How Irene Wan Rediscovered Love in Her Marriage

A period of separation made Irene realize she still loves her husband.

Celebrating her 20th marriage anniversary on October 1, actress Irene Wan (溫碧霞) shared her wedding photo with her husband, businessman Kenneth Ho (何祖光) and sweetly declared, “Love you always” on Instagram. Though the couple is now at a sweet point in a mature marriage, they have weathered obstacles from the start, with Kenneth’s wealthy family opposing their relationship and Irene troubled by their lack of passion.

Irene Lacks Trust in Love

The couple’s relationship did not come easy, as they came from different ends of the social spectrum and also had very different temperaments–Kenneth is the more rational of the two, while Irene is more emotionally-centered. Coming from a privileged background, Kenneth’s family was also strongly opposed to him dating Irene due to her reputation in the 1990s as a sexy actress.

Unable to take the pressure, Irene had once initiated a breakup. Furthermore, her own parents’ difficult marriage, and hearing her mom often criticize her dad made Irene lose faith in relationships.

Despite their differences, Kenneth proved his love for Irene through his steadfast actions and respecting her decisions throughout their two decades together. After the couple wed in 2000, the actress cut down on her public appearances. The two also adopted an orphan whom they named Xavier. Treating him as their own biological child, the family of three go travelling often.

Initiated a Cooling Off Period 

Three years ago, news spread that Irene and her husband had been separated for a few months after 17 years of marriage, and different press outlets scrambled to interview her. Luckily, the couple’s marriage survived the test.

Irene shared that their time apart due to work caused her to feel unloved and directionless in her marriage, while she also began to yearn the freedom of being single again. Thus, she initiated a cooling-down period with her husband, who respected her decision.

Initially, Irene felt happy about her newfound freedom, though it did not take long for her to realize that she still missed Kenneth. At the same time, the couple’s dog which accompanied them throughout their marriage also passed away suddenly, prompting Irene to think that if the dog’s passing made her so heartbroken, she could not fathom how upset she would be if her husband were to leave her. She took this as a “sign” from the heavens. At the same time, a television drama she was supposed to film in China got cancelled due to financial issues. Her husband took the opportunity to invite her on a trip to the United States to rekindle their romantic sparks.

Appreciate Each Other More

Having weathered a marital storm together, Irene has since learned to appreciate their relationship more and was convinced that Kenneth’s feelings for her remain unchanged. Praising him as a “reliable and honest man,” she admitted that she was the more impulsive party while her husband would be the one to advise her patiently whenever she faced any issues.

Appreciating the long journey Kenneth has accompanied her in life, Irene wrote a reflective post on their wedding anniversary. “It was from this day on that we spent many happy times together. Thank you for your companionship–you’re always by my side whether I am happy or sad. Although we cannot spend this day together, my heart will remain forever unchanged.”

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  1. sounds like she found a man who truly loves her. it’s unheard of that a wealthy man would be willing to adopt a son instead of making her bear one for him esp in Asia.

    1. @m0m0 true. Sounds like he is a good, reliable man that truly loves her. Not sure how old she was when they got married but maybe she or even he has fertility issues. So maybe that’s why they chose to adopt. Nice that they are both on the same page about it. They seem like a loving, happy family from the pics above.

    2. @m0m0
      Yes and she loves him too. It is not common that a wealthy man is willing to adopt and glad that they both agreed to it.

    3. @m0m0
      Yes and he is also willing to wait for her! Many cheat when married, not to mention given a opportunity like a separation

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