Andy Lau Remains Silent Over Daughter’s Birth; Fans’ Patience Tested

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After it was revealed that Andy Lau’s (劉德華) daughter was born on May 9th, many celebrities and fans poured their well wishes to Andy and his wife, Carol Chu (朱麗倩). Fans eagerly awaited Andy to acknowledge that his daughter was born, as well as see a photo of the “Little Dragon Girl.” As the wait for Andy Lau to make a public birth announcement continued, some fans grew increasingly impatient….

Even Andy’s parents remained tight-lipped over whether they have already become grandparents. Andy’s parents maintained their morning routine of having early dim sum yesterday. When asked about the birth of their granddaughter, Andy’s parents only smiled and did not respond.

Due to Andy’s strong preference in keeping family matters out of the limelight, he has not responded to any media, friends, and fan inquiries since his daughter’s birth. Andy had once declared that he considered his fans to be his “family,” but he has not left any messages for them regarding the birth of his daughter.

Andy’s fan club members discovered that he had logged onto the online forum, but he did not post any messages. Nevertheless, Andy’s fans said good morning and sent their blessings.

Andy’s long-time friend, Eric Tsang (曾志偉), had sent a congratulatory text message, but did not get any response from the 50-year-old father. Eric said, “Andy had stopped working for a period of time already. I had guessed that his daughter will be born around this time frame.” Eric said that he did not know what Andy’s daughter looked like.

Understanding Andy’s preference for privacy, Eric said that he will not visit Andy’s home and disturb him yet. Regarding Andy handling his daughter’s birth with extreme secrecy,  Eric said that Andy always preferred to retain privacy over personal and family matters.

Since it was Andy’s first baby, he did not wish to be disturbed. It was understood that Andy may be accompanying his wife, Carol Chu, at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital in her initial postpartum recovery.

Celebrities Send Their Blessings

Andy Lau had wished to become a father for many years. It was rumored that Carol Chu had much difficulty conceiving until she finally became pregnant last year. Andy’s friends understood that while fatherhood came at a late age for Andy, they were extremely excited for his new paternal role.

Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) uploaded an old photo from one of their previous films. Sammi wrote, “Congratulations! The entire world is happy for you! Ha ha!”

Carina Lau (劉嘉玲) wrote on her Weibo blog, “As you and your wife receive your daughter into the world, I wish that your baby will bring you unlimited happiness! Congratulations!”

Source: Ming Pao

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Jayne: The world is very eager and happy to hear about Andy Lau’s daughter. We might need to be a bit patient, as it might be another week before he makes a birth announcement.

43 comments to Andy Lau Remains Silent Over Daughter’s Birth; Fans’ Patience Tested

  1. HeTieShou says:

    I hope that Andy shares the good news with us all soon. Maybe he is trying to enjoy his happiness first and help his wife recover before announcing the good news? As long as he shares the good news and doesn’t hide it since there is not anything more to hide, then he doesn’t need to announce it immediately…Anyways, CONGRATS to him and Carol!! His daughter is really blessed!!

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    • yuaida replied:

      I think he’s taking his privacy to an extreme. He’s in the entertainment business so he should know everyone is expecting him to address the public about his kid. He thinks he’s better than the other people so he takes his sweet time……I think fans should just not give a * anyore about Andy and just let him live his life in peace if that’s what he wants.

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  2. Funn Lim says:

    Or he won’t. He is famously tightlight. Maybe he is just waiting for the full 1 month period, and then some nice baby pictures.

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    • fez replied:

      well he didn’t release any wedding photos and he never directly admitted he is married so maybe he won’t release any baby pics at all.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        Well he and Carol probably did not even have any celebration or fancy ceremony, so I don’t think he really has any wedding photos. It is pretty obvious that he is and everyone already addresses Carol as his wife, therefore, does he even have to directly admit it??

        I think that if he doesn’t share this good news then he will go through the big fiasco that he went through when people found out that he lied about being married and all. History will repeat itself then I think he will regret it for sure…

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  3. Applelim says:

    I don’t really know or understand what’s the problem with him! Everyone knows about the birth of the child so why cant he awknowledge the blessings and congrats rather then with silence. Its as if he has something to hide and its the same with his wife. Appreciate that he wants privacy but surely he should accept the blessings graciously now!!

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      I agree but at the same time, we all still don’t know for sure if his daughter is already born or not. I read this other article that said that the photo of the baby girl was of Jordan Chan’s friends child. Also, we don’t know what happened behind closed doors.What if things did not work out well since his wife did have a high risk pregnancy???

