Aimee Chan Reveals Breast Implant Scars in “Forensic Heroes 3” Bra Scene

Aimee Chan’s (陳茵媺) bra revealing scene in Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒Ⅲ> caused a stir, in which a visible scar beneath Aimee’s armpits led to speculations [as to whether she had received breast implants]. Aimee’s boyfriend, Moses Chan (陳豪), supported Aimee and urged the public not to speculate unnecessarily. Unperturbed by the recent allegations, Aimee indicated an interest to film a bra ad instead!

Aimee, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Maggie Cheung (張可頤), and Ron Ng (吳卓羲) promoted Forensic Heroes 3 at the “2011 Hong Kong International Mile Drill” which was held in the Central district. Due to his foot injury, Ron was unable to run and could only act as cheerleader for the rest of the cast.

Regarding tabloid coverage of Aimee’s armpit scars, which were spotted in a bra scene in Forensic Heroes 3, Aimee noted, “Actually, I do not mind people writing about it [breast implantation rumors]; they have been doing so for a long time. I will just treat it as listening to a story. I’m happy that the audience praised my acting skills as being natural. My role in [Forensic Heroes 3] is very challenging. I intentionally chose a sporty, but feminine bra for the scene. I would like to film a bra ad, but I do not dare to participate in a lingerie catwalk yet.”

Wayne Lai To Lose Weight and Reveal Butt

Wayne Lai said with a smile that he will follow Aimee’s example to boost ratings for Forensic Heroes 3. “Next time, Ron and I will reveal ourselves together.” (Reveal your butt?) “I will make the suggestion to the producer, but I have to lose weight first!”

The reporter asked Ron whether he was bothered by rumored girlfriend, Viann Zhang’s (張馨予) sexy attire at the Tokyo Film Festival. Ron replied in his usual evasive manner, “I saw  the news; she looked pretty in the dress; it was okay!” (Do you think it was too sexy?) “Every artist has a way of protecting herself. She knows how to handle it. Anyhow, she looked pretty.”


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Aimee’s bra scene allegedly only resulted in pulling 30 points in ratings for Forensic Heroes 3. An actress stripping down to her bra for no apparent reason is purely for generating marketing noise. If Aimee had revealed her bra for a love scene, you may argue that it was necessary for the plot.

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  1. I saw this news at another forum and it said that Moses and Aimee both denied it. Wasn’t it confirmed before that she did get implants but then had them taken out??

    1. Even if Aimee didn’t confirm it, the audience isn’t blind. We can see that her chest is not how it used to be during MHK. I don’t know why celebs don’t just come out and confirm things that are so obvious. Moses needs to stop with the full support because it just makes him look less credible.

      1. haven’t you heard, “let audience knows, never confessed”

  2. Whether or not the scar is as a result of breast implantation, it made me cringe staring at it. It would be more credible if Aimee actually told us how she got that scar instead of merely brushing it off. It is unusual to get a scar under her arm.

  3. I have watched this scene but didn’t notice the scar. I must go back and rewatch.

    I wonder if the scar is photoshopped. It’s kinda long and very obvious in the picture. Last time, saw a picture of Jolin’s scar, and it’s quite short and not very noticeable.

    1. The scar is there, but that picture of the scar is photoshopped to make it look more apparent.

  4. Errr a scar can’t be THAT deep. Maybe just an indent you know? You want scar? Look at Jolin chai, that’s a proper scar.

    And why does her in a bra will equate to high ratings? I mean is everyone dying to see Aimee in a bra???

      1. Moses? I think he has moved beyond bra and into testing the merchandise. I mean who wanna see and not touch?

      2. If just for see and not touch, she wouldn’t have done this boobs job. Lol. Just to see and not touch. She isn’t stuff in the museum.

      3. It’s all for TV. For us, I mean for male viewers. Unless 3D technology has gone 10D where can see, touch, everything, it is all for show. Moses is ermm… well… byproduct.


  5. I think the situation that led to this scene is quite force.

    The plot have Aimee went to the men’s washroom to wash the liquid stain off her shirt because the women’s washroom was closed off for cleaning. She removed the shirt and washed it and then blew dry it at the hand dryer. Edwin tried to open the washroom’s door but could not. He thought the washroom door was spoiled. So, he bumped at the door to forcefully open it and saw Aimee with her bra.

