After 14 Years, Nancy Wu Returns as Leo Ku’s MV Actress

Leo Ku’s (古巨基) music video for his new song, “Love in Troubled Times” <亂世情侶> was released yesterday. He invited good friend Nancy Wu (胡定欣) to be his female lead following their last collaboration 14 years ago in his music video for “Love and Sincerity” <愛與誠>. Leo said, “In a blink of an eye, it’s been so many years! I’m very grateful that Nancy agreed as I know she has a very busy schedule.”

Leo took on the additional role of directing the music video, meticulously checking the playbacks of each shot. The story talks about a couple saving money for marriage; they immerse themselves into their work and end up putting their relationship on the back burner. Nancy’s character often has to do overtime at her office job and the Leo’s is a warehouse clerk often working overnight shifts. At the end of the music video, Leo realizes the strain that this is causing their relationship and heads over to Nancy’s office to make amends.

Speaking of having to act as an office worker, Nancy exclaims that it brought back many memories as she worked as a receptionist for two years before joining the entertainment industry. Leo praised her acting skill, as she only needed one take for many shots. There were many moments where he got emotional watching the playbacks.

“Love in Troubled Times” <亂世情侶> MV


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