Alice Chan is Skilled in the Kitchen

At a recent promotional event for an e-commerce platform, Alice Chan (陳煒) was responsible for the cooking segment. Upon entering the kitchen, it was as though she stepped back into her second home as she began to whip up a meal. In a short amount of time, Alice was able to cook up a meal that consisted of Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, as well as a soup that was intended to strengthen one’s immune system. Not only has Alice proven her skills as an actress on screen, but the 46-year-old actress has amazing culinary skills!

In regards to her cooking skills, Alice said, “Although there are many types of foods and cuisines, the art of cooking always goes back to the basics. As long as there is a slight change to each dish, then the dish itself will be different. Right now, work is tough and with the pandemic, it is important for everyone to have a good diet and drink more nutritious soups. One must strengthen their immune system before they can continue to fight the war. Soup is the most nutritious and strongest food for boosting the immune system. Some soups are nourishing, while some improve the immune system. You can even add some nutritious herbs to change it up. Recently, I enjoy making fish soup, because it has a lot of protein and the price of pork has gotten expensive.”

Alice revealed that she frequently packed soup to work, and would often bring extra to share with her colleagues as well. “I would stew a big pot so as not to waste the ingredients! Filming is hard work and we often have to pull all-nighters. Sometimes, I would also make desserts!”


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