Irene Wan is Living in the Lap of Luxury

There is a noticeable lack of Irene Wan (温碧霞) gracing our television and movie screens in the past several years, but the 46-year-old sexy goddess is definitely not short on money. Hong Kong’s East Week recently discovered that Irene has been living a life of quiet luxury. Currently residing in a $50 million HKD Portofino villa, Irena also drives a black Maserati and recently purchased a 20,000 feet villa in Bali, Indonesia.

Days ago, Irene was snapped rushing out of the Commercial Radio House after completing an interview with CRHK. Her driver took her to the Shangri-La Hotel by East Tsim Sha Tsui Station, where she quickly met up with two businessmen from mainland China.

Although Irene has not been filming many movies in Hong Kong, she has been quietly gaining some popularity in mainland China. The re-run broadcast of Irene’s 1992 TVB television drama, Vengeance <火玫瑰>, achieved mild success in the nation. Irene became a very popular face for endorsement products, and she is a popular celebrity to host grand opening ceremonies and stage performances. The Vengeance beauty also continues to excite the public with her daring red carpet fashions.

Irene loves her job too much to consider retirement. After successfully dabbing her toes into the music industry last year, Irene is considering taking up drama production. This year, after establishing her production studio, she will take on the role as producer for the first time to produce Lonely Fifteen 2013 < o靚妹仔之微交少女>, a film adaptation of the 1989 Hong Kong film of the same name, which starred Irene and Becky Lam (林碧琪).

“I still love to film movies and television. I love to walk on the red carpet, and I enjoy the attention I receive among a crowd of passionate fans. I will not leave this circle. I am in a lovely marriage. My husband fully supports me and my job, and my son is already three and a half years old. I don’t have much to worry, so I am able to go for a new sprint in my career!”

Irene foresees a busy year ahead of her, but she still manages her time to spend with her husband of twelve years, Kenny Ho (何祖光), and their adopted son, Xavier Ho (何國倫).

Source: East Week

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  1. a few years ago, in a interview she say she didnt want to be veteran actress and want people to remember her as she is.

  2. Not a good picture of her. She looks old, scary and I see Plastic Surgery that didn’t age well with her at age 46. I remembered watching her in Vengeance. Would love to watch it again…anybody have a link to that drama?

    1. I agree. She always looks quite beautiful even at her age but above pic does show she’s got some work done.

    2. She looks so old every new picture now! I agree she use too much botox!

  3. I did not know that her son is adopted. It is great that she is able to adopt a child and love him as her own. I knew that she married someone rich and is living well. I remember her making that last series with Yu Bo in China and said that it was her last series. I thought she was retiring for good so it is great that she is back now.

    1. That’s bc most chinese movie star don’t want to gain FAT weight or lose their body shape! It’s always like that for chinese movie star, so they can always be famous.

  4. i felt like she resembled Nancy Wu in this picture. I almost mistakenly thought it was Nancy Wu.

    1. that was what i thought too. A quick glance i thought it was nancy wu

      1. that’s why many see nancy wu as not pretty hence didn’t get promoted

  5. Either she’s hecka tired in the pix or she got a plastic surgery that went wrong.

      1. it’s not only botox, if she has so much cash, why didn’t she have sheep placenta jabs instead, also having a place in europe is much better than in indonesia, right? why do some ppl need to show off? have more than enough then donate to the homeless and the hungry, giving is better than flaunting

      2. She definately used botox but not sure about plastic surgery. Her face is so stiff. I agree that she should do more charity work instead of show off and flaunt what she has… She can rich and famous one moment but poor and unknown the next moment…

  6. Oh god! I remember her! Good times watching God of Honour and Gentle Reflection!
    She’s so sexy! I used to consider her as the Sex Symbol because of all her roles she acted!

  7. why did she mess around with her face? she didn’t feel beautiful anymore?

  8. I think it’s just how the pic is taken.
    The photgrapher should be shot!
    She still look great. And nothing wrong with a little botox…lol…

  9. to be honest i never found irene attractive even in her prime.

    1. haha you are right, coco lee is born a plastic woman or did she go for it before entering the industry

  10. she looks weird in the above picture. her nose and chin – don’t look right in the picture

  11. After reading so many comments about Nancy Wu especially as regards to her looks I couldn’t help but scrutinize her thoroughly whilst watching her in the Season of Love. IMO, I thinking she has a striking face that is much better than mere prettiness.

  12. She is one hot in Vengeance and Gods of Honor. I think of her whenever I wear my off-the-shoulder tops haha.

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