Sharon Chan Was Victim of Sexual Harassment

With the recent rise of sexual harassment cases in Hollywood, Hong Kong female celebrities also stepped forward to share their personal experiences as part of the #MeToo movement. Along with Louisa Mak‘s (麥明詩) admission that she was harassed as a teenagerSharon Chan (陳敏之) also revealed that she had a similar experience.

At an event promoting Tiger Mom Blues Returns <再親我好媽>, Sharon spoke about her sexual harassment incident. Working part-time as a model when she was young, Sharon’s skirt was lifted by an unknown man on a crowded subway. Regretting that she did not take further action, Sharon said, “I know he did it on purpose. That was the first time I was sexually harassed. I immediately turned around and screamed because I felt wronged. Everyone in the subway cart dispersed right away, but I didn’t end up calling the police. I was too young at the time and I didn’t know how to handle the situation.  I thought calling the police would be futile since the pervert already ran away. That incident was sickening – I’ll remember it for life.”

Following the incident, Sharon feared taking the subway for a period of time and had to use other methods of transportation. Sharon’s family members took turns accompanying her. Voicing her support for a female-passenger-only subway cart, Sharon explained, “I think males also need that, as they could be potential victims too. However, I think females need it more. Since then, I’ve learned some self-defense moves just in case.”

Will Not Use Drunk as An Excuse

Tiger Mom Blues Returns star Matthew Ho (何廣沛) said he has never witnessed a female being harassed in public. If he does come across such an incident, he will definitely speak up and attempt to help. However, Matthew did witness a drunk male almost being dragged away by another male; Matthew put on a brave face and confronted the stranger just in time.

Source: Ming Pao

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