ATV Classic Series “My Date with a Vampire” to See Film Adaptation

Starring Joey Meng (萬綺雯), legendary ATV series My Date with a Vampire <我和殭屍有個約會> is rumored to be getting a film adaptation, with the screenwriter of the original series Chan Sap-sam (陳十三) to helm the project as producer, director and screenwriter. Renamed I Have a Date with Ma Siu-ling <我和馬小玲有個約會> after its central heroine, filming is scheduled to commence in October!

Who Will Play Ma Siu-ling…?

(Right) Actress Crystal Fung dressing up as Ma Siu Ling as part of a “Young and Restless” episode.

Although it has been over two decades since the series first aired in 1998, it remains an iconic memory for many viewers, and news of its remake is generating considerable interest. Adding to the buzz is the possibility of original cast members joining the cast lineup. Initially chosen to fill Joey’s shoes as sexy ghostbuster Ma Siu-ling, talks with actress Fiona Sit (薛凱琪) presumably fell through. Karena Ng (吳千語) is now reportedly stepping in for the lead role.

As for leading man Fong Tin-yau, the task of portraying the 100-year-old vampire played by Eric Wan (尹天照) will fall on the shoulders of  actor Bosco Wong (黃宗澤).

Fans looking forward to seeing Joey onscreen will be glad to know that while the 51-year-old beauty will not be reprising her role, she has agreed to making a cameo appearance, to lend support to her husband Chan Sap-sam.

An unexpected success, the series spanned a total of three seasons.














Sources: On.CC; HK01

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  1. Bosco does look like a vampire, but is his age right for this role? Hard to imagine anyone as beautiful as Joey with just the right spunk. They need young talent.

    I like to see Joey and Alice in there as cameos. I think it would be hysterical to see Ruco have a cameo since he was also in the series.

    1. They will be comparison for sure whichever actress they get to fill Joey’s and Eric’s roles.
      The first two installments of the series have been enjoyable and I would probably have been excited if they wanted to adapt into a movie version earlier, like a decade ago but given the disappointing remakes these years, will just see if the trailer is promising.

  2. Oooh! Actually looking forward to this! Maybe it’s because there was an article a few posts below that showed Jeannie Chan’s pic, but I’m starting to kind of like the idea of Jeannie playing the female lead. It’s been 20+ years since I’ve seen the original series and I was quite young back then so I don’t remember so much about Joey Meng’s character, how she acted or whatnot, but Jeannie gives off a cool vibe so I think she would work well as a vampire slayer. Plus her pairing with Bosco would be refreshing. I’m glad Fiona didn’t go through. Her movies that I have seen before always showed her with a very cutesy voice and personality, and I can’t really stand it.

    1. lol, i was thinking of moon since her pic was under this article. moon and joey are both tall and long legs at least look wise although lacking the acting chops. but fiona sit, no acting or look could match up to joey. joey’s got the type of looks and chrisma that both girls and boys like.

      1. @m0m0 I would say no for Moon only because she is rather big boned. Tall, big face, big bone structure. She gives the feeling of being bigger than most male leads and co-stars she’s paired with so it really is a disadvantage to her that Asian men are just built smaller and slimmer. Bosco isn’t a big guy either. So I don’t think she would pair well with him. Another actress I can think of is Annie Liu (Lau Sam Yau). She is a big enough actress to be the female lead, can act, and has the combination of being soft/pretty as well as strong/independent. I think she would be a great pick! Problem with her is she seems to not have great chemistry with her co-stars because she seems more like the loner type in real life. But other than that, I think she’d be a great fit!

      2. @gnome yes, annie liu for the role! She got the looks and acting, but a bit short compare to joey’s long legs. Yup, the only con about annie is she lacks chemistry with her male costar, except maybe kevin cheng.

    2. Jeannie Chan also starred as a vampire in Blue Veins. Ive never watched My Date with a Vampire

    3. Jeannie Chan also starred as a vampire in Blue Veins. Moon Lau & Bosco were a couple in Two Steps from Heaven. I thought they were pretty good together.

  3. Don’t know how I missed it the first time reading this article but supposedly, Karena Ng (as in Raymond Lam’s ex) is stepping into the main female lead role?!! EWW NO NO NO NO NO! She has that nasty resting b**** face all the time. Omg that would ruin the movie for me. I can’t stand her. What has she even been in? The only thing I’ve read about her is her dating life. Man, I really hope it won’t be her or I feel like this movie is ruined before it even begins! I’ll still give it a try but really hoping the producers reconsider their female lead option!

  4. Wish the original cast could be in it…… by why in the world would they pick Karena Ng don’t hey have other options what about 周秀娜 or Selena Li would like to see Fiona Sit but to bad it didn’t work out

  5. I would rather they just cast Joey, og you know is the best! And yeah would be cool if all the original cast would do a cameo.

  6. It’s not going to be the same without the original cast playing the lead characters either way, but of all people to choose…

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