Viewers Complain About Aarif Lee’s “Horse Face”

Aarif Lee (李治廷) shot to fame after starring alongside Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) in the 2014 drama, The Empress of China <武媚娘傳奇>. Since then, he partook in many Mainland series – the latest one being the period drama, Princess Silver <白髮>, in which he plays a couple with one of the “New Four Dan Actresses of the Post-95s Generation,” Sophie Zhang (张雪迎). Although both the female and male protagonists are good-looking and have decent acting skills, there were many netizens who complained about Aarif’s “horse face.”

Since it was a costume drama, it was difficult to modify the actor’s face shape with a different hairstyle. In fact, Aarif’s face has been like that since his debut – slightly resembling Taiwanese music talent Leehom Wang (王力宏). Although the comments didn’t bother Aarif, he emphasized that his face is just narrow and not long.

He proved it during his guest appearance on Sina Live when he let the host measure his face. It turns out that Aarif really does have a narrow face, because the length of his face is only 18 cm, whereas the width is 12 cm.

Many netizens said it was their first time watching someone’s face being measured on a live broadcast and found it funny. Aarif also received many praises, such as “Aarif’s exquisite facial features are not the usual type of handsome” and “This boy is very real.”

Aarif plays the north’s cold and arrogant prince, Wu You, in the currently-airing Princess Silver, which was adapted from Mo Yanshang’s (莫言殤) novel, “The White-Haired Imperial Concubine” <白髮王妃>. After he meets the elegant and kind Princess Rong Le (Sophie) of the Xiqi Kingdom, they embark on a journey together to find a home for themselves.

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  1. I cannot bare to watch a drama with such a unforgivable rape theme ion the story…..

    1. @hohliu
      rape scenes are hard to watch but it takes the audience closer to how the person’s feeling. you can really feel the helplessness, the hopeless, and anger if the scene is done right. i remember tvb used to do a good job with rape scenes. they stirred up audiences emotions without much skin exposure. not like the western ones, you see everything.

    2. @hohliu Uhm? What rape scene lol? Or do you mean the “bed scene in front of the army?” That doesn’t really happen? Like sure, the plan was to make it happen, but it never did? In the drama, they have 1 kids where the ML feed the FL the antidote, and that’s it? Nothing more? Let not mention this whole drama will have only 1-2 kissing scene that is like the kdrama version of my lip touches yours with barely any emotion or like for 1s lol.

      I have to say outlanders do a really good job at rape scenes, you can really feel that the women were treated like dirt back then.

  2. Initially his appearance ping pong between not good to actually I can see why people say he’s good looking. Not dashing but you can admit he’s not bad looking. But as the story goes on, his acting was bland and his character was boring! His acting is decent? I guess he can do the micro expression, however, he has dead eyes, you can not feel anything from his eyes, no anger, no sadness. Worse crime of all, he doesn’t have chemistry with the female lead. I like the female lead, she’s pretty, she’s cute and she’s also decent at acting, but the same as him, no real emotions in the eyes, as the story goes on, I found these two and their love story soooooo boring. The second male lead might be a douche bag in other people’s eyes, but he has so much layers, is a complex character and literally has a much more interesting storyline, and for him, the whole universe is working against him lol. Also the actor is much much hotter.

    I wouldn’t bother checking any stuff made by this dude again. For the FL, maybe if she is paired with someone I like, but she needs to have much better chemistry with her costar or it’s really gonna be boring and bland again. I’m at 34, and I’m like meh, gonna wait until it finishes then fast forward binge and never rewatch because there is literally no rewatching value. Also the producer/director watches too much kdrama, at the beginning of the courtship, there are like so many slip and swirl hugging/catching *facepalm

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