Ada Choi and Max Zhang Celebrate 9th Anniversary

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Ada Choi and Max Zhang Celebrate 9th Anniversary

Hong Kong actress Ada Choi (蔡少芬) and her husband, Chinese actor Max Zhang (張晉), celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary on January 12. The couple dated for more than four years before they tied the knot in January 2008. They welcomed two daughters after their marriage.

On January 12, Max surprised Ada with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a sweet kiss. Their 5-year-old daughter, Chor-yee, also pretended to kiss Ada!

Ada shared the pictures on her social media account, and wrote, “Nine years of marriage. Not only did our age grow, but our love as well! Thank you for your companionship – when I fall or get hurt, you will always be the one to pick me back up, and hug me! Thank you Max Zhang. The days with you always make me feel like I am in a sunny garden, enjoying the warmth! I love you, dear!”

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      9 years already! Happy for them!

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      Love her coconut hairstyle

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