Ali Lee to Film New Drama in November

With the TVB Anniversary Awards season around the corner, buzz is brimming over who will win Best Actress. Ali Lee (李佳芯) and Rosina Lam (林夏薇) are the front-runners so far due to their respective performances in AI Romantic <智能愛人> and Battle of the Seven Sisters <七公主>.

Ali believes that it is too early to tell, as there are still many dramas lined up for broadcast. “I’m still happy to hear this, as I consider these comments as praise. I was already very lucky when I won Best Actress in 2018, as I’m not the type who is destined to win awards all the time. If you ask me, I would prefer that everyone likes my character and thinks that I performed well, rather than winning awards. So I’ve never been burdened with wanting to win.”

Slated to film a new drama in November, Ali is unsure whether there will be any changes as the script is still under revision. In her free time, she has enrolled in some courses for self-improvement.

Pledges Loyalty to TVB

As former TVB executive Sandy Yu (余詠珊) will be returning to Hong Kong Cable Television to manage the variety show department, tabloids speculate that she may recruit Ali and Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) as they had previously worked together there.

Quick to eradicate the speculations, Ali pointed out that she does not have Sandy’s contact information, “I don’t believe she has my phone number either, so we’ve never contacted each other privately. I only learned of the news through the media. Also, I am currently still under contract with TVB.”

Meanwhile, TVB continues to have high staff turnover. Previous Hong Kong Cable Television director Barry Cheung (張志明), who is known for his involvement in travel show Fun Abroad <3日2夜>, will also be leaving TVB. Ali stated that she has not worked with him at either station, “He films a lot of travel shows. Sometimes, I’ll joke that I’m not the right type for him because I know he likes artistes who are sexier.”

Source: HK01

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  1. Ali is one of the rare leading actresses left in the station whose acting is watchable but even then, I just couldn’t finish watching her last two released dramas.

  2. She needs to film better dramas. The last one I watched was Death by Zero and holy moly it was a crap drama. So many good actors wasted in that messy story that made very little sense. Skipped AI Romantic all together because of the premise itself.

    I want to see her in thriller drama, like Brutally Young type of thriller drama.

  3. Ali is capable of doing more complex roles. Alas TVB has stopped being the TV stations for Asians globally. It is now but a one of the many stations of China (or at least RMB) and so Ali may never get the opportunity she so deserves.

  4. I’m also a fan of Ali , she is the best actress that TVB has right now, but her last 2 dramas were pretty lame.

    She needs better productions,

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