Aarif Lee Arrested for Drunk Driving

Heavily promoted by Leon Lai (黎明), Aarif Lee (李治廷) possessed singing and acting skills and had a healthy public image. Two nights ago, Aarif performed at a music event along with singers from across the globe. After the performance, Aarif was halted by the police due to driving under the influence of alcohol. He was stopped by the police and did not pass the breathalyzer test. Aarif’s music company confirmed that he was brought back to the police station.

In recent years, numerous Hong Kong artists were implicated in drunk driving incidents. In May 2011, Remus Choi (蔡一傑) had a car crash due to drunk driving and suffered minor injuries. Normally possessing a healthy image, Aarif performed at AsiaWorld Expo last night. Although the site served alcohol, Aarif did not drink any liquor prior to his singing to ensure his performance quality. After the performance, his music company arranged his assistant to take him home.

However, in the early AM hours, Aarif was stopped by the police for driving under the influence of alcohol. After failing the breathalyzer test, Aarif was arrested by the police. He was confirmed that he had excessive alcohol levels and released on bail.

Did Not Drink Any Alcohol Prior to Performance

On the evening that Aarif was arrested by the police, Aarif’s music company, Amusic’s executive, Alvin Wong (王凱文), stated, “It’s the truth; Aarif was driven home by his assistant after the performance. I also need to understand the full story first.” Mr. Wong noted that Aarif normally did not smoke or drink. To ensure a solid performance, Aarif definitely did not drink any alcohol prior to the performance. Mr. Wong said, “After the show, perhaps he drank a little bit to celebrate with the backstage crew.”

After speaking with Aarif last evening, Mr. Wong explained the incident before the press. Mr. Wong said, “Aarif was driving under the influence of alcohol. Fortunately, he was not involved in any traffic  accidents and did not injury other people. Aarif deeply regrets his behavior, admitting his mistake and apologized.”

Alvin Wong noted that he informed Leon Lai about Aarif’s drunk driving incident. Since Leon Lai was currently on a business trip in New York City, Amusic did not decide whether to punish Aarif for the incident.

Aarif Lee’s Profile

Age: 24

Education: Imperial London College, Physics major

Background: At the age of 17, Aarif attracted Amusic’s attention after he sang and performed his own music accompaniment. After signing with Amusic, Aarif was responsible as the lyricist for Janice Vidal’s (衞蘭) Morning album, which consisted entirely of English songs.

Awards: Due to his performance in Echoes of the Rainbow <歲月神偷> , Aarif won the 29th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards Best New Actor Award.  Aarif’s performance of the theme song in Echoes of the Rainbow also helped secure the Best Film Song Award. In 2009, Aarif received the IFPI Best New Male Artist Award.


Compiled from Orientaildaily.on.cc

Jayne: Perhaps Aarif had gone out after the performance and had too many drinks, fortunately he did not have any accident while driving.

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  1. If true, I hope get thrown in jail. Drunk driving is very dangerous and no excuse. And from someone at the prime of life, this is exceedingly stupid, but won’t be as stupid as when he does knock down someone. You die is your business; don’t knock down anyone. Luckily he did not. But still, exceedingly stupid.

    1. While he is one of my favourite artists, I still have to agree with you. People in a position of influence should be made an example.

  2. Is Aarif Lee’s related to Leon Lai? Wonder if they are stepbrothers or something, share similar looks.

  3. What a surprise….

    I dont think he will go to jail if he has a lot of arrests.

    If he is super clean, probation & community service, or even driver license suspension depending on how badly he failed breathalyzer test.

  4. Disgusted by these behaviors … so many of them are drunk drivers. They act like they are invincible to the alcohol or think their time is everything so instead of waiting for the alcohol to dilute itself.

  5. Oh my goodness, my dear Aarif Lee, why!? Sighs, disappointed in him, he could have accidentally killed someone under the influence of alcohol! 🙁

    1. Ah K,
      Wondering if Aarif Lee will step out himself to address the drunk driving incident. So far, we have only heard from Alvin Wong at Amusic.

  6. I hate people who are drunk driving… It affects a lot of innoence people. I ask ANYONE that is DUI to be given HEAVY PENALTY with jailtime. They won’t be afraid of the consequence unless jail time is given, even only one or two days!

  7. Ive a feeling that all of these young rising artists tend to think they’re above the law and can do whatever they want.

    Serve him right that he was arrested. Let him learn his lesson frm a hard way 😀

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