Adia Chan is a Huge Fan of Eddie Cheung

The cast of TVB’s upcoming comedy drama Full-Time Nowhere Woman <全職沒女> came together for a costume fitting press conference on Friday. The series, produced by Andy Chan (陳耀全), stars Eddie Cheung (張兆輝) and Adia Chan (陳松伶) in the leads. Young actors Owen Cheung (張振朗) and Jeannie Chan (陳瀅) will support.

Full-Time Nowhere Woman is Adia’s first TVB drama since 2006’s Trimming Success <飛短留長父子兵>. This is her first team-up with Eddie Cheung, whose last television drama is the yet-to-air Come With Me <性在有情>, shot in 2014.

Acknowledging that it’s been ten years since she’s last filmed a TVB drama, Adia revealed that she accepted the role because of the script and Eddie. “He’s my male god!” exclaimed Adia. “I’ve been a huge fan of Eddie since I was young, so this is like a dream come true!”

The 45-year-old said even her husband, Chinese actor Zhang Duo (張鐸), was excited for their team-up. “My husband is fan of Eddie’s as well. When he heard that we’ll be collaborating, he told me to enjoy it!”

Eddie said, “I’ve waited for this moment for a long time. Back in the day, I filmed mainly historical period dramas while she filmed Republican-era dramas. We never had the chance to collaborate. Now, we can film a modern drama together!”

Will there be an intimate scenes? “I hope so,” said Adia with a laugh. Eddie said, “I’m afraid that I won’t meet the requirements.” Adia then said, “Do you think we’ll be able to add some on our own?” Eddie laughed, “Anything for you!”

In regards to the hectic film schedules that comes with filming television dramas, Eddie said, “We’ve discussed about it. We’ll try to get as much rest as we can, but we understand why it’s scheduled the way it is. We’ll make concessions. It’s been several years since I last shot a TV series. Times are changing so fast.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. Let’s not forget that Eddie has starred in another series with Sharon Chan, Come With Me that’s yet to be released. Let’s hope it doesn’t get warehoused!

  2. Ahhhh they look cute together in that pic and their exchange of words are funny!! I enjoy comedy so will def. Check this out!

  3. I’m just gonna imagine them as a young couple. O.M.G they look so good together! So romantic!

  4. He look great still but NOT a fan at all of the female lead. Typical ‘see lai’ look….

    1. @kiki

      Although the main leads are not appealing to the younger generation, there’s a young support cast. Looks like a small production but hopefully there’s some good chemistry!

      1. @jimmyszeto
        But I feel like there is no younger generation casts in TVB thou? haha LOL… I mean in comparison to Korea/Japan& China I mean.
        Well, now that new Ms.HK’s are out again like that Grace Chan and her pageant mates but they all suck in acting. Ppl praise Tracy girl…. hum…don’t see anything either, typical girl next door not much of attraction face wise… haha LOL…like on COD, OMG what were they thinking that they can ok/ed w/the go ahead of Grace’s dialogues? Bad script, bad everything? hhhah really if it wasn’t for Ruco, I would never even watch any of it. The woman who paired up w/Ruco at the end is pretty good. Pretty good looking girl and acting wasn’t 1/2 bad compares to the lead. I have never seem her anywhere either. She should be on series more…haha lol….

      2. @kiki

        Tvb do not really do idol type series with young casts which Korea, Japan and China are known for. I don’t mind that because it just portrays an unrealistic fantasy type world for viewers. There are definitely a limited number of younger generation actors because TVB haven’t been promoting youngsters from acting class. Since many established actresses have left they have no choice but to promote contracted Miss Hong Kong contestants as leads. Some have shown signs of improvement. Noticibly, Tracy Chu has been performing well. Rebecca Zhu, Kayi Cheung have shown signs of improvement. COD, was terrible. TVB aren’t capable of pulling of expensive productions that require edited cgi effects probably because of the lack of budget and resources.It was a great performance by Ruco but he was dragged down by the production and the other leads.

      1. @unknown
        I haven’t a clue but perhaps it’s like Kdramas?
        One minute we were saying ohhh yeah… so and so will be leading it and then it turned out someone else took the part cuz the first contender backed out due to whatever reason? I couldn’t care less since I don’t like the female at all or TVB series for the past few years. I have only glimpsed thru COD cuz of RUCO. Most of the series suck so bad these days anyway.

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