    Now, think of what the usual course of action will be if you find the washroom closed off. Please take note that this is government office with a lot of department. I’m sure there are more than one set of washrooms in the building. Wouldn’t your normal course of action is to go to another washroom (for the correct gender) in another department or floor? Also, is there something wrong with the lock? Why so easily open? If you find the washroom door locked, would you call the repairman after you get no answer from inside?

    1. @Kidd,

      I thought the same. The scene was somewhat illogical to me too. I was like “Huh, really? Only you TVB can do this.” 😛

    2. Well, why not just show her one of the guys, changing clothes after a strenous exercise in front of the guys by taking off her shirt. I mean nothing wrong with that. Anyway I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of someone very desperate to get into THAT toilet.

      1. @ Funn

        Cannot. They need to put more misunderstanding and animosity between the future lovers before they get together. After Edwin accidentally saw Aimee in her bra, Aimee overhead him talking to the guys about ‘hong wai dai ji’. She thought Edwin was talking about her and spike his drink for revenge (he cannot drink alcohol and Aimee pour a bit of wine cocktail in his drink) which caused him to randomly kissed people and kissed Aimee. Turns out, Edwin didn’t even notice her birthmark in her bosom. Later, they apologised to each other and Aimee said she might have accidentally pass Hepatitis B to him, which starts another round of tricking and stuff.

        Very typical TVB ‘fun hei yuen ka’.

      2. Ya lor! BORING! Why not he likes what he saw, chased after her, discovers she does have a personality and then so on and so forth? I mean does all relationship start on a misunderstanding?

      3. Isn’t it ironic that a series based on forensic science has such a ridiculous ploy as ken’s intolerance to alcohol? Yes, even a sip of alcohol can lead to flushing or nausea for some people, but not turn them into an uncontrollable kissing bandit!

  6. I was reading the news today about a six year old girl that died after two long years’ fight with cancer. A very sad story…

    I can’t help but feel that these beautiful celebrities are very greedy. They are already more beautiful than the average person but still they are not satisfied, if they go for plastic surgeries to enhance their looks.

    Looks… looks… looks…! I am getting fed up with looks… When I see fortish women so preoccupied with looks and vanity. Chasing after eternal youth. Why can’t humans accept that growing old and dying is part and parcel of life?

    What’s the use of looks if your life is all messed up? What’s the use of looks if you don’t have happiness or loved ones around you?

    Sorry for the rant, and it’s not directed at Aimee… but I am just super annoyed with women who rank looks as their no. 1 priority.

    I think only be’cos I know someone nearing forty in real life and cannot let go of his/her looks… It’s like chasing after the wind…

    1. It’s a part of their job to look good and it’s also the demand of the audience. Look is one of the artist’s asset, and because they are artists, ppl require them to look beautiful. Whenever they are not perfect, they’ll be criticize.

      Everyone wanna look good. If not, cosmetic product wasn’t born. It’s natural for ppl to have the demand to make themselves look better. Word to say that “You are beautiful”, but how many times you think that if you have this/that, you will look beautiful? Life is that, dun chase anything = can’t go ahead.

      However, everything have its limitation. Pass this limit, won’t be beautiful anymore.

    2. I disagree. Everybody has right to look good. And in entertainment business, a cruel business, like modelling, it is all about looking good. Not even plain looking will do. Whatever they need to enhance their self confidence so be it. It is just a little nip, a little tuck, unlike those who changed everything and then went in for more until they look like death. Not all woman rank looks as their no. 1 priority, you know those usually already pretty. Like rich people say they don’t care for money. That sort of thing. Sick isn’t it?

      1. But you know who is the most beautiful woman of all? A happy one. I;ve never ever seen a happy woman who’s ugly. A happy beaming woman is the most beautiful. No amount of plastic surgery can ever emulate a truly happy beaming woman. Shopping can. Money can. True love can. A pet, a car, a handbag, a job well done, etc. And if plastic surgery can turn a miserable woman into a truly happy one, why not? But never use plastic surgery as an excuse if not excessive use can make you the most miserable one and needless to say the ugliest woman is of course not the most miserable (cruel people deserves that honour) but close to it. And you must smile happily. Not fake smile, not pretend smile, not forced smile, but those where your eyes smiles too. A genuinely happy smile.

