Catherine Hung Has Completely Forgiven Her Husband

Red flags were raised in Catherine Hung’s (洪欣) marriage to Andy Zhang (張丹峰) when it was revealed that he had been cheating on her with his manager, Bi Ying (畢瀅). Catherine then unfollowed Andy on social media, appearing that she has chosen to end ties with her husband. It was also discovered that Catherine’s son and Andy’s stepson, 18-year-old Ashley Zhang (張鎬濂), had deleted Andy’s photos from his social media.

And just as the media was about to report that Catherine would leave her husband and file divorce, Catherine and Andy were spotted attending a friend’s wedding, looking as if nothing had ever happened between them. Indeed, the couple are still as close as ever—Catherine has completely forgiven her husband.

Reportedly, Andy had recently purchased a new Porsche Cayenne S for HK$1.5 million as a gift for Catherine. Despite having a stable career in mainland China, Andy has been seen spending more time in Hong Kong with Catherine.

On May 23, Catherine and Andy were spotted running errands in Happy Valley, stopping by a bank and a supermarket. Paparazzi approached the couple for clarification in the cheating scandal, but the couple only gave short, simple responses.

“Everything’s fine,” Catherine said when asked about her family situation. As for why her son had deleted Andy’s pictures one Weibo, she said, “The company did that. Those pictures were already deleted over a year ago.”

Catherine and Andy did not respond to the rumor of Bi Ying freezing Catherine’s bank accounts. Asking for clarification if Bi Ying was the third party in their relationship, Catherine said, “We will not say anymore. My husband said a lot in his statement already, and everything was explained clearly.”


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