Myolie Wu to Headline “Below the Lion Rock: Love”

Starring Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Aarif Rahman (李治廷) and Huang Jue (黃覺), Below the Lion Rock: Love (lit. translation) <獅子山下.情> held its production launch recently. Helmed by a veteran crew, the drama aims to commemorate the upcoming 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover from Britain to China, and will therefore be Cantonese-dubbed.

Tales of a Cha Chaan Teng Over 3 Generations

Narrating a string of events starting from Hong Kong’s handover to China in 1984, the drama will showcase heartwarming tales at a Hong Kong style café passed down for generations. Besides the expansive storyline, the strong crew of veterans including producer Lee Kwok Laap (李國立), director Ng Gam-Yuen (吳錦源), and critically acclaimed screenwriter Ella Chan Po Wah (陳寶華) is another draw.

Focusing on Chinese entertainment since leaving TVB, Myolie had confided at the start of the year about her difficulties securing lead roles in China. Being confirmed for the role is surely happy news, and she will be able to speak her lines in Cantonese too!

As lead actress Myolie shared, “Ten years ago I had a fleeting encounter with producer Lee, and am glad to work with him after a decade. As for director Ng, he was behind my first-ever Chinese drama Beauty’s Rival in China <美人心計>. Also, everyone knows what a great scriptwriter sis Bo Wah is.”

Set against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s tumultuous socio-cultural changes, the story will play out at the cafe, showcasing the stories of three multigenerational families while weaving in this unique part of Hong Kong culinary culture.

While it will be Myolie’s first time working with Aarif and Huang Jue, she was delighted to find out that Huang Jue could speak Cantonese, especially since the drama would be filmed in the lingo. Aarif, on the other hand, also impressed the actress with his good command of Mandarin, another plus point for Myolie, who is satisfied with this “tall stature and fairly good acting.”

As the story is set to span over three decades from 1984 to 2021, Myolie will be challenged to portray the transformation of her character from youthful to mature woman, for which she will need more detailed discussions with the producer. Having wrapped up filming for a medical-themed series recently, Myolie updated fans that she will be spending time off with her family in Hong Kong, before filming for the series is set to commence in China.

Source: HKet

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  1. To be very honest, for Myolie to get a lead role in any Chinese drama at her age and her ability is really very rare… If she thinks moving from TVB to China, she will get lots of lead role scripts, then she will be limiting her chances… Popular Male ex-TVB actors have better chances with lead roles in China then older TVB actress.
    Aarif Rahman as her Male lead is not one of the best choice… Unless his skills improve tremendously, his acting is not even “fairly good”.
    But the drama may still turn out good with a good script and directing.

  2. Confession: I didn’t read this article.

    I just want to comment how and when did Myolie become such a high commodity for her “acting”? I did like her in a one or two series back in the days, but she seriously has no range with her acting. Did she vastly improved and pulled some kind of miracle after going mainland China??

    1. Some people just got the luck, never mind we as viewers could never understand it…maybe it’s their personality that charmed the folks that has a say in casting, something we will never witness. How may times have TVB force actors/actresses on viewers? How Many actors/actresses got into leads role cos of their never ending presence onscreen, never mind how we as viewers commented on their non existent acting skills?

    2. i think she just knows how to please the bosses. i heard she’s not very good person either. i concur, her acting is just okay not enough to be lead material in china given there are so many better choices.

    3. I watched Sun Li’s Nothing Gold Can Stay recently and puzzled by Myolie. Her body was so stiff and most of the time she was crazed expression. I haven’t really seen her in anything else lately.

  3. Hahahha what a joke! That guy’s acting is terrible and same with myolie lol I guess she just got lucky. Or maybe got connection with someone in the industry

  4. I actually think she’s a capable actress but hasn’t had many fitting roles. Golden Faith was good. The variety show in China where she won was good. She was pretty good in Ghetto Justice (second half of first one and first half of second one). She has certain emotions she can nail: sad and stressed. Roles she should avoid: professional and mature. It’s a compliment to her because professional and mature is usually for older actresses and even though she has closed in on 40, I think there’s an element of youth to her.

    1. She showed potential when she first started out but after reaching a certain level, her acting remained stagnant. As for her participation in the acting variety “Everybody Stand By”, didn’t find her impressive at all and quite a good number of the competitors were not strong as well while some were young with potential but didn’t have the life and acting experience to show the depth in acting. I saw her segment “Sheep Without a Shepherd” in that variety, while it was not horrible and laughable like some of the performances by younger artists, her performance was a far cry from Kara Hui who portrayed the same character in another variety “I am the Actor”. She was “acting” in there and was trying too hard to act well while Kara became the character.

      1. @BearBear I did watched her in “Everybody Stand By” and felt she tried too hard and she was really not impressive. But she has good connection in HK industry…

      2. @Hohliu Yes! And I didn’t understand why the judges were praising her non-stop in the earlier episodes. Didn’t watch much thereafter except for some of the segments because I just felt that the program did not have a clear direction of what it wanted to be and lost its creditability.
        I don’t keep track to HK entertainment anymore so did she sign up with some management agency with strong backing?

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