Alternate Ending for “The Confidant” Filmed

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TVB Anniversary series, The Confidant <大太監>, began airing last Monday with excellent ratings, and it is destined to be a heavy favorite to win this year’s Best Drama award. To further boost the ratings and generate more excitement, an alternate ending of the series is being prepared.

Many actors were recalled last week for the additional filming. To keep the audiences in suspense, none of the actors elaborated on why they were back for additional scenes.  In spite of that, rumor has it that the alternate scene centers on palace maid Sin Yung’s (Nancy Wu 胡定欣) ending. In the original version, her character died, while she has a happy ending in the alternate one.

Producer Marco Law (羅永賢) admitted there is an alternate ending, and indeed it will focus on Nancy — whether she dies or remains alive, becomes a nun, or gets married. Also affected by Nancy’s new ending is the relationship of Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), who plays Ling Tim Sau (凌添壽), Wayne’s apprentice.  Edwin will become a beggar after turning against his mentor.

Marco said they are still trying to come up with ways to present both endings, and he would prefer to keep it a secret for now. It will be interesting to see if the alternate ending will conflict with historical details in an attempt to boost ratings.

Michelle Yim (米雪), who plays Empress Dowager Cixi and a favorite for this year’s TV Queen, wholeheartedly agrees on having an alternate ending as a good way to engage the viewers. An alternate ending will give the audiences additional “hope” and generate more excitement.

Nancy Wu is thrilled to see her character be the center of attention in the alternate ending. While most viewers prefer happy endings, Nancy prefers her character to die at the end of the series. “A little regret at the end of the show may not be a bad idea. However, I do understand that after following the character for 30 episodes, most audiences would prefer a happy ending for her, so it’s a good thing they can associate with an ending they prefer.”

Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) had to cut short his filming activities for his new Malaysia movie to participate in the alternate ending for The Confidant. “From the audience’s perspective, after living with the characters for weeks, most will want to see a good ending. It would be nice if they can vote for an ending, or have both endings presented one right after the other. It will satisfy most audiences that way,” Wayne commented.

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20 comments to Alternate Ending for “The Confidant” Filmed

  1. Magic says:

    Spotlight on Nancy for once! Hope the alternate ending/original ending won’t disappoint. 🙂

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  2. Nicole says:

    They are really focusing on nancy here. Hopes she get best supporting actress!

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    • manglodinho replied:

      Strongly agree! Nancy for Best Supporting Actress!

      Login or Register before you can reply to manglodinho
      • Agnes replied:

        Nancy is a very good actress and TVB always neglected her. Nx year she only in one series.
        Hope she get best supporting actress ts year.

        Login or Register before you can reply to Agnes
      • sandcherry replied:

        Support Nancy Wu.

        Login or Register before you can reply to sandcherry
    • 939393 replied:

      agreed! i hope they’ll choose the sad ending though, since it’ll garner a deeper impression in the viewers, and just in time for the awards!

      Login or Register before you can reply to 939393
  3. Cali says:

    Finally, she had another good series. Love Wayne and Nancy together. The holidays are coming up. Good ending please. She has a sad life already, don’t make a sad ending.

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  4. sandcherry says:

    Glad to hear that Nancy Wu will be the focus of the alternate ending. Very happy for her!

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  5. E says:

    <3 Nancy Wu's acting, finally her chance. But, I hope for a sad ending because 1) I like to keep the real history, and 2) not every ending have to be happy, a true actor can portray a sad ending and make the viewer cry is true acting 🙂

    I want to cry, you can do it Nancy!! ^O^

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    • sandcherry replied:

      I don’t mind if it is a sad ending as long as more focus is put on Nancy Wu’s character. She deserves to be the limelight after all these years. Her acting is always very good.

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    • nemesis replied:

      They can always show the sad ending first and release the happy ending online. Let the viewers cry first. lol

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  6. lol says:

    Nancy has great chemistry with Wayne. Her acting is getting better & better, I think it has somewhat to do with Wayne.

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    • sandcherry replied:

      Disagree. Nancy Wu has always been a good actress, with or without Wayne Lai.

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      • purplepaw replied:

        agree with @sandcherry. always been a good actress, just unappreciated. i hope she wins an award this year, it’s way past due.

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      • Linnh replied:

        I agree, that’s why I think it is unfair that she always has to be in the shadow of many other actress. So I am happy for her if she gets more screen time.

        Anybody who know if the english subtitle for this series has been coming out yet?

        Login or Register before you can reply to Linnh
      • E replied:

        @Linnh ya, it has for the english sub 🙂 it’s good.

        Login or Register before you can reply to E
  7. Hannah says:

    Audiences remember tragic endings. Now, if it’s a bad ending, then it will generate a lot of discussions. Either way, I don’t think it will affect the series much. Pull a WAB, and it will become a hit, lol

    The only series I’ve seen a different ending overseas is DIF4. Probably not a different ending, but an additional ending after the credits.

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  8. Amy says:

    I love Nancy’s acting so much. Im so glad that she’s getting the attention. Will always support her and wish her the best. Hope she can get a award this year.

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  9. Puff says:

    About tine TVB starts to shine the spot light on Nancy Wu! She is a real triple threat – act, dance, sing, she is great at all 3. Let’s hope she will get more opportunities the some of those beauty queens with no real talents.

    I hope the ending will be sad one… Usually sad ending is more controversial and hopefully get more votes for Nancy to win best supporting!!!

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  10. sammnie says:

    Honestly speaking, Nancy Wu’s acting is not too bad since Triumph In The Skies. Since then, her acting has been improving…whether acting as bad, with princess attitude or bad, she can handle it well…hough I do not fancy her but I must say her acting is very natural and is good! she deserves to be recognised! I I were to vote The Best Supporting Actress, Nancy will be my choice! I think I will like her eventually…:)))

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