Guests Reveal Sexual Harassment on ViuTV’s “Night Talk”

Above: Koyi Mak and Anthe Au Yeung share incidents of sexual harassment.

ViuTV’s nightly talk show, Talker/ Night Talk <晚吹-啪啪 Partner>, covers controversial topics between men and women. In a recent episode, the hosts and guests discussed the sensitive topic of sexual harassment.

With sexual harassment being a prevalent issue in society, it still remains a very sensitive topic to talk about as it could bring many people, especially victims, discomfort. During this episode though, the female guests bravely relay their encounters with sexual harassment and how they dealt with the problem.

Experiencing multiple incidents of sexual harassment, Pony Tsai (蔡寶欣) revealed, “Since I’ve started working on Talker: Pak Pak Partner, a lot of people have been coming up to me and asking if I would be their SP (sex partner).” What surprised viewers and the rest of the hosts on the talk show was that some of these comments came from someone within the entertainment industry. Even worse, Pony said this person already has a girlfriend.

Koyi Mak (麥芷誼) revealed that she experienced a lot of sexual harassment after her very first movie and became more well known in the industry. After Koyi’s movie was released, people started asking her to name “her price”. The actress said, “One person was very extreme – even though I already rejected and blocked him, he found a different way to contact me. Each time, he would increase the price. The highest amount he offered was $1 million HKD.”

Another story that shocked viewers was Anthe Au Yeung’s (歐陽舒欣) experience when she had worked as a salesperson. She recalls a time when she was supposed to help a client do some measurements for pants alternation. She revealed, “He unzipped his pants and wasn’t wearing any underwear. After he told me to look at his private parts, he said, ‘Is it big? You’re staring.’”

Pretending not to see anything, Anthe went out to call a male associate to handle the client. Upon hearing her experience, the audience said she should have called the police. In another incident where someone had tried to touch her in public, Anthe used an umbrella to hit him.

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  1. I feel that sexual harassment is to be expected in showbiz. Afterall, you hear about it all the time, you can’t expect yourself to be excluded from it. People expect that u would sell yourself because in truth, many do both men and women. U just have to know that u will experience it at some point in your career if you’re in showbiz. If not, then u got to evaluate whether you belong or not because obviously u r certainly not attracting attention.

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