Andy Lau’s Ambiguous Character in “The White Storm 2: Drug Lords”

Drugs destroy 20 years of friendship between Louis Koo and Andy Lau’s characters, who face off in the upcoming blockbuster sequel.

Produced by Andy Lau (劉德華) and directed by Herman Yau (邱禮濤), The White Storm 2: Drug Lords <掃毒2天地對決> is slated for release on July 16. The main cast includes Andy Lau, Louis Koo (古天樂), Michael Miu (苗僑偉) and Karena Lam (林嘉欣). It also stars KK Cheung (張國強), Carlos Chan (陳家樂), Michelle Wai (衛詩雅), Jun Kung (恭碩良),MC Jin (歐陽靖), with special appearances by Kent Cheng (鄭則仕), Gordon Lam (林家棟), Chrissie Chau (周秀娜) and Cherrie Ying (應采兒).

The recently released film trailer explains the reason behind Yu Shun Tin’s (portrayed by Andy Lau) passion for drug busting, and also showcases his transformation between the lines of good and evil and accompanying psychological struggles. It also hints at the complicated ties between Shun Tin, Jizo (Louis Koo), and Police Chief Superintendent Lam Ching Fung (Michael Miu).

Brief Synopsis

The local drug market has long been dominated by four parties. An ambitious Jizo attempts to gain control of the entire Hong Kong drug market by engineering a series of underhand events, prompting Chief Superintendent Lam to go all out in pursuit of the drug lords.

On the other hand, philanthropist and financial bigwig Yu Shun Tin, who witnessed his father falling victim to drug abuse, is offering a million dollars to anyone who can destroy the largest drug lord in Hong Kong. With 20 years of brotherly ties between them, will Yu and Jizo become enemies overnight? The film touches upon the dark side of humanity and the values we live by.

Andy Lau’s Ambiguous Character

Once a knife-wielding gangster and now an powerful financial bigwig, Andy’s onscreen persona appears to be a millionaire philanthropist, but is in fact a controversial character who uses his own means to wipe out drugs. Having witnessed countless victims and families who have been thoroughly destroyed by drugs, he understands its danger and lives by his principle of zero-tolerance towards drugs and those who peddle them.

Even when faced with accusations and tough questions from Jizo, he replies firmly, “I will chop up anyone who touches drugs,” showing his conviction.

Andy shared that he had originally wanted to be involved only as producer, but changed his mind after reading the script of the well-developed and ambiguous character Yu Shun Tin.

“The White Storm 2: Drug Lords” Film Trailer:

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