Ali Lee Clarifies Her Relationship With Danny Chan

Though Ali Lee (李佳芯) and her boyfriend Danny Chan (陳炳銓) have often been dubbed as “Beauty and the Beast” due to their mismatched looks, they have been together for six years. However, judging by the latest developments, their relationship may have cooled off.

The couple was speculated to have split up after Ali moved out of their shared home, and rarely met up with Danny even on her days off. Danny is said to be trying to win Ali back by using their dog as a reason to see her.

In a press conference for TVB’s new show Doggie Training Camp <狗狗診療所>, Ali was asked about the dog she co-owns with Danny, but she clarified that the dog actually belongs to Danny. It was Danny’s preference to adopt a dog in the beginning, and the dog’s microchip is registered under his name.

When asked who was in charge of taking care of the dog, Ali said, “He is in charge of the dog’s daily life. Of course, I also helped walk the dog in the past.” However, due to her busy schedule, she has not done so in a long time.

Hinting at a potential breakup, Ali clarified, “We are dealing with it. We are trying to find a comfortable way to engage.” She added that she prefers a low-profile relationship, and that Danny is a good friend. As to when she last saw him, Ali said that they have not seen each other in a while and that their relationship has always been like this. 

Gregory Charles Rivers Makes a Reappearance

Aside from Ali, Gregory Charles Rivers (河國榮) was also in attendance for Doggie Training Camp. Having left TVB for over 13 years, he is excited to return for a dog-related show. Once raising 13 dogs, Gregory only has one left now and expressed how sad it can be to watch each furry friend pass away. He said, “I really miss the dogs. I experienced depression before, but time was able to heal it. I just want to accompany them until the end.”  


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