Catherine Hung and Andy Zhang Mend Marriage and Vacation in Europe

Catherine Hung (洪欣) and Andy Zhang’s (張丹峰) 14-year marriage has been wrought with cheating rumors. Despite Andy’s apparent infidelity, Catherine has been willing to take him back. Their family was spotted vacationing in Europe this summer.

In May, Catherine announced her split from Andy, stating that they were “no longer wife and husband.” Andy seemed to confirm the news when he seemingly responded to the post on social media page, saying “Yeah, that’s all!” After more than a week of speculation on the reasoning behind the couple’s sudden announcement, Catherine came forward and denied getting divorced, apologizing and clarifying that the post was merely “emotionally charged talk.”

Catherine and Andy shook off the negativity and vacationed in Europe with their daughter. While accompanying their daughter to Switzerland for summer camp, they decided to make it a family trip and made their first stop in Rome. In the video, the family was seen chatting and laughing happily. Catherine even came up to hug Andy from behind and planted a kiss, showcasing their loving relationship.

A netizen ran into the family of three on vacation. Catherine agreed to take a photo with the fan and appeared to be down-to-earth. Sharing the photo on social media, the fan wrote, “Catherine is very beautiful and nice in person. Her daughter is even more beautiful than her mother! She is also a very polite child.”

Despite the negative rumors and public spat, some fans pointed out that Catherine and Andy are actually very loving in private and nearly inseparable.

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  1. If this relationship works for them… it is theirs to deal with. But Catherine will not get much public good well and support when she cries again… The public is tired already.

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