Ankie Beilke Has a New Boyfriend

Ankie Beilke (貝安琪) has revealed that she has a new boyfriend and it is not Ruco Chan (陳展鵬).

Ankie and Ruco were on the media’s hot alert list after the Brother’s Keeper <巨輪> costars admitted to being mutually attracted to each other and went out for dinner. However, due to Ruco’s busy filming schedule, their relationship never progressed further and they stayed as friends.

At a jewelry function Ankie attended today, the press asked her if she was in a relationship. She revealed that her new boyfriend, whom she has been dating for two months, lives in Los Angeles and works in the industry as a filmmaker and scriptwriter. Ankie and her boyfriend, who is European, have known each other for six years before they started dating.

Asked Ankie if it may be less stressful to date someone who is not part of the industry, Ankie said, “It depends on the person. There may be other stress factors to dating someone outside the circle. Sometimes these people don’t understand our work in the industry.”

In addition, Ankie revealed that she has recently signed with a German management agency and has just finished filming a movie in Los Angeles and Germany. Asked if she plans to develop her acting career overseas, Ankie said, “I’ve always been doing work in Europe. My former manager is getting married and starting a family, so I couldn’t renew [my contract]. I completely understand.”


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  1. Oh boo, it sounds like she’s getting ready to throw in the towel on her Asia ambitions. But good for her for paving a road for herself. Shame she’s not dating Ruco, but perhaps this is for the best. She’s not the type to be tied down, least of all, to a non-jetsetter like Ruco.

    1. I dont mean to say she’s wild though. She’s just a free spirit. It’s the western culture.

      1. I get that from Ankie, too. Also, she’s pretty honest in her responses.

  2. Ankie is the only real hot blooded sexy kitten in TVB. The rest are just pretenders such as Kate Tsui and Sharon Chan. I am going to miss her if she stops shooting for TVB totally.

    1. Ankie is sexy but there’re other fish in the ocean who are just as sexy if not better. What great loss is it to him? As long as he has the dough, the gals will come a flocking to him like bees to honey. Fret not!

      1. It will be very sad if they flock to him for hos dough. They will never be faithful and will break his heart. I hope he can quickly find a girl who will love and treasure him always.

    2. I sincerely doubt they had a serious relationship- probably a brief fling that’s it. Although she’s hot and sexy and every man probably lusts after her, she isn’t the serious, long term relationship type. She’s attractive and I think Ruco wants to concentrate on his career so he probably went with her for a short fling. The relationship wouldn’t last anyway.

      1. How would you know she’s not serious?
        How would you know she’s not the long-term type?
        How would you know they had a fling?
        How would you know the relationship wouldn’t last?

        Lots of assumptions there.

      2. Not sure Ruco Chan would appreciate your description of him (as a player). Don’t you trust Ruco’s selection of friends?

    3. I don’t think Ruco blew anything. Maybe Ankie wasn’t the Miss Right after all! From Ankie’s news before it looks like it was Ankie who was into Ruco and not the other way around

      1. I think so too. I don’t think what they had can even be called a fling; more like a dinner date and drinks. Don’t know why she had to volunteer the info to the press. Ruco will find his Ms Right one day.

  3. Doesn’t her face look a bit strange in this photo? Kind of bloated on the cheeks. Is this photo from that “today” event?

  4. is that just a bad pic of her. it doesn’t look like her in the pic

  5. Good riddance. Western cultural norms are largely anti-thematic to Asian values without serious compromises on the Asian partner. If you’re an ABC, you’ll know what I mean.

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