Aarif Lee’s Secret Girlfriend Exposed!

Aarif Lee (李治廷) was spotted going out with his girlfriend yesterday. The 25-year-old Malay-Arab-Chinese star of Leon Lai’s (黎明) Amusic label, had often professed that he was single. It turned out that Aarif has been dating his girlfriend for many years, choosing to keep his love life a secret since entering the entertainment industry!

After winning the Best New Performer Award at the 2010 Hong Kong Film Awards,  Aarif Lee took increasingly prominent roles in films. His latest film project was starring  in Cold War <寒战> opposite Tony Leung (梁家辉). Furthermore, Aarif was often considered to be a “quality idol” due to his musical talent, where he produced, composed, and wrote lyrics for his own songs, such as the recently released, Our Starting Line <我们的起跑线>.  He was highly regarded under Leon Lai’s Amusic label.

Allegedly, Aarif did not even tell his management company that he had a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, who worked outside the entertainment industry. It was understood that Aarif’s girlfriend agreed to keep their relationship a secret. This was to avoid impeding Aarif’s advancement in the entertainment industry.

Sources: On.cc, Southcn.com; Oriental Daily

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Jayne: Let’s see what Aarif has to say about the woman in the photo, whether it is truly his girlfriend.

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  1. wow, how old is this woman? hum..interesting haha

    1. she does look a bit like an older woman dating a younger guy kind of look hahhaa…. cougar and hey its a trend right now right? haha lol

  2. she looks clean and elegant. many guys would date a woman with that appearance. hope she doesn’t waste it on Aarif if he’s not willing to commit.

  3. Aerif is so hot! His girlfriend look quite pretty. totally agree with pandamao, hope she doesn’t waste her time on him

  4. His recent album is pretty good. Very underrated and underpromoted.

  5. How do reporters know that the girl in the pic is his girlfriend?

    They have a bit of distance between them…

  6. Smart man who chooses to keep his private life from prying eyes…

  7. Why he can be opened about his relationship? We are not living in the heavenly kings era where you can’t have a gf.

    1. because he is always drunk and was caught for drunk driving

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