Still Hot in Their 40s and 50s: Actresses Who Have Barely Aged

Above: Christy Chung, Annie Yi, and Candy Law impress with their youthful looks and fit bodies.

Young and pretty starlets are a dime a dozen in the entertainment industry, but older female celebrities who have managed to remain just as beautiful as in their youth are truly a sight to behold.

Liu Xiuqing

The winner of the Miss Asia Pageant 1991, Candy Law (罗霖) is already 50 but has recently released a book featuring sexy photographs of her slim figure. She once admitted that she was surrounded by numerous suitors, and many of them were younger than her.

Known for playing the ingenue in her earlier dramas, Mainland Chinese actress Liu Xiaoqing (刘晓庆) is close to 60 but still has a flawless milky white complexion and voluptuous figure. She was recently hailed in a Japanese variety television program as “China’s Goddess of Youth”.

Michelle Yim 4

Michelle Yim (米雪), who is turning 60 in September year, is another legendary actress whose complexion and figure do not reveal her true age. In a photograph she uploaded onto Weibo, Michelle was clad in a swimsuit and appeared to have a svelte figure. Just a year ago, Michelle even played a 15-year-old in one of her drama series!

In photos of her attending a school reunion, 48-year-old Irene Wan‘s (温碧霞) youthful beauty stood out in stark contrast to the much more mature appearance of her former school mates. Irene even starred in a lingerie advertisement recently, and flaunted her beautiful body.

Kathy Chow 15

Starring in The Empress of China <武媚娘传奇>  as one of Fan Bingbing’s (范冰冰) rivals, 48-year-old Kathy Chow (周海媚) revealed that she was once pursued by five young men at the same time. Kathy’s current boyfriend is also five years younger than her.

Hong Kong singer Dai Wen Hui (戴蕴慧) is only 45 but is already a grandmother. With a well-endowed figure and sweet, girl-next-door looks, Wen Hui must be one of not only the youngest but also the hottest grandmothers around!

Christine Ng 5

Christine Ng (伍咏薇) may be 46 but that did not stop her from taking up a role in the film, Lan Kwai Fong 3 <喜爱夜蒲3>, flaunting her bikini-clad body against that of much younger co-stars.

Having recently wedded to Qin Hao (秦昊) who is 10 years younger than her, 46-year-old Annie Yi (伊能静) still likes to call herself “Princess” and frequently flaunts her youthful looks and fit body in social media.

Joey Meng 12

The 2013 reboot of TVB’s 1994 film, I Have a Date with Spring <我和春天有个约会> brought back memories of the elegant and pretty Joey Meng (万绮雯), who starred in the drama when she was 26. Now 43, Joey looks like she has barely aged, with the same cute face she was famous for.

Christy Chung (钟丽缇) may have gone through two marriages and given birth to three daughters but that has not put a dampener on her good looks or sexy figure. The 44-year-old remains a sex symbol, even in the eyes of men who are younger than her.


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  1. barely aged is an overstatement. Looking great for their age is a definite. Also, each of these photos shows them fully made up. But what is to be admired is they managed to stay slim and nice body throughout. But the neck, hands, lips, they betray the age of a woman.

    Your forgot Carmen Lee. She looks good for her age, and also so slim.

  2. omg look like Michelle Yim (米雪)’s motionless face. She is going to get botox poisoning soon.

  3. Botox is the ambrosia to youth. Pretty sure these ladies do their share of upkeep on the weekly to monthly.

  4. “The 2013 reboot of TVB’s 1994 film, I Have a Date with Spring”

    I Have a Date with Spring is an ATV drama, not, TVB. Joey’s first drama in TVB is ‘Inbound Troubles’. Before that she has never signed with TVB or acted in any TVB dramas.

    1. @kidd Not sure about the timing or whether it was made by TVB, but I remember seeing a film version starring Alice Lau and Louisa So back in the 90’s. I think a lot of the actors from the theatre/stage version were cast in this film.

      Shame we don’t get to see Choi Hiu Yee around any more – I probably liked her best out of the four in the ATV version.

  5. Oh it’s definitely the make-up, photoshop edits and botox for these ladies. They should do a bare-face challenge like Elvina Kong did in M Club. Then we can say who truly aged well xD Speaking of Elvina, she and the M Club ladies deserve to be on here too.

  6. Definitely, the posed photos have been photoshopped. The arms can be slimmed down after a few clicks on the computer.

  7. I agree that saying they barely aged in an overstatement. Some of them just age really well and still look good for their age. I think Kristy Yeung deserves to be on the list too. She’s in her 40’s and still looks like she’s only in her 20’s. And I really don’t think Michelle Yim is aging that well. She looks old! That picture of her is highly photoshopped. In dramas, she looks at least 50 if not 60 already. She looks her age. Plus her skinny figure adds more to her age as well as her skin is more wrinkly due to the fact that she’s so skinny. You can definitely tell she’s over 50. I wouldn’t put Michelle Yim on this list.

  8. But I think out of all the people they mentioned in the article, Christy Chung probably aged and looks best for her age. She looks even better than Joey Meng who is younger than her. Joey may look youthful but I think it’s actually all the makeup she wears. When I see her without makeup, she actually looks her age but she just has really nice skin and a slim body which makes her appear much more youthful. But without makeup, she looks her age. I do think she she did really well in keeping her body to look so slim and fit throughout the years though.

  9. Cherry Chung aged a lot.

    Elizabeth Lee? What about.. one more whose name I forgot…let me think…Rosamund Kwan?

  10. Michelle Yim and Irene Wan should be off the list! Have they seen the close up pics of these Botox queens? What about Vivian Chow and Gigi Lai? Both of them look great still.

    1. @tess Gigi Lai is her own billboard. She needs to look good to advertise her beauty business. Would be pretty embarrassing if she looks old or bad.

    2. @tess Gigi Lai and Michelle Reis both aged very well. Vivian Chow kept the same hairstyle for 20 years hehe, which brings back memories of her idol image from the 1990s every time I see her.

      I think Annie Yi and Christy Chung look extremely fit for their age. Lots of time spent at the gym to achieve these results.

  11. ageing gracefully and naturally is important…minus the make up. angie chiu looks good in ‘master of destiny’.

    1. @janet72

      Nope. Angie looks good in MoD bcos of special camera lens used for her shoot. While Liza Wang uses normal lens like the rest…..

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