Aarif Rahman’s Popularity Increases After “The Empress of China”

Hong Kong actor-singer Aarif Rahman (李治廷) is busier than ever. Aarif’s popularity skyrocketed through the roof after starring in the Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) series The Empress of China <武則天>, a historical drama about the life of China’s first and only female emperor Wu Zetian.

The 28-year-old is currently shooting a mini commercial film Romance iclub <iclub酒店情緣>, starring alongside Chinese actress Janelle Sing (盛君) and Korean actress Lee Sun Bin (李先彬). Janelle is extremely happy for the opportunity to work with Aarif, calling him a Prince Charming.

“He’s very talented and brilliant,” said Janelle, who will be portraying Aarif’s girlfriend in the film. “He’s as nice as I thought he would be.” Asking if he is her cup of tea, she said, “He’s every girl’s prince charming.”

Aarif laughed at Janelle’s compliment. “She’s just joking, but I thank her for the praise! I still have much to improve.”

Asking if his increase in popularity has led him to have many pursuers. Aarif said, “I’m too busy. I want to know too, but honestly, I’m thankful to have many friends. Many of my primary and high school classmates told me that they were supporting my drama. I’m extremely touched.”

Aarif admitted that he has received many job offers after starring in The Empress of China, which has completed its broadcast in Hong Kong. He said, “My work has increased, but I really want to take a rest. I just had tea with my brother, sister, and mother. It’s hard for us to gather like that. I was really happy.”

Source: Mingpao.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Fan Bing Bing really helped boost his exposure by selecting Aarif for the emperor’s role in Empress of China. Following that, his impressive showing on reality show Sisters over Flowers destined him for the top.

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