“Lazy Hazy Crazy” Leading Ladies Talk About Dorm Life With Their Director

Pang Ho Cheung (彭浩翔) took a lot of risks for the the romantic comedy film Lazy Hazy Crazy <同班同學>, which is currently playing in cinemas. The raunchy category III film, also the directorial debut Pang’s frequent collaborator Luk Yee Sum (陸以心), focuses on the messy lives of three teenage girls, all portrayed by unfamiliar, new-coming actresses.

The film centers on three eighteen-year-old girls with very different personalities, portrayed by rookie actresses Ashina Kwok (郭奕芯), Fish Liew (廖子妤), and Koyi Mak (麥芷誼). The trio were chosen out of 300 applicants in an open casting audition. To be selected for the part, these girls had to go through a series of difficult screen tests, including a “nude audition.”

In an interview, the 19-year-old Ashina explained, “The first day was only a verbal casting, but on the second day, I had to strip off all my clothes to film a screen test with an actor in Lazy Hazy Crazy. He had pants on, but I was really naked.”

After getting casted, Ashina, Fish, and Koyi were arranged to live in a dormitory together with director Luk Yee Sum to build chemistry. The girls quickly grew close, even to the point of not closing the door when they use the toilet. “It’s a huge bathroom, so one of us would be showering, one of us would be using the sink, and one of us would be using the toilet.”

When speaking about their relationship with their director Luk Yee Sum, who also lived with them, Ashina revealed an interesting account about their director, “She usually doesn’t come home until really late. One night, she came home very drunk and said, ‘Since I’ve seen all of you guys naked, now it’s your turn to see me naked!’ We can’t say no to that! It’s only fair!”

Lazy Hazy Crazy, which opened in Hong Kong on October 29, is a coming-of-age film about three teenage girls who find trouble in their lives after working as part-time prostitutes.

Source: Yahoo! HK

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “I had to strip off all my clothes to film a screen test with an actor in Lazy Hazy Crazy. He had pants on, but I was really naked”

    Is that how casting couch is called now?

  2. urgh.. I can’t be the only one who think the director is creepy for living with them at the dorm and then got drunk and show them herself?!

  3. I don’t feel comfortable about this, nude audition really?… No wonder they say Showbiz is complicated? I find it ridiculous about the nude audition but it’s a cat lll movie after all so they will be nude on screen too? Maybe that’s why…hmmm

  4. I don’t understand why the director and actresses must live together in the dorm???? Are they preparing to debut as girl groups too??? Lmao.
    Super shady. And especially the auditioned in nude part, it should not be mentioned at all. This will be a reason for real scammers/shady fake company to tell their potential victims…..

  5. I know sex sells, but do we really need that much in the HK film industry? It goes to show the poor taste in the local market.

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