ViuTV’s “Who Sells Bricks in Hong Kong” Premieres June 29

Co-produced by former TVB producer Tsui Yuk-on (徐遇安) and Tang Wai-but (鄧維弼), the TV drama series Who Sells Bricks in Hong Kong <地產仔> is set to premiere on ViuTV on June 29.

A co-production between ViuTV, One Cool Film, and Media Asia, Who Sells Bricks in Hong Kong stars Ng Siu-hin (吳肇軒), Fish Liew (廖子妤), and Tony Wu (胡子彤), and follows the journey of renovation worker Ling-wu Fei who finds himself stuck in working for real estate as he attempts to pursue an estate agent. Along with a team of unlikable heroes, Fei makes it his mission to stop a real estate giant from redeveloping an old neighborhood.

Who Sells Bricks in Hong Kong targets the youth and their nostalgia for a family-oriented city. The drama features a plethora of young celebrities, including MIRROR’s Stanley Yau (邱士縉), Eric Tsui (徐浩昌), Super Girls’ Yanny Chan (陳穎欣), Jennifer Yu (余香凝), Kaki Sham (岑珈其), Yau Yik-pang (丘翊鵬), and ERROR’s Denis Kwok (郭嘉駿). It also stars veteran actors Mark Cheng (鄭浩南) and Michelle Saram (鄭雪兒).

Fish Liew chopped off her long hair to play a trans man on the show. She said in an earlier 2019 interview, “It’s an undercut, and I’ve never had my hair this short before. I didn’t mind it at all. The hair can always grow back.”


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