    3. Canto,
      “What’s the use of looks if your life is all messed up? What’s the use of looks if you don’t have happiness or loved ones around you?”

      Personally, I feel that chasing after impermanent wishes such as “beauty” in the extreme will lead to eventual disappointment because that sense of greed and satisfaction will never be completely satisfied. An initial plastic surgery process may lead to short-term satisfaction, but as the face and body age, there will be continual upkeep needed to look good and make that person happy.

      If a person’s sense of happiness is derived primarily from others’ perception of them, including meeting an ideal beauty standard established by others, then that happiness sits on shaky ground.

      Women have always been objectified and prized more for their beauty than other abilities. From the time she is young, a girl may have gotten more compliments for her looks and her clothing rather than her abilities and her intelligence. Our sense of self-worth is tied to how we look: our need to impress parents, peers, boyfriends, and husbands. The only way to break the cycle is to teach our daughters that their self-worth and happiness should come from within and not dictated by the standard that other people have set them against. Live life by your own parameters of happiness rather than meet those set up by others.

      Once people’s basic needs such as food, shelter, and health are met, then they have the luxury to chase after other things such as beauty, brand names, and material comfort. When we have health, we take it for granted, until we are reminded in the news or by the people who are sick that health should not be taken for granted, but need proper self-care and healthy habits.

      It’s a hierarchy of needs that people are always striving to achieve better or move up, usually established by material benchmarks. When you examine it closely, or when the basics of life such as health are threatened, perhaps you’ll find that we run around in circles chasing a hierarchy of needs that may not be important after all. It takes extreme situations, such as loss of health or natural disaster, to sometimes startle us and make us aware that happiness can indeed be basic if we choose that path.

    4. Canto,
      “Looks… looks… looks…! I am getting fed up with looks… When I see fortish women so preoccupied with looks and vanity. Chasing after eternal youth. Why can’t humans accept that growing old and dying is part and parcel of life?”

      Everyone has ideals that we chase after in life, whether that be materialism, beauty, money, or things that always seem to be beyond our grasp. And to extend that ownership for as long as we can to extend a percieved level of “happiness” and pleasure. It’s a greed in possession and inability to let go, to milk that pleasure principle for as long as we can. Going beyond the examples of materialism which are obvious, emotional bonds that are no longer there are also extremely difficult to let go of, such as a past love relationship.

      Rather than live a life of constant past regrets, chasing things that cannot be recouped through the passage of time, I agree with you that we should look forward to what the future offers instead, such as increased wisdom and new, meaningful sources of happiness.

      On that note, I enjoyed Pixar’s animated film, “Up” a lot. An old man that was so persistent in holding on to the best parts of his life while he was driving his current life to ruin and refusing to find a happier future. Once he let go of his persistence, against an occurrence that cannot be unchanged, he was a lot happier.

      1. Have to agree. TVB is desperate to make Aimee show bra this time 😛

  7. wait Aimee said up there that her acting praised as being natural? I’m surprised! Who praised her? 😛

    1. Maybe she heard wrong. Maybe the person (probably Moses) praised her breasts looked natural.

  8. With out Moses,the bra scene may be not a big deal to Aimee!!!!

  9. It would have been better if Amiee and Edwin duke it out in the mens toilet. That would increased the ratings and complaints that TVB loves to get.

  10. BTW, FH III cases effing SUCKS! even with the whole Aimee bra scene which was NOT funny or favorable to watch. The people who responsible script write or even produced the series needs to get a WARNING LETTER. They veteran TVB scriptwriters, my god after watching 10 episodes, the quality of this series is very poor standards. I am going to regret this but the 3 Fuk Lo Shows’ “Super Snoops” maybe the watchable TVB drama as of right now even though their cases are not as good creativity or enjoyable wise with the earlier criticisms to stop watching first episode.

    1. I find ‘Super Snoops’ to be a show that gets better as you watch.

      1. Even though it’s set in the 1960’s and yet WCL and Christine can bust out into a rendition of Leslie and Chan kit ling’s 80’s song “who makes your heart crazy?”

