Kenny Kwan Filmed Three Sex Scenes in One Day

Artiste Kenny Kwan (關智斌) attended an event and talked about his daring performance in The Fallen <墮落花>, which is on the shortlist of this year’s Hong Kong Asian Film Festival. The 38-year-old expressed he was shocked to find out the film is in the running. Not only has it not happened before, but The Fallen is also his first Hong Kong movie in a long time.

“The last movie I filmed was As the Light Goes Out <救火英雄> with Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋) a couple of years ago,” Kenny revealed.

Since The Fallen marks his return to the Hong Kong film industry, he did not hold back. The actor-singer revealed he filmed three sex scenes on the same day. “It was really tiring, and I was sweating buckets. I didn’t even have time to put clothes back on that day,” Kenny shared. “I threw caution to the wind and walked around the set without clothes on.”

As it was a hectic shooting day, Kenny said he didn’t have time to imagine how the scenes would play out, but his intense sex scene with costar Ashina Kwok (郭奕芯) is included in the trailer. “It didn’t feel daring as I was shooting it, but after I watched the playback, I thought it was quite a breakthrough for me. I never filmed a sex scene for the big screen,” Kenny said.

When reporters asked Kenny if he is willing to be even more daring, Kenny expressed, “I’m very immersed when I’m acting, so I didn’t really think about [how risqué it was]. At the start of filming, they asked me what my limits are, and I said, ‘How far do you want me to go? I don’t have any particular concerns.’”

Though he didn’t reveal his buttocks in this movie, he’ll consider it for future roles. “I need to do more squats first,” Kenny joked.

“The Fallen” Trailer

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