Alex Fong Doesn’t Dare to Do Anything Out of Line in His Marriage

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Alex Fong Doesn’t Dare to Do Anything Out of Line in His Marriage

Married for 11 years, Alex Fong (方中信) has a good family man image and has been rumor free despite the temptations of working frequently in Mainland China. In a recent interview with Ming Pao Weekly, Alex reveals how he manages to do so.

Like Father, Like Son

Although he is highly expressive when portraying characters in front of the camera, Alex is rather stoic and mostly expressionless in real life. When asked why it’s so rare to see him smile, Alex reveals that the reason stems from his father, who was a casino dealer.

“My dad doesn’t like to smile at home and he always looks very serious. However, he loves his children very much, but his personality is rather closed and he’s not very good at expressing his feelings. His cold and aloof personality made him a little alienated from the family.”

After his father passed away, Alex moved within five-min walking distance from his mother, hoping that they could spend more time together. “Now that my mom is older, she enjoys talking a lot more than before. Perhaps she had very few things to say when my dad was still alive, but now she has become very talkative.”

Importance of Good Health and Family

The 56-year-old actor is beginning to realize the importance of maintaining good health and keeping an active lifestyle. Ever since working with Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) in Project Gutenberg <無雙>, Alex has joined Chow Yun Fat and a group of friends on weekly morning hikes. Also in his free time, Alex wakes up at 5 a.m. and goes for a morning jog before heading to the supermarket and getting breakfast.

Married to Hoyan Mok (莫可欣) for 11 years, they have one daughter. Alex began working extra hard in order to provide the best for them.

Actively working in Mainland China in the last few years, Alex has managed to be rumor-free all this time. Stating that he doesn’t dare to do anything out of line, he recalls a time when he went out with his friends, “After work, we went out to celebrate a birthday and the place we went to was very lavish. My jaw almost dropped after seeing such a big venue with so much nice alcohol and pretty women. I only had one drink and I didn’t dare to move the entire night. At that moment, I need to be rational – I kept my head low and didn’t strike up conversations with anyone. I sat quietly for two to three hours and left.”

With his daughter turning 11 years old next year and heading off to middle school soon, Alex reveals that she is an avid reader and always asks to buy books. Busy with work most of the time, Alex is extremely grateful to have Hoyan take care of their daughter and raise her with the right values.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly

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