologically abused as well. I know a man who suffered all these stages of abuse, even the se*ual abuse, but he won’t leave his manager. Maybe he likes it.
    There is much more to come, much more.

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