Max Mok Redeems Himself as a Father

Despite Max Mok‘s (莫少聰) scandalous past with actress Catherine Hung (洪欣), in which he walked out on her when she was pregnant with their son, aging may have finally taught the actor what it means to be a responsible father. The divorced actor is now a caring father figure towards his eight-year-old daughter.

Max’s two failed marriages had branded him as a liar, cheater, and a poor husband in the past. In his first marriage with Catherine Hung, the pair had flown to Canada for the actress to give birth in secret. However they split in 2000 before their son was born, and Max never publicly acknowledged being the father of the child until 2008. During this time, Catherine raised her son by herself until remarrying Chinese actor Andy Zhang (張丹峰) and changing her son’s last name to Zhang.

Max’s second marriage was to Mainland singer Sun Yun Ling (孫雲玲), who was actually 28 years his junior. The two separated within five years of their marriage, and Sun Yun Ling gave up the custody of her daughter.

After the public shamed him for abandoning Catherine and later being arrested for drug abuse in 2011, Max began concentrating solely on working in China and raising his daughter in the last few years.

He frequently shares photos of his daughter, who is an award-winning skater. Max has accompanied his daughter to Japan, Qingdao, and Inner Mongolia for ice skating competitions.

Being an active volunteer in the community, Max created his own charity foundation and often uploads photos of his volunteer missions. Last summer, Max flew to Africa and Qinghai, China for volunteer work where he became hospitalized after falling ill.

Wanting to redeem himself, Max hopes to become a good role model for his daughter. He hopes to spread the message that one should always try his/her best to help those in need.

Source: Sky Post

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