Catherine Hung Pays for Bills

Catherine did not mind being the one to pay while out with her husband.

After kicking out her husband’s alleged mistress, there was news that 49-year-old actress Catherine Hung (洪欣) maintained the relationship by controlling the finances. Recently, the couple, who has a 10-year age gap between them, was spotted shopping, with Andy Zhang (張丹峰) following his wife’s lead and waiting for her.

The couple first headed to a convenience store for some snacks, then to a dessert shop where they ordered takeouts, with Catherine being the one to settle payments on both occasions.

They then proceeded to a fashion store, where Catherine excitedly tried on new designs. Strutting around the shop, she did not forget to ask her husband for his opinions. On the other hand, Andy was spotted looking bored as he sat and waited for Catherine, gazing around and moving along to the store’s music. While he also tried on new pants and track shoes later, the 38-year-old actor did not seem satisfied with them, so their haul at the store was only two new pairs of bottoms for Catherine.

Ending their shopping spree, the pair headed home to enjoy the dessert they bought. Andy was responsible for lugging two big shopping bags, while Catherine leaned closely to her husband as the two walked along, the very image of a loving couple despite the cheating scandal that threatened their marriage last year.

Source: Netease

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