[Celebrity Homes] A Glimpse into Irene Wan’s Oceanfront Home

With the coronavirus pandemic still a global concern, many are still sheltering in place. For celebrities, filming jobs have been halted or postponed, and commercial and promotional events cancelled. With more time on their hands, many celebrities are spending more time with family and sharing tidbits of their home life with fans. Irene Wan (温碧霞) is one of the celebrities sharing about her home workouts, gardening, arts and crafts, pet care, and cooking hobbies.

After tying the knot with businessman Kenneth Ho (何祖光) in 2000, the couple purchased and moved into their 2000 square-feet home. From recently shared photos, fans got a glimpse of Irene and Kenneth’s oceanfront home. The home has a spacious living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing ample space for yoga practice and Irene’s arts and crafts hobbies. The couple’s garden is also decorated with various flowers and plants.

Irene’s Rough Childhood

Although she lives comfortably now, Irene actually had a difficult childhood. Her father was a military man of the Chinese Nationalist Party. The family of 10 lived in a small cabin home. When Irene was five years old, her mother had attempted to sell her to a man in hopes of a better life for her. Fortunately, the exchange did now follow through, because Irene was too frightened. The man instead left Irene and decided against the transaction.

At 15 years old, Irene was discovered by talent scouts on the streets and was invited to partake in the 1982 film, Lonely Fifteen <靚妹仔>, starring opposite Becky Lam (林碧琪). This marked her debut in the entertainment industry. Perhaps due to her impoverished upbringing and unfortunate childhood experiences, Irene worked hard to earn money and to earn the comfortable life she lives now.


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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Irene has only been in a handful of a TVB series but she still ranks number 1 in my list of Sexiest Actresses ever..

      1. @luye
        Vengeance was where she hit it big on TV series screen and Gods of Honour was perfect to play such a seductress. Who can forget the other series Where she lead over Kenix Kwok in TVB ‘Gentle reflections’ playing another seductress ‘Poon Gum Lien’…

  2. Back then, most actors had very little education and often from a poor family. Not like today, only rich kids succeed in the industry. How times just changed. Also that might be the reason why hk entertainment was so successful back then because people were willing to go all the way.

  3. Is she the actress who was gang-raped many years ago? I’m not referring to Carina Lau’s case.

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