Andy Yang, Xiao Zhan to Star in New Chinese Drama

Currently the hottest Chinese actress with her heart-fluttering performance in Go Go Squid <亲爱的,热爱的>, Andy Yang (杨紫) is preparing to film another rom com The Luckiest Couple on Earth <余生,请多指教>. Her co-star is reportedly rising hot actor Xiao Zhan (肖战), best known for his performance in The Untamed <陈情令>. When the casting surfaced, many had high expectations for their collaboration.

Based on a novel, The Luckiest Couple on Earth revolved around university graduate Lin Zhixiao (played by Andy Yang) and a cold and unfriendly doctor Gu Wei (played by Xiao Zhan). They meet under Zhixiao’s most vulnerable time when her father is hospitalized due to cancer, leaving her with no choice but to give up her work opportunities overseas in order to take care of him. Gu Wei is her father’s doctor, and Zhixiao falls in love with him at first sight.

Though The Luckiest Couple on Earth is not different from other cliché stories, fans are excited to see the chemistry between the popular leads and how they bring their characters to life.

However, some are also reluctant to accept Xiao Zhan with other actresses due to his strong bromance with Wang Yibo (王一博) in The Untamed. In addition, Andy’s new role seems to resemble her character from Go Go Squid, so it may be repetitive to watch her being typecast. Many already believe that it won’t be able to top the success and popularity of Go Go Squid.

Source: Sohu

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  1. Zhixiao falls in love with him at first sight ? My goodness!! Again? lol… Anyway, no clue who the guy is. Perhaps she will again make her costar popular like GGS costar since they say she’s ‘ wong fu ‘. (cantonese)

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