HK Director Exposed Model In Front of Crew

Joining a burgeoning wave of #metoo allegations, a woman in Hong Kong by the moniker So Li Zhen (蘇麗真) or Jade has posted on Instagram about movie screenwriter Ren Xia (任俠) ripping off her top in a unit in Kowloon in October 2022, causing her public humiliation and distress in the aftermath.

In the text-only Instagram post titled “My Imperfect Traumatic Revelations”, Jade recounts visiting Ren Xia and his company Phone Made Good Film’s Kowloon unit on an industry friend’s introduction, thinking to discuss more on filming. Recounting Ren Xia’s violent actions then, she recalled that he threw a television set onto her while shouting at the same time, and later lifted her collar and ripped her long-sleeved top in front of everyone present, causing her to be exposed. “I felt a great shame and offense, and feared I might come to greater harm,” Later, someone handed her a larger-sized top to put on. Revealing that she visits the psychologist and takes medication regularly prior to the incident, the episode has caused her great distress and led to suicidal thoughts.

Filmmaker Apologizes on IG  
Following the exposé, Phone Made Good Film released a social media statement rebutting the allegations made and recounted that the alleged victim had made a ruckus that day. They asserted that she had interrupted the conversations of those present several times and expressed provocative speech. Acknowledging that Ren Xia’s behavior had been violent and inappropriate, and “disrespectful of her bodily autonomy”, they emphasized that his actions occurred as a result of both parties’ “highly-fueled emotions and altercations”.

Making an apology on his personal Instagram for using “inappropriate violence”, Ren Xia said he had not apologized in the company’s official post, as he was the one most responsible for the conflict. However, it pointed out how three others present had exhausted all means to try and get Jade to leave the unit using peaceful methods. Apologizing for causing Jade physical and psychological trauma, Ren Xia expressed his willingness to make a public apology to her, if she was willing.

Had Accused Louis Koo’s Company for Withholding Wages
The acclaimed screenwriter had previously nominated for best new director at 2021’s Golden Horse Awards 2021 for his film May You Stay Forever Young <少年>. In January this year, Ren Xia made headlines when he accused Louis Koo’s (古天樂) company One Cool Film Productions for withholding his screenwriting wages and being shady with his Golden Horse award prize monies, under his capacity as director and screenwriter of the film A Life of Papers <紙皮婆婆>.

Source: HK01 

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