Myolie Wu Can’t Get Lead Roles in Mainland China

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), who recently announced her third pregnancy, opened up about her difficulties of getting cast in a lead role after debuting in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Last month, Myolie beat out 11 other contestants to win Best Performer on the second season of Everybody Stand By <演員請就位>, a Chinese competition featuring actors against actors. Despite the show’s popularity, Myolie still hasn’t had luck to sign on a lead role on a mainland Chinese drama. In an honest interview with Dingding Zhang (丁丁張) for the fourth season of Bring A Hundred Girls Home <送一百位女孩回家>, Myolie admitted that she’s never had a lot of confidence in regard to her career in mainland China. She finds herself stuck in a limbo where she is unable to find opportunities to lead in a drama series.

“To be honest, it was never easy,” admitted Myolie. “It’s hard to be fair in this industry.” Dingding Zhang gasped and said, “Even Myolie Wu is saying this!” Myolie responded, “Of course! Who is Myolie Wu? Saying that I’m Myolie Wu doesn’t mean anything!”

Social media trends often define a celebrity’s popularity in mainland China, but Myolie was never interested in getting on board with trend manipulation. Dingding Zhang commented, “And this shows that you have a passion for acting.”

After winning TV Queen in Hong Kong for her performance in Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王>, Myolie went on to star in a few more dramas before ending her contract with TVB in 2015 to focus her acting career in mainland China.


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  1. This isn’t any big mystery. She isn’t the best actress, her acting method is over exaggerated (typical of TVB actors… Wayne Lai, Mose Chan). She’s too old for this method of acting. If she were younger, this could be played off as youthful playful for an older mature actor it’s comes off as one dimensional. Which she is, she does not depth as an actor.

  2. Unless she has a big fan base, she won’t be able to get any main role simply because she’s too old. Chinese market needs you to be young, pretty and relatively unknown (cheaper salary).

    1. @littlefish
      true that mature lead roles r limited but look at sun li, zhou xun, rudy lin. all lead ladies. it’s the popularity and acting that’d limiting her roles not exactly the age.

      1. @m0m0 true, I watched my first c drama ( I cant understand mandarin and don’t like reading subtitles), ruyi’s royal love with Zhou Xun as lead. I was blown away by her acting. It didn’t bother me she was suppose to be 15 in the beginning. Her acting was strong yet settled. I was mesmerized by her screen presence. I never found zhou xun pretty ( never saw any of her movies or series), but her acting made her beautiful. I am starting another c drama soon to catch up what I’ve been missing.

      2. @nleung12345 yea, Zhou Xun is truly something. My first watch of her was the movie skin swap? (Or skin something) with Vicky shao. And wow, she was sooo mesmerising. There’s a YouTube video by AvenueX talk about her, and how because she’s grew up watching movies that she’s very aware of how to act with the camera, it likes every part of her reacting to the camera

      3. @littlefish thats very interesting, ill look up the video. I feel tvb girls are trying to look pretty in camera and that does not make it ” real ” for me. I grew up watching tvb and been loyal until every told me to give c drama a shot. If tvb care about quality at all- they should start looking for ppl from acting schools.

      4. @nleung12345 I find it interesting that great actresses like Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, etc are admired for acting, but never judged by audiences for their looks. Is there some reason why physical beauty is obligatory for Chinese-speaking actresses?

      5. @msxie0714 chinese are just shallow ( I’m 100% chinese), when I went back to Hong Kong last summer at age 33. All the aunties only commented on how “old” i got ( i havent been back for 10 years). No one commented or ask about my job/accomplishment/ etc in USA.

      6. @nleung12345

        so much of this shallowness is repeated by younger generations. Most comments here are shallow and very judgemental about physical appearances of actresses .

      7. @m0m0 i am also sad to say it has been a very long time since I’ve enjoyed a series as much as ruyis royal palace. No tvb fa dan can even come close to zhou xuns acting.

      8. @m0m0 as much as I love Ruby, but she’s main role because she’s the producer lol. And Sun Li, Zhou Xun, even Zhang Yi Zi is being criticised for playing role way younger than their age. There’s just not many scripts for older women sadly 🙁

      9. @littlefish
        Lol ruby lin didn’t even look like she was young even in her thirties which is very usual for an Asian person. Acting wise, can’t comment in it cause I don’t watch her enough

  3. Even Wayne and Moses started as KLF and eventually made it to main leads in HK dramas. Time is not an issue with actors. Age is because most dramas these days involved young fresh meats. She needs to get more exposure to increase her value. Getting an important role in a popular drama will help like it did for Charmaine in Yanxi Palace.

  4. Even Wayne and Moses have to step down to a non-lead role in China, and it’s not just them a lot of HK actors and actresses do. So for Myolie’s average acting, I’m not surprised, not for nothing, I personally never thought she was a good actress, to begin with… Average is average.. and Average is not good enough for Mainland China.

  5. That acting show was rigged for her to win and she will never be able to consistently lead a mainland drama. She can’t act if her life depended on it.

  6. She sucks and her acting is annoying lol she exaggerates so much… I can never finish any of her dramas.
    I’m surprised she thinks she’s good haha

  7. yes Myolie might get some extra income from the mainland market but don’t think she’ll ever break through that market as a lead actress… only place she’ll be treated as a queen is at TVB.

  8. i skipped her show when she is the lead and when she is not, i skipped all the scenes with her….

    She can work as hard as she likes but she just does not have the knack for acting

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