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  4. Mez says:

    Exactly my sentiments, Applelim. Don’t get why he can’t just thank everyone for their concern and keep it at that. What’s the point of acting all secretive and mysterious? Just so more people talk about you and be more curious? Sheesh, if he wants privacy so much then perhaps they should birth in another country or whatever!

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    • gwen replied:

      yeah i agree with you why the big hush hush maybe he is superstitious ..very super stituous

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  5. mulder99 says:

    This charade that Andy does with his privacy does his image no good what so ever.

    All he has to do is say he is a father now and thats it…His ego is losing him many fans.

    He really needs a new PR manager as the one he has is hopeless. If he doesn’t a PR manager, he should a hire a good one.

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  6. aptos says:

    Andy is a smart man. Only he will know the 5 W’s to publicize his baby’s birth announcement. True fans will understand and rumourmongers may not. As a new father, he wants his privacy to spend with the newest member of the family and make sure that all is well before anything else. I can respect that but can the public respect that?

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    • apple replied:

      Wow! It sounds like you have spoken to him !

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  7. jasmine7 says:

    I don’t see the need for all this hype about AL being a father. Of course congrats to him and his wife for finally being parents. But, honestly all these news about him spending millions on security, IVF, etc, etc, …….who cares. There’re more important issues out there. Of course he can spend squillions because he can afford it and he needs to because his wife has waited more than 20yrs to get pregnant. Personally, I think he’s very selfish because he only wanted to protect his clean image with female fans. What a dud !! He’s a phony.

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    • apple replied:

      Very good points !

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    • justice replied:

      Blame the media. Not the person. Should never judge a person from just reading what the media paints the person to be.
      A pure example of a no win situation here. You talk, they condemn you, you don’t talk, they still condemn you.
      I don’t find it hard to believe for a pair of new parents who so desperately wanted a child for so long, to want to spend it peacefully together without having to report to everyone for everything. Online or Offline for that matter!

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      • misssy replied:

        Well said justice. Seriously people, if the baby has already been born, she is still in the hospital. It’s only been 4 days. I think real friends, family and fans will understand his reasoning to remain silence. And I really don’t get all these comparison to other celebrities and how they handle their family life. Every person is different.

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  8. Mm says:

    There is a chance that the baby might have issues to deal with since it was a high risk pregnancy considering the mother’s age. Let’s hope mother and baby are doing well!

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  9. Kick me says:

    If you had been through with your wife in the deliver room, you will understand that the father cares only his wife and baby healthy. If you are a mom, you would understand more this period. If the baby is healthy, the worries will reduce significantly. His wife age is much older than normal age to have baby. So you have to understand for his concerns. If you are not a parent yet, you will understand this process later on.

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    • jasmine7 replied:

      I’m a mum and I can speak with authority on childbirths and pregnancy. Thank you.

      AL has been doing a lot of self promotion lately (with Deannie Yip, red carpet, etc), he’s a very calculative person and master of cover-ups …I’ve other reasons for saying that but not relevant here…….or else he wouldn’t have denied about Carol for over 20 years and kept pretending he was still single. I can also understand this is a much awaited child and Carol is fortunate to have a smooth pregnancy. I wish her well.

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  10. P. Tan says:

    Well, the whole world seems to have gotten the news of the much awaited birth of Andy’s daughter. Many congratulatory messages have been sent, so why the silence? It proves nothing. Just a short public announcement would suffice and also a general thank you acknowledgment to all well wishers.

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    • justice replied:

      We all know the public, the media, is never going to be satisfied with a “general thank you”. However he handles it, will always snowball into something. Thanks to the insensitive ppl and media out there!
      Everybody always wants more, more, more!
      He is with the 2 most important ladies in his life, and the only 2 he should ever have to answer to!

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    • jasmine7 replied:

      Correct. As “Mm’ mentioned, Carol is in the high-risk age group but I’m sure it’s all well monitored throughout her pregnancy. AL is supersticious, perhaps he’s waiting for the ‘auspicious time and date’ to announce.

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  11. aptos says:

    Like I said before, Andy is a smart man prioritizing the most important things first such as his wife and the baby. Having been a father in a delivery room, catching the newborn from the womb and cutting the umbilical cord are momentous events to cherish which some fathers do not have the intestinal fortitude to do so. Ensuring that the baby and wife are fine for the next few days are crucial since Andy has the finances to do so. As for tabloid news, they can wait. I surmise that Andy will have one tabloid do an exclusive interview in a controlled environment on his terms which is much better than a gang of pushy reporters asking some idiotic questions during an open press conference.