        Even all the guest stars cannot save this series for me. I’d rather watch the 3 FLS portray their “Sat in the city” characters instead.

      2. Just consider that song as WCL’s and Christine’s character’s own creation instead of a song sung by 80’s singers.

      3. Of the 3 FLS’s story in the series, I like Tsui Sui’s (Johnson Lee) story the best. Episode 15 start showing his background story and episode 16 get deeper into it. Looking forward to see where it leads. I also like his pairing with Toby. Toby’s Ngok Kau is my favourite character in the series.

        I also started to like Christine Kuo after watching this series.

      4. Christine Kuo has improve some what. It will be interesting to see what is she is offer on Ghetto Justice II series.

        Still she has a very long ways to go.

    2. Just finished Chapter 12 – God, I am borderline hating this drama! Completely agree that all the cases SUCKS! The characters sucks. I just finished watching The Other Truth – loved it! I am only watching FH3 just for the heck of it – because of Wayne Lai (NOT Pro sir) Maggie and to get more of Ruco Chan. FH3 is a HUGE disappointment and it is NOT because Bobby and the original cast are not in it – FH3 sucks because the story and the script SUCKS.

      1. Ruco Chan’s hair is mess up in FH3.

        So FH3 suck it more 😀

      2. @P, I feel sorry for Edwin, pairing with Amiee must be WTF.

      3. @ Larry 3,

        Re: Ruco Chan’s hair is mess up in FH3.

        (Just had a glimpse of his hair) lol..
        Yes – agree. But who’s looking at his hair?? =)

      4. I dont know why TVB makeup people mess up Ruco’s hair, I mean really?

  11. I’m so sick and tired of hearing news on a
    Aimee and Moses. They are pathetic people. He’s so stupid to prefer fake(Aimee’s) over the real good (Bernice’s).

    1. He didn’t dump Bernice. Bernice is the one who decided to leave. Anyhow we are not suppose to judge who he love. We don’t even know them to justify who is the better choice.

    1. @Sukibus
      Yes Fala revealed her bra in “The Stew of Life,” which many people acknowledged the scene was gratuitous, similar to the nature of Aimee Chan’s bra scene.

      Edwin Siu glimpsing Aimee Chan in her bra does sound like a plot out of a manga. Actually a lot of old wuxia series featured such plots, where the hero may have spotted the heroine bathing nude in a lake in the woods, just that the camera only offered us glimpse of the woman’s shoulders or at most back. It’s just now that TVB decided to do wide angle shots to let us see what the hero is seeing.

      Such “accidental nudity” scenes have always been present in TVB series. In the past, they were written into the plots to make the meeting of the hero and heroine more “memorable,” but the visuals were left to our imagination, while now it is more graphic with more skin baring. People didn’t seem to complain when it was conceptually daring, as long as the skin revealed was not too much.

  12. The comment about her choosing a sporty yet feminine bra made me laugh. In what way was that bra sporty?

    And what a stupid comment from Wayne Lai’s behalf about revealing himself and Ron.

    Do we need more of this on a family channel??

    1. “And what a stupid comment from Wayne Lai’s behalf about revealing himself and Ron

      Do we need more of this on a family channel??”
      He was joking.

    2. I dont want Wayne Lai revealing himself but Ron is fine as long as he shows some 6 pax abs and droolworthy chest muscles.

  13. Although Kate sucks most of the time, I find her doing a good job here, maybe a more cheerful tomboy character suits her well

  14. Aimee should change her hairstyle. She looks better with long hair. Her hairstyle in Super Snoops makes her look cute.

  15. i just looked at older pictures of her when she was in miss HK competition.
    not saying that she had or had not had implants but…
    her breast size looked the same.
    and the picture of the scar really looks exaggerated. >_>

  16. Amiee’s character in FH3 ended stupid. That was unnecessary to kill of the character towards the very end.

    I rather have her died in Episode Zero. Yes Zero!

    Edwin should have paired with another actress that can act good.

    1. yeah….. She is so ugly… And bad at acting…. Idk how she got miss hongkong pageant.

  17. i find the talking pace and scene in this drama is very fast, like being chased, eliminates show of emotion and feeling

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