Did Catherine Hung Choose Retaliation or Forgiveness Over Husband’s Cheating?

In April, Mainland actor Andy Zhang (張丹峰) was caught cheating on his wife Catherine Hung (洪欣) with his manager Bi Ying (畢瀅). Videos were released of Bi Ying entering his hotel room in the middle of the night. He has denied the accusations, but with Catherine remaining silent and deleting his photos on her social media, this led many to believe he did cheat. With reports that the 48-year-old actress may potentially be penniless after the divorce, it is speculated she may be busily focusing on collecting evidence to counterattack Andy.

Catherine is allegedly currently working with the paparazzi in uncovering further cheating evidence of  Andy and Bi Ying. Catherine’s 18-year-old son Ashley Zhang (張鎬濂) is also believed in helping her to find evidence on his unfaithful stepfather. Further sources are claiming that the silent Catherine will release the evidence after she finishes collecting them all. After all, words cannot overcome the power of concrete evidence, so it’s likely that Catherine believes this is the right method in countering her husband.

In addition, a past clip of Catherine sharing details of their marriage on a talk show over a year ago was uncovered. Ten years older than Andy, Catherine has always been protective of him. Catherine had initially tried to hide her marriage with Andy for three years because she was afraid of affecting his career. “Mainly concerned with Andy, because he is still a rookie actor. If he married a quite well-known person, then this will give other people topics to talk about. It’ll affect his career development; so it was decided that we wait until his career is more stable, and then we’ll reveal our relationship,” she said.

Catherine’s silence since Andy’s betrayal has set off differing speculations over her choice. While some reports claim that Catherine is collecting further evidence of Andy’s cheating, other news claim that she has chosen to forgive him and give their nine-year marriage another chance due to her Christian faith. Allegedly, Andy’s manager Bi Ying has been fired since their affair surfaced.

Making a promotional appearance today, Catherine continued to deflect reporters’ questions over Andy’s infidelity.

Source: On.cc[ 1,2]

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. It seem like most woman who are Christian forgive their cheating husband just like Sammi Cheng and Vivian Chow. Feel sorry for them. I’m sure they can do better than that.

  2. How come this article did not mention the lengthy weibo post that Andy made denying his infidelity? It was quite outrageous actually.

  3. Well, she still remains silent lol. Forgive or not, her silence is rather eerie, it’s confirming he’s a cheater, while not confirming anything on her part, and so she can plan whatever she wants to do lol. And his letter on weibo sounds more BS than sincere, his face also screams cheater, I’m just glad that now I don’t have to see him on the screen!

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