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    • justice replied:


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  12. Hannahh says:

    I find Andy quite weird for keeping it silence. He should just acknowledge the baby birth instead of keeping it silence making his fans and friends waiting. If he want to keep his daughter out of the limelight then it’s ok for him not to post any photo of the girl. Anyways, who am i to say hahha! Congratz to his family.

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      In don’t find it weird since it is his way of doing stuff. He has always been like this. He is one of the most friendliest star and yet the most what’s the word? Inaccessible? Anyway that is why I say he is a control freak.

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      • toto replied:

        i agree. he’s way way too secretive and protection for whatever the hell reason it is.

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  13. Henry says:

    What business is it of ours what Andy chooses to do with his life? Does he need to tell us when he takes a dump? Whether he chooses to announce or not is up to him. Who are we to judge? Get over urselves.

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    • SaeWei replied:

      I agreed to what you said. It’s so weird reading about the other comments about how Andy shouldnt be secretive and stuffs.

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  14. SaeWei says:

    I don;t usually comment but this is too much.

    I’m not Andy Lau’s big fan or whatsoever. But it is ridiculous of you guys to think that he should thank the fans and the media. What is there to thank for?

    He is the father of the baby, and whether or not he wants to show off the photos of the baby, the choice is entirely up to him.

    And lastly, everyone already know that he is now a father, why does he need to go through all the fuss to announce publicly that his wife has given birth when everyone already know that?

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    • Funn Lim replied:

      He is in the business that is entertainment. He can’t expose some and not others. All the fans demand is an announcement and it doesn’t hurt to ask his PR to issue a one paragraph announcement to the media. No one is asking for date, time of birth, full name, weight, pictures. All his fans ask for is the ability to share in this joyous news and a simple announcement wouldn’t hurt. Even if everyone knows, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t. I still think he will wait until full 1 month.

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      • justice replied:

        I’m a fan, and Andy Lau? If you come across this forum, I’d like to say, enjoy your family time! Every person deserves their own private special moments.

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      • missy replied:

        Actually, those who feel they are entitled to an announcement the very second it happens will want all of the above and some. There is no such thing as ever satisfying nosy people.

        I actually think all of this may be a strategic plan of some sort, for all we know they may not even be at that very hospital that the whole world thinks they are at. I actually think he is waiting for the baby to be release and safe in his home, under his control where he knows she is safe from all prying eyes.

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      • jasmine7 replied:

        I partly agree with Missy. The baby is supposed to be due in June but we know an early arrival can happen sometimes. I suspect there could be complications either with Carol or the baby (even at 4 weeks premature, it’s still safe). Or AL choose to announce everything at a chosen “auspicious time and date” or lastly when he celebrates baby’s first full month. It’s part of PR/promotion with all this secrecy cos the more the media chases, his profile gets another lift.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        He has already announced it! See the link below. Some sources have said that the baby was conceived naturally which I find hard to believe…

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    • justice replied:

      I can’t agree more! This is one topic I couldn’t hold myself from commenting either.
      To be entertained at the expense of others, seems like a going trend that never seems to end, unfortunately.

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      • justice replied:

        Just to clarify, I’m agreeing to SaeWei’s comment.

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  15. apple says:

    Is already 2 decades Andy Lau stills not very pro in his speaking skills, when reporters or media or tvb reporters or even his own speech, probably this is his weaknesses that’s why he stills thinking what to say, he should get a more experience PR manager to help him on this issue. Even “Leong Chew Wai” is much more pro than him.

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    • apple replied:

      He is still not pro in answering or replying questions that’s is why he is stills thinking how to say !

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  16. justice says:

    On a more positive note, I’m sure the ones who rant irrationally are more of the minority than the majority.
    As one cannot speak for all, and all can never speak for one.

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  17. HeTieShou says:

    Just to let everyone know, Andy has finally shared his good news with everyone! I knew that he would since there is nothing more to hide. Here is the link to the news:

    I guess he just wanted to have things settle down and leave the hospital first. Too bad he won’t be posting any photos of his daughter, but I guess I can understand that. Hopefully when she gets older, he can share some. Congrats again to him and Carol for finally becoming parents!!! Their daughter is really lucky…

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    • Veejay replied:

      Yeah, congrats to Andy and I always don’t understand why Fans have to get angry over some popular superstar for not announcing their privacy on time. It’s certainly not their business at all..

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    • Littlegalpal replied:

      Just read it too 🙂 I am very happy for him and can understand why he do not want to share his daughter pic 🙂

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