Kenny Kwan’s Bed Scenes in Upcoming Movie “The Fallen”

Celebrity Kenny Kwan (關智斌) attended Emperor Motion Pictures’ opening ceremony for the upcoming film, The Fallen <墮落花>, alongside his costars Irene Wan (温碧霞) and Ashina Kwok (郭奕芯). As the male lead of the movie, Kenny plays the successor of a gang association and has many intimate scenes.

“I’m different from other successors in that I’m well-educated, gentlemanly, and polite. But I’m also a psychopath,” Kenny states. “This character is more focused on lust, so it’s quite a breakthrough for me.”

He plays the non-blood related younger brother of Irene, whose character is an undercover cop, and will have a romantic relationship with her. The Fallen is Irene’s return to the big screen, and she revealed, “My character has a bit of a delusion and later on, a drug addiction. So it’s very challenging for me. I lost four pounds for this role.”

Aside from Irene, Kenny will also have a lot of intimate scenes with Ashina. “I haven’t filmed the scenes yet so I’m not sure where I draw my line, but I think I will just film it without holding back because we can always cut it afterwards. Also, the camera can accommodate me so if I restrain myself while acting, it will be more difficult to shoot. Action scenes are already very tiring, so I will let loose,” Kenny laughed.

While he has to take off his shirt in the movie, Kenny thinks being fully clothed can be sexy as well. “I’ve thought about it, wearing fitting suits can be quite sexy,” the actor